Sport Anime: Predictable and I Don’t Care I Still Enjoy Them

We can probably all agree on the same thing when it comes to sport anime,  all the story are pretty much the same

No matter the anime you take you always found a protagonist who never face opponents stronger than him until he come face to face with one he can’t just beat (Prince of Tennis), or a main character who is not that skilled at his sport but since he love it he continues to show the world what he can actually achieve (Haikyuu!!, Kuroko’s Basketball). But despite the fact that sport anime are quite predictable they stay interesting to watch.

Most of them teach you to never give up even if you have the impression you will never reach the goal that you fixed.

The sport anime that I really enjoyed so far are:

Kuroko’s Basketball






Prince of Tennis


 Each of them not only give me a lot of stress ( mostly Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu!) but make me laugh and even bring me some tear. Of course none of them have complicated plot line, we are talking about sport anime not some bad ass psychological thriller, but they are still enjoyable. If you are looking for an anime that doesn’t make you think too much, you should watch some sport anime. Plus ladies there is a bunch of cuties in it.

This fall anime season will give of some more anime sport to watch: Yuri on Ice, All Out! and of course Haikyuu!! will come back for a third season (really can’t wait to see it).

Do you like that time of anime ? Which sport anime you like the most ? Let me know in the comment section below.

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