Fall Anime Watch List

The fall season start a couple of days ago and a bunch of interesting anime series start airing. We my work schedule, I know I will not be able to watch them all, plus I might start the night shift soon and that mean less time to watch anime. But I will still keep and eye on the one that catch my attention so far.

It’s gonna be a quite short list compared to other anime viewer

– All Out! – 

– Bungou Stray Dogs season 2 –

– Drifter –

– Haikyuu!! season 3 –

– Nanbaka –

– Tricktser –

I’m kind of sad, I wasn’t able to find any GIF for this anime


– Yuri on Ice –

Now not sure if I will continue all of them, it really depend of the free time I have in my hands. Hopefully I will watch all of them, if I drop any it would mainly be cause they are not as interesting as the look. Who knows maybe I will add some to the list.

I’ll keep you updated on which I continue and which I drop. Will post a first impression, eventually, but I rather watch at least one or two more episode before giving out my thoughts on it.


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