Anime Crush: Tooru Oikawa

**Attention May Contain Spoiler**

Tooru Oikawa is a fictional character of the manga and anime series Haikyuu!! He is the captain and first setter of Aobajosai, private high school of the Miyagi prefecture, volleyball team. He use to go to the same middle school of Tobio Kageyama, Kitagawa Daiichi, both were on the volleyball team.

Okay my favorite character from this series might be Kageyama, but Oikawa always come from nowhere ruining everything (mostly my life). I just can’t deal with this idiot. He is not only extremely good-looking, but Tooru is also a beast on the volleyball court. He like to flirt a lot and he is quite popular among the girl, but he can act like a five years old when Kageyama come into the picture.

such a fucking idiot

such a fucking idiot

Oikawa really doesn’t need any protection, in fact he more need to be kick  in the ass. But I still like that moron. I tend to really like jerk character.

He is so cocky

He is so cocky

let Iwa-chan hit him pls

let Iwa-chan hit him pls

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