Anime Crush: Mikoto Suoh

**Attention Contain Spoiler**

Mikoto Suoh is a fictional character of the anime series K-Project. He was the leader, King, of the Red Clan, Homra.

Mikoto, Mikoto, dear burning Mikoto. Even if his color is a bright marvelous red, he might appear cold in his general “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Quite laid-back you can’t be never sure if he his piss or not. Unless one of his clansmen, comrade, are in trouble. Hurt them and he will hunt you down, he is even ready to sacrifice he well-being to do so. In other word don’t be on is bad side, you will be burn alive. That’s what I call true friendship.

He might look like a scary lion, but he have a soft side. He care about the people who are surrounding him, mostly if it’s Anna or Tatara, even is those people betray him (Yes I’m looking at you Fushimi).

Even if Mikoto in only really active (if he can say that about him) in the first season, I was really happy to see his “ghost” in the second one. His death did affect me, but seeing the was peaceful about, make it lot more easier.


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