25D AMCC – Day Ten: Favorite Male Villain

Villain is an important part of any good anime, sometimes it’s only a rival that want to play the bad boy, other time is THE antagonist who enjoy seeing the world burning down.

So who did I choose as my Favorite Male Villain. According to heyitzel, I should have chosen Shogo Makishima, which is perfectly correct…

Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass

Dear Makishima, to me is the perfect villain. He is not only charismatic, cultivate, intelligent and good-looking, but he can also gain the sympathy of the viewer. yes he is a bad guy, yes he did kill people or gave the tool to other for them to kill. No matter how you look at it, he did deserve he end. BUT I do agree with the reason WHY he does that. If only he could have found a better way, He would have made a great Hero.

The second villain I choose, might not me the ultimate villain of the series in which he star in.

Kureto Hiragi from Seraph of the End

Kureto is a first class asshole, I almost pity his father to have him as son, but the guy is strong and talented in what he does. To quote the Roman Emperor Caligula:”Let them hate me, so long as they fear me!” that can perfectly be applied to Kureto. He doesn’t care if you like or hate him, as long as you fear him.

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