25D AMCC – Day Seventeen: Anime Male Character with Green Hair

Pretty much like the purple color, I could come with an exact definition for character with green hair. Green have a lot of signification. It’s relate to the nature, the renewal and also to the avidity. I guess people with green hair are either greedy or have a close relationship with mother nature

Looking at my two choice, none of them could actually fit that description, however both of them rock their green hair.

But before that let’s take a look at the prediction


Again she is totally right, no surprise she knows I’m a fan of Kuroko no Basuke, that’s why Midorima Shintarou is one of the two choice.

Why does Shin-Chan hair fit him perfectly? Maybe the greedy part of the meaning behind the green color fit him partially. I mean he was one of the Generation of Miracle member. He is a long distance shooter, and he train a lot to reach that level of perfection…yep he was greedy for perfection. Of course the fact he have the japanese term for green in is name have probably something to do with the fact he have green hair.

I could have stay with only Midorima but then I came a cross that cute little thing, Nico from Nanbaka

He totally rock his neon lime-green hair, it look like some toxic substance were pour on in hair, it look radioactive. The kid his addicted to medication, anime, manga and video game, no wonder he have a flashy hair color, that almost hurt the eyes.

7 responses to “25D AMCC – Day Seventeen: Anime Male Character with Green Hair

  1. Is that a megane I see?? I’m always down for the megane guys, regardless of their hair color lol

    I love it when they name characters after certain attributes like that, makes remembering their names easier!

    Any post about a megane character is always a welcome treat!!

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