Trickster mid-season Impression

To be completely honest with you, I was certain it was a twelve episodes series and a new season will come either later this winter or in spring, until Karandi from 100WordAnime tell me it’s a 24 episode series.

Frankly if it was only a twelve episodes series, I would probably not continue watching it if they were to produced a new season, but now I feel like I have to continue, just out of curiosity.

Trickster have good element, there is episode that I like, I did feel sad for Hanasaki, but it miss the “Omg what’s gonna happen next” element. Some series really stressed me out, wondering what will happen, but not Trickster.

We are mid-season and I’m not really looking forward what will happen next, but  as I said, for just to fulfill my curiosity I will continue watching it.

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