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Top 10 1st Generation Pokemon

The 1st Generation of Pokemon is probably the one I know the most, I could probably name most of them without looking online. While I doesn’t play strategic, I don’t give a damn about the stat, I there is some Pokemon I enjoy using more than other, not cause they are strong in combat but simply because I like them. This is the first Top of a series of seven.

10th Position


Water evolution of Eevee weak again the Pokemon of type Grass and Electric, its national pokedex number is 134

9th Position


Pigeot is the final evolution of Pidgey/Pidgeotto and a Normal-Flying Pokemon. Its weak against Ice, Rock and Electric type Pokemon and its number is 18

8th Position


Ghost-Poison type Pokemon, Gengar is the final evolution of Gastly/Haunter. Its national pokedex number is 94 and its weak against Psychic, Dark or Ghost Pokemon.

7th Position


Lapras pokedex entry number is 131. It’s a Water-Ice Pokemon, thus it’s weak against Rock, Electric, Grass and Fighting Pokemon

6th Position


Articuno is one of the Kanto legendary bird and is a Ice-Flying Pokemon making it weak against Steel, Rock, Electric and Fire Pokemon. Its pokedex number 144

5th Position


Fire type Pokemon, Arcanine evolve from Growlithe with a fire stone. Arcanine weaknest are Water, Ground and Rock attack. Its pokedex entry is #59

4th Position


The World is cruel so I am too
The World is cruel so I am too

The cute little yellow with red cheek is the type Electric and it’s weak against Ground Pokemon. Its pokedex number is #25

3rd Position


Legendary Pokemon, Mew is a Psychic type Pokemon and it is weak against, Dark, Bug and Ghost attack. Mew is the last Pokemon entry of the Kanto pokedex with the #151

2nd Position


Dragonite is the final evolution of Draniti/Dragonair and is a Dragon-Flying Pokemon. This Pokemon is weak against Ice, Dragon, Rock and Fairy attack its entry number is 149

1st Position


Flying-Fire type Pokemon, Charizard is the final evolution of Charmander/Charmeleon. Charizard are weak against Water, Rock and Electric attack and its entry is #6


This was my Top 10 1st Generation Pokemon, next Friday, I will pick my top 10 of the 2nd Generation


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