A Nice Little Crate Story

One day in my little anime land, I came back from work, it was a long and painful day, and something was waiting for me in front of my door, It was a crate, a really nice little crate. I took the nice little crate in my hand and bring it inside my home in my little anime land.

I deposed it on the table and proceed to look what was inside. I couldn’t believe it, this really nice little crate, wasn’t like any other crate, it was a Dream Crate!!!

I 1st took out t-shirt, a lot of t-shit from various anime series I loved. There was a Kuroko’s basket t-shirt with the more than handsome Aomine Daiki on it, a Haikyuu one with the full Karasuno cast, woa that’s cool there is black wings on the back, gonna feel like a crow now. Oh! Oh! this one have a dolphin and a killer whale, that must be Free!

Hmmm, what’s that ? Look like a hoodie. Yes it is, ohhhhh its Aomine hoddie with the big 5 in the back, always wanted that one, it’s gonna goes well with my t-shirt.

Not more clothing? no more clothing so what else is…ouch great paper cut and I cut myself on a poster of…

Kuroko’s Basket, the Generation of Miracle and oh a smaller one ohhhhh Tezuka Kunimitsu, a sport theme crate can be a real one without the fabulous captain of Seigaku right.

Hmm that look like a towel of….Yamazaki…Yamazaki Sousuke, really that crate is full of good-looking boy oups something was wrapped inside of I see Sousuke underwear, that figurine is beyond sexy

What else is inside is that nendroid? lol someone must had though I need more salt in my life and put the Nendroid of Tsukishima, of course the tallest member of Karasuno need to be accompanied by the smallest cause here Nishinoya.

Oh look like I reach the bottom of it, no more stuff in it.

That was a really a nice crate, it healed me from my awful day at work. Thank you whoever send this to me

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