Monday in Music – You Only Live Once

Series: Yuri!!! on Ice
Artist: W. Hatano (Wataru Hatano)
Type: Ending

To kick off this new segment, I present you the ending credit song of Yuri!!! on Ice,“You Only Live Once” sang W.Hatano.

I must admit that I had to let this sing grown on me before liking it. During the earlier episode, I wasn’t fond of the techno/dance beat. However I came to realize it’s probably the best ending a show like Yuri!!! On Ice can have. A show about overcome our fear and concerns to achieve your goal, you only live once so you can dwell over your fails forever, you have to move on, have fun and enjoy the life.

5 responses to “Monday in Music – You Only Live Once

  1. I love this song. It didn’t grab me as fast as the opening but as the show continued I found myself lingering to listen to the ending and then I found myself replaying the ending and now just hearing the start of it can make me smile. Thanks for giving me a smile this morning.

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