Anime Crush: Tsukishima Kei

Tsukishima Kei is a fictional character of the anime and manga series Haikyuu!! His is the tallest of the team despite being a first years, play as a middle blocker and wear the jersey number 11.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t really like him in the beginning, in fact it’s only toward the middle of the 2nd season that I actually start to like him. He became one of my favorite character during the 3rd season which is pretty much Tsukki season.

I wasn’t fond of him in the beginning, it’s salty remarks and is way to talk to people where borderline annoying, but ironically those reason are the reason why I like him now. He’s his trait of character, his salty remarks and his condescending tone are the reason why he is an interesting character. He know what he say to piss off people.

Once of Tsukki nickname’s is “The Clever Blocker” and he totally deserves it. He is one of the main reason why Karasuno won against Shiratorizawa. Tsukishima was the MVP of the 3rd season. It’s funny to think when he started with Karasuno he wasn’t doing much effort, just enough to say he wasn’t slacking.

3 responses to “Anime Crush: Tsukishima Kei


    LOL it’s nice to finally see my favorite middle blocker in one of your Anime Crush posts! He is the epitome of perfection with his cheeky grin and salty disposition… kyaaaaa❤

    Awesome post Mel!!😊

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    • Lol soon as you saw you liking the post, I knew a comment will follow 😆 thanks for reading

      Lol I had to look to be sure it wasn’t already made 😂 I was sure I did, guess not…that’s why I start by him when I start to go through the missing hq!! Boy 😅

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