Monday in Music – I Beg your Hate

Series: K-Project
Artist: Fushimi Saruhiko (C.V Miyano Mamoru)
Type: Character Song

“I Beg your Hate” is basically Fushimi talking to Yata. It’s start by talking about their friendship, what Fushimi would be ready to do for Yata.

Wearing the R on my left side, while you wear the L on your right,
It’s amazing how you’re stirring slightly by my side
You tug lightly on your side of the earphones,
So I keep quiet and tilt my head to my left to you
That’s the only thing I can be proud of when it comes to you

Then come the time where they drift apart, the moment where Fushimi start becoming jealous of the red clansmen, and Mikoto, the moment where he realize he didn’t have his place within Homra

L & R, since when did the sound that we hear become different?
Noticing the rhythm of the tapping of your fingers on your knee,
I realize we have slowly begun drifting apart

In the end, Fushimi just want Yata’s attention back, even if it’s hate

If you decide to change your earphones for Amps
And if you say, “Let’s sing this song together, everyone,”
I’ll just have to destroy those Amps, right?
I beg your hate

– Source: K-Project Wikia

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