[Doujinshi] Yopparatte Shimaimashita

Title: Yopparatte Shimaimashita (I Got Drunk)
Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kageyama x Hinata
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shounen Ai
Circle: Bubun Hanten

Shimizu received a nuts cake and decide to offer it to the Karasuno boys, the only problem is that there is Brandy inside the cake and Hinata get drunk after eating his slice. The vice-principal arrive, they have to hide Hinata and of course it’s Kageyama that is in charge. Thing are not easy for the raven haired setter, after Hinata tell him that he is the one that toss the best ball he declare he want to kiss him. Hinata being a cute little shit, Kageyama have hard time to keep him away. After moving so much, Hinata get hot and start to undress, panicking Kageyama try to stop the damage, but it’s unless Daichi, Suga and Tanaka chose that moment to come int he clubroom, they come in witnessing Kageyama on a fully naked Hinata. Later on, Daichi ask Kageyama to accompanied Hinata at his house since the latter can ride his bike, Daichi even warn him to not attack the orange head. On their way home Hinata say a lot of thing, one of those id that he love Kageyama. For the setter those word are empty since they are coming from a drunken Hinata. However, even if he think those word are empty, Kageyama replied with his truth feeling “I might like you too” after kissing him. The next day Hinata remember nothing about what happened but still feel lighter like if he could have said thing that he wanted to say from a long time. Realizing what Hinata had told him the day before was the truth, Kageyama repeat what he said, and tell Hinata that he like him, blushing Hinata replied “Me too”.

Yopparatte Shimaimashita can be read here

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