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[FanFic] A Big GoodBye to a Little Giant

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: None
Genre: General
By: Pervy-Mel

Special Thanks to Jill from Jills Writings on Anime for her help for the title

The news came out of nowhere, it was the commotion in the school, one of their fellow student has been hit by a driver that leave the scene. The student was already dead when people find him in the morning. The student identity was revealed later the same day. The body found by the road was Hinata Shouyou, first years student at Karasuno High, member of the volleyball club. Hinata classmate got their classes suspended, the student were allowed to return home and get help and rest. It was also hard for the other student, the ones who weren’t in Hinata classes. It was a school comrade after all and most of the first year student kind of knew who he was since they all witness him practicing during the lunch break, Hinata orange hair never passed unnoticed. Hinata was known among the student to be full of energy, running to the gym after the end of the classes to attend the club practice.

If the news hit the Karasuno High student, it hit the member of the male volleyball club even harder. The court was silent, no one was talking, they couldn’t believe what was happening. Hinata wasn’t there with them anymore. They will not hear him and Kageyama bickering over useless thing or ask for one last toss. Even Tsukishima, who haven’t the best relationship with the little number 10, was at lost. Yachi was sobbing uncontrollably, Shimizu was trying to comfort her without much success. Kageyama had already requested to leave, it was no use to keep him, he was only a shadow, a shadow who lost his light.

Coach Ukai, looked at the team member silently, he had already announced the practice will be cancelled. They could go home anytime they wanted, but everyone was still there, like if they were waiting after Hinata to appear at any minutes, even if deep down inside them, they knew he will not come to the practice. Not today, or any other day. Hinata was gone, he will not comeback. He was now among the stars flying in the sky, where he always wished to be.

Asahi was the first who decide to talk to break the heavy silence:
“You know, if it wasn’t of Hinata, I would have not come back to the club. He came to meet me at my classroom with Kageyama. He was saying he was jealous of me, cause I was tall, cause I could see the other side of the net. I can’t still believe I had to get encouragement from a little guy like him. I will always remember when during the summer camp in Tokyo in took the ball i was supposed to hit. Seeing him stealing the toss that was aim to me, gave me the motivation to surpass me more”

Nishinoya was looked at Asahi while he was speaking, trying to remember the first time he met Hinata and smile:
“The first time I met him, he was practicing his receive with Kageyama. He missed the ball Kageyama had sent him and I ends up getting it. I still remember when he said he was happy to meet someone shorter than him, said the libero with a smile, I was kind of annoyed when he said that, I asked about Asahi and then leave. Shoyou followed me outside and called me senpai. Must admit, I was touched when he did it. He also knew that I was the libero, not cause I was short, but because I’m good at receives…” he finished in a small trembling voice.

Tanaka was sitting beside his friend, listening to him, talking about his friend meeting with the little orange haired boy and smile remembering at his own first encounter:
“The first time I met him, he was already fighting with Kageyama. During the secret practice we hold early in the morning before the match against Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, he was always full of energy.” He took a paused and laugh,” You remember when he got our first practice match against Seijo? He was so nervous he puke on me…Hinata…” he added with the tear in the eyes.

Suga place himself behind the wing spike and rubbed his back “It’s okay Tanaka, you can let it out”. The third years setter was trying to comfort his teammate in tears. Seeing how Tanaka was affected he realize how much Hinata presence affected people around him: “Hinata…”he began unsure on what he was about to say “ Always manage to bring out the best of everyone, even if he wasn’t himself aware of it, he had his way to push everyone to do more, to never give up. His enthusiasm during the match was contagious and he was always willing to learn new trick.” He paused before adding “he was really something”.

Tsukishima was listening everyone saying nice thing about Hinata. Him and Karasuno number 10, didn’t always had the best relationship, he fact Tsukki was passing more time teasing Hinata about his height than trying to work with him. “Damn hot-blooded shrimp” he thought. Tsukishima was looking blindly in front of him. “Maybe I should have had passed more time with him, to understand him” he said louder than he thought. Daichi, the club captain, who was near him, heard him. He crouch beside the tall middle blocker and said: “You know, Hinata was respecting you more than you thought. He always knew who had the potential to become a great player, he was just mad that you didn’t put much effort in the beginning.”
“I…I was respecting him too” replied Tsukishima while trying to hide the tear that was starting to fill his eyes. “I really should have pass more time with that moron”. Tears he couldn’t control began to flow down his cheeks. “What the moon is supposed to do without the sun?”

Daichi was still looking at Tsukishima, without really knowing what to add. He knew as captain he should find a way to get everyone together, but even him he wasn’t sure of what to do. Listening at the team member make him realize that his vice-captain was right. Hinata had affected a lot of people and not only in the team. His present, his way to play, his way to be, affected members of rival team too. The people who saw the little Karasuno #10 pushing himself despite his short stature, ending-up pushing themselves more, most of them wanted to stop him from getting to high.

Shimizu and Yachi who had stayed quiet, while the boys was talking, thinking about the good and funny moment with Hinata, was now looking at them, relieve to see them talking this way about their teammate. Yachi was now calm, her eyes was still wet, the tears still ready to fall down. But the thought of her interaction with Hinata made her feel better. Shimizu senpai who was still sitting beside the young girl, her hand rubbing Yachi’s back, looked at her kouhai and calmly said to her”if you want to say something, you can say it”. Yachi nodded and looked at the guys who was watching her, waiting to see if she had something to say. Yachi looked at each of them with a small smile. “You know, I never had a lot of confidence in myself, I always wondered if I had any purpose. My mom always had an odd way to encourage me, a way that was always making me feel even more useless. But Hinata, unlike my mother, always find the right word to encourage me, to make me feel like if I was useful to something. It was him who convince me to stand up for what I believe in…I think he was like a brother too me” she said with a cracking voice.

Daichi was closely listening to what was saying Yachi. All the member would agree, Hinata was a formidable player who always tried his best on the court to bring the victory to the team. But Hinata wasn’t only a member of the Karasuno High male volleyball club, he was also a son, a brother. When the news broke out, they all thoughts how awful destiny could be, they didn’t really stop to think about how Hinata family was going.

Daichi looked at his teammate who were all silent once again:
“Hinata will not be forgotten, we will all continues thinking how he was, how his enthusiasm was contagious. When we will play our next game even if just a practice game. We will push ourselves harder. I know, Suga, Asahi and me with Shimizu, we don’t have much time left to pass with you. But we can still make sure the team improves. Hinata will watch over us from above. He will encourage us in dream, we don’t have the right to disappointed him. We have to make sure that he stay proud of the team where he is now.” Everyone one was looking at captain, agreeing with him. “Hinata might have play a big part in our team, but he wasn’t only our teammate, he was also a big brother. What I’m about to ask you, is not something easy to do, we don’t know what the future got from us. However I still want to try…try to, not take Hinata’s place since it’s impossible, but try to be there for Natsu whenever she need her big brother, we will be there for her. We all know how much Hinata cared about her little sister, we also all know how hard it would be for her and her family. Therefore if we can do something for Natsu, just by being by her side when she would need her big brother, then I think we can do it.. You don’t have to agree with this. All of you have a life outside the court, I’m perfectly aware of that, that’s why I don’t ask you to promised it, I just want to let you know, that even if I’m not Hinata, I will still try to be there for Natsu.”

The Karasuno teammate waited Daichi finished speaking, before getting up and circle around him. He was right, Hinata wasn’t only their teammates, he wasn’t only the little #10 of Karasuno High. Hinata was also Natsu big brother. The little girl didn’t had her big brother anymore to take care of her. He would not be there to comfort her when she will be sad, laugh with her when she will be happy, encourage her when she will feel down. He would not be there if she get bullied at school. Daichi didn’t have to convince them more. They all wanted to fulfill Hinata’s duty as big brother. Karasuno High male volleyball team will all become Natsu big brother. They will be there for her when she will need it. They all agreed to take care of Natsu in place of their late little spiker.

Hinata could rest in peace and fly high among the crow, his friend and teammates will be there for his precious little sister.

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