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[Fanfic] Flying Little Crow

Anime: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kageyama x Hinata kind of
Rating: General
By: Pervy-Mel

The practice just finished, but Hinata Shouyou was still running around on the court, begging Kageyama Tobio for one more toss. Karasuno number 9 look at the little number 10 who was looking at him with sad puppy eyes. Tobio looked at his teammate sigh “Okay one last time, get in place” he said. Hearing that, Hinata’s face light up instantly with a smile and his eyes started sparkle “ONE LAST TOSS FOR ME” , he shout, running to get in position, leaving the ball to Kageyama.

Kageyama tossed to ball into the air and watched the little spiker jump to hit the ball. A powerful jump like only Hinata could do. The ball flew across the court to hit the plastic bottle that was waiting on the floor to get crushed. Hinata aim was on spot and he was happy.

Kageyama and Hinata left the school together like they usually do. Hinata was walking between Kageyama and his bike. Shouyou was rambling about school and volleyball. Kageyama was silently listening to him.

“Kageyama!! Tomorrow you gonna toss me even more ball right?” He asked with a hint of excitement in the voice.

“Yes…yes” answered Kageyama

“Hey! Are you alright?” replied Shouyou

“Of course dumbass! What make you think I’m not alright?” said Kageyama irritated

“It’s just you doesn’t seems all there” mumbled Hinata

“I’m alright!! Worry about yourself!” said Kageyama even more irritated.

“Okay! Okay! I get it Bakayama!” rapidly replied Hinata.

They were now at the intersection where they part away. Hinata get on his bike, wave at Kageyama without looking back “See you tomorrow” he shouted.

“Ya…see…you…tomorrow” slowly said Kageyama watching his friend cycling on the road.

“Kageyama…that moron” thought Hinata “What was wrong with him, I said nothing bad…I think” Hinata was wondering what was wrong with his friend. He knew Karasuno setter wasn’t himself, Hinata knew he had something on his mind, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong, and asking Kageyama wasn’t a good idea. Hinata let out a sigh and gave up the idea of finding what was bothering his teammate. “As long as it didn’t affect his play it should be okay” thought the orange-haired young man.

Shouyou was going on a good speed, looking around, looking at the field when he saw a little bird flying by his side, like if he was racing with him. Hinata tried to stay concentrated on the road, but he also wanted to take a look at the bird. To him it look like it was a little crow.

The bird was darker than black, his feather was reflecting the shine of the moon that was getting high in the sky. It looked like he the feathered animal was following the orange haired boy. When Hinata approaches his home, the little crow took flight high and landed on a tree close to his home. Hinata looked at the bird and smile. “See ya little one” he told him before putting away his bike and entering in his house.

The next morning, Hinata get out of his house and the first thing he saw was the little crow from yesterday, at least it looked like the one of the day before to him, in the tree like if he was waiting for him: “Good morning little fella” he told to the bird in the tree who wa watching him with his obsidian eyes. Hinata get on his bike and waved at his new friend. Hinata didn’t noticed the crow took off the branches and fly high in the sky.

When Hinata got to the point where he usually meet with Kageyama, the latter was already there waiting for him to arrived. Once Hinata was near him, Karasuno’s setter, didn’t even looked at him, not even a glance. Hinata thought it was mad at him. He wanted to ask but he knew Tobio will probably get even more mad at him, thus he kept his mouth shut.

On their way to school, Shouyou was on his bike, pedaling slowly to not leave Kageyama behind. Once in a while he was glancing at him, wondering what was wrong it the number 9. When Kageyama was in bad mood, he was always picking on Hinata during the practice, even when it wasn’t his fault. Hinata was cycling going farther, when Kageyama shout at him:

“Hey!! Dumbass wait for me!!”

“Ah! Sorry! I was lost in my mind” he quickly replied

“To be lost in you mind, you need to have one” said Kageyama

“Hey!! That’s not nice!!” angrily said Hinata who was about to leave on his bike a letting his teammate alone.

“Sorry…”replied Kageyama with a sigh “I…I didn’t meant to be mean”

“It’s okay…I’m starting to get used to” said Hinata without looking at the setter.

When they were getting near the school, Hinata noticed the little crow who was perched on the fence, but he said nothing, he knew Kageyama will call him name and make fun of him. So he passed beside the bird, saying nothing, without looking at him.

The day passed, the practice time came. They had some practice match and serve, toss, spike practice. The end of their club practice was getting close and Hinata was wondering if he could really ask Kagayama to toss him ball one more time. Kageyama didn’t seems in the mood to stay later. While everyone was picking their, Shouyou got close to Tobio and shyly asked him for more toss. His teammate looked at him and agreed to give him more at the condition he stay a bit later, Kageyama had to talk to him.

Hinata was worried, what Kageyama wanted to talk about, it should be really important since he made a deal to give him more toss only if Hinata agree to stay and hear what Kageyama want to tell him.

Kageyama gave Hinata some more toss. Then they pick up the balls on the floor and put them away. They headed toward the changing room, switched their practices clothing for their school uniform, pick their stuff and leave the room. Kageyama made sure to lock the door and let the keys to the guardian.

Hinata was walking beside his bike. Kageyama and him was silent, it was an awkward silence. He didn’t wanted to speak first, in case Tobio change his mind, thus he wait the latter decide to speak. They passed beside the park, the setter turn his head toward it:
“Let’s talk here” he said
“Okay” replied Hinata uncertain of what will happen next.

Kageyama walked to the swing and sat down and ask to Hinata to do the same. Hinata sat on the swing beside his teammate waiting for him to talk.
“Look…I’m really sorry for yesterday, I was really rude with you” he start
“I told you Kageyama, I getting use to you getting mad at me for nothing” quickly said Hinata, hoping he hasn’t said too much.
“Hinata…you don’t get it…I’m really sorry” said Kageyama in a sigh, “ I shouldn’t have talk to you that way…”
Hinata didn’t knew what to do, he never thought Karasuno’s number 9 would apologize to him one day because he had been rude to him. Kageyama seems really sincere, he wasn’t bluffing, he was really apologizing for what he said and how he said it.
“I snap at you for no reason, Hinata” he continue “and I shouldn’t have” he added.

Hinata looked at Kageyama without knowing what to say, thus he decide to get up and walk away. He was about to tell one last time to Kageyama it was okay, that he didn’t have to apologize anymore, but when I was about to turn around to looked at his teammate, the latter was already standing behind him with a pitiful look in the eyes. Hinata looked in Kageyama eyes, searching for some answer about what was happening.

Kageyama was really close of him, too close to Hinata taste, so he step back. However at that moment, Tobio grabbed Shouyou wrist and bring him closer to him. Hinata was close enough to feel his teammate breath on his face:
“Kageyama…what are you doing” asked Hinata slightly scared
“Yesterday, you wanted to know what was wrong right? So I’m about to tell you” slowly replied Kageyama.
“O…Okay but you can let go my wrist” said Shouyou with a trembling voice
“Okay, but you have to promise you will not run away while I’m talking to you” said Tobio
“Why I would run…Kageyama you are scaring me” replied Hinata
The little number 10 didn’t knew what to do, but he still promised to not run away. Kageyama let got his wrist. Hinata took another step back to have a better look at Tobio face. He realize that Kageyama was also scare, but wait for him to talk. Karasuno’s setter, took a deep breath before starting talking:
“I meant to tell you that since a while, but I wasn’t able to bring myself to do it. Lately I realize that the most important thing for me wasn’t the volleyball anymore, but was to see you smile. Hearing your voice appeased me, it make me think everything is gonna be okay. And more I was thinking about it, more I was wondering what was happening. Before I even realize what was happening with me, I started to get jealous when you were asking Suga-senpai to give you some toss, I was getting angry when i see you get closer to Nishinoya-senpai and sad when you was talking about Kenma from Nekoma in a happy tone. After a couple of week like that wondering what was those feeling, I start to get worried you might get tired of me, and leave me alone, like all the other did and then…I got scared” Kageyama paused and took another deep breath. ”I want to stay by your side, I want to continue to give you toss as much as you want” he softly said before adding “I don’t want to lose you Hinata”
Then when Kageyama finish speaking, he get close Shouyou, took his head between his head and slightly bend to reach Hinata’s pink lips to leave a soft kiss on it. His eyes were closed, so he couldn’t see Hinata panicked expression. When Kageyama opened his eyes, Hinata pushed him away turn his back, grab his bike and leave his teammate park for only companion a little crow who was watching the scene from over a tree.

Hinata didn’t knew what to think, he was scared, but mostly surprised by Kageyama sudden love confession. He didn’t knew what to do either. When Kageyama was finally out of his sight, Hinata slow down his pace to eventually completely stop. He got down from his bike. He needed to walk, he needed to think about what he should do next. Kageyama would expect an answer and for now, he didn’t knew what to say, even worst he actually ran away from his teammate, leaving him alone in the park, what Kageyama would think, will he regret confessing? Hinata was regretting now running away.

He walked, thinking about what Kageyama was meaning to him. Sure he always liked when Tobio was tossing him ball over and over again until the guardian come to tell them to go home. But deep inside he knew it wasn’t only that. He got scared when Kageyama kissed him, cause he was surprised, however he didn’t hated that kiss, in fact he actually liked it. It was the first time someone was kissing him out of love, unlike Natsu who was giving him little peck on the cheek when she was going to bed or when he was leaving in the morning. He liked the sensation of Tobio warm lips on his own. Somewhere inside him a little voice was cursing at him cause he ran away, that little voice was telling him that he wanted more of those kiss. Kiss he only wanted to receive from Kageyama. Upon realizing how much he liked when Kageyama hold his head to kiss him, Hinata came to the conclusion he was also probably in love with Kageyama. Hinata was scared because of the unknown, however if Kageyama was beside him, he would be okay. Then, Hinata took the decision that the first thing we would tell Kageyama when he will see him the next morning is that he was feeling the same. He would tell him that he only wanted to receive toss from him for now on. He would promise him he would never leave his side, never abandoned him. Hinata was in peace with his decision and he also knew he would not regret it.

Hinata was lost in his thought, he didn’t saw the truck losing control, he didn’t saw the truck was going full speed toward him. The last thing Hinata remember seeing was a little crow who was flying nearby, not too far above him.

Hinata was on the side of the road, his bone were broken and he was losing a lot of blood. He knew he was on a road with not much traffic, he knew he would probably be found only the next morning. When Hinata felt his life slipping away, he looked at the little black bird who was now perched on tree nearby and asked him to look over Kageyama for him, he prayed for Kageyama happiness. He hope his departure will not cause too much trouble. Kageyama would probably be mad at him, calling him name once again. But Hinata was okay with that, the only regret he had was running away from Kageyama when the latter expressed his love to him, he regrets to not being able to tell him how much he care about him, how much he loved him.

Hinata let out his last breath looking up the starry sky, looking at the crow flying over him. He was now with them, he was flying with them. Finally he was a flying little crow.

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