Monday in Music – Ashita e no Last Race

Series: Free!!
Artist: Yamazaki Sousuke (C.V Hosoya Yoshimasa)
Type: Character Song

After a few week of Kuroko no Basuke related music, now let pass to an other sport anime series with Sousuke Yamazaki.

Ashita e no Last Race (Last Race to Tomorrow) is one of the two Sousuke character solo song. the lyric of the song are related to his wish to take part in a last relay race with his best friend Rin. Due to his shoulders injuries, Yamazaki couldn’t continue the competition, but he decide to come back to it for Rin. This song is clearly direct to Rin.

Being ourselves and continuing swimming, in the today when we can smile together and stand side by side
I will pick up my scattered dream and hold it up
Even if I’m told it’s an impossible wish there’s a scenery I just can’t give up
I definitely won’t regret it, now I’ll go to an eternal summer in my best race
Lyric Translation: miraclesmay

I really like the musical arrangement and the instrumental. That acoustic guitar intro is just lovely, my ears was really please. I found the drum a bit to loud at some point,but we can still hear the nice touch the violin bring to the song.

Overall is a really nice track, Sousuke voice actor Hosoya Yoshimasa soothing voice carry well

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