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[FanFic] Chibi, Chibi-Chan

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: None
Genre: General
By: Pevy~Mel

Irihata Nobuteru, Aobajosai’s coach, voice could be heard all around the court, even the team member who was outside could hear him scream one name, only one name: “OIKAWA!!!!”

Oikawa Tooru, the team captain, startle hearing the coach screaming his name across the court. He was looking at him puzzled, wondering what the old man wanted when he received a ball behind the head. Iwazumi Hajime was angrily looking at him:

“What the fuck did you do this time Shittywaka?”

“Nothing Iwa-chan, I swear!”

“You must have done something for him to call you like that”

“No! I’m not even late for the for the practice anymore”

“Anyway…get your ass to him, he doesn’t seems in a good mood”

“I get it I get it”

Oikawa ran to his coach, expecting some blame. He was maybe about the graduate, but he was still the club captain. Once close to Irihata the latter looked at him with a serious face. He didn’t seems to be happy we looked rather sad. The only thing he said to the setter was “Come outside, we need to talk” . If he wanted to speak to him outside the gym that mean it was serious.

They walked a bit, to get away the gym door, the coach didn’t wanted their conversation to be heard from the other:

“Today I got a call from Takeda Karasuno’s adviser”

“What does he want? Hold a practice match?”

“I know you are still angry at our lost during the Miyagi tournament, but you will have to keep that for you for a while”

“tsk…They don’t like receiving negative vibe? So he called to complain”

“No…Karasuno number ten got an accident…hit-and-run, when they found him it was too late, he was already dead” he simply said waiting for Oikawa reaction


Oikawa scream could be heard all around the school He couldn’t believe what the coach just told him. He didn’t wanted to believe Hinata was death. How Chibi-chan could be death, it didn’t made any sense to Tooru, they saw him a few days ago.

Tooru looked at Irihata and slowly walk away. He walk toward the gym, without knowing what he should do next. Should he call them? Maybe he could head over the school now and ditch the end of the practice. Iwazumi will not be happy, but the setter didn’t want to stay at school now. He just wanted to leave and stay by himself. He might not be really close of the little orange head, but he still acknowledge him and he was shocked by the news, he didn’t wanted to imagine how Karasuno was feeling.

Approaching the gym, he passed by some girl you stare at him, he was use to that, to girl always being around him, normally he would have stop, smile and wave at them, have a little chat, laugh and then go back to the practice. However right now he only wanted to speak to Iwazumi and leave, no matter what the latter would think. He could throw countless ball at him, he didn’t care, he was ready the leave soon as he had spoken to Iwazumi.

He entered in the gym, search for Iwazumi, spot him with some first year and walk toward him. Seijo ace saw the captain coming with an expressionless face. He couldn’t figure what the coach told him just by looking at him. Yet somehow he looked sad, like if he receive a shocking and bad news. Iwazumi waited for Oikawa to be close to him:

“So what did you do this time?”

“Me? Nothing…”

“Why did he call you then?

“Iwa-chan will have to come with me now if he want to know it”



Oikawa voice cracked, he didn’t wanted to cry in front of the other, crying in front of his friend it was okay, but not the whole team. Iwazumi looked at his friend and knew something was wrong :

“Okay let’s take a walk outside” he said dragging Tooru with him.

They walked to a quiet place, somewhere they could talk without being disturbed. Oikawa popularity have a of down side and talking without having some fan coming just to say Hi was almost a luxury. Tooru sat down on the ground look at his feet, thinking about how to speak with a calm tone. Iwazumi was looking at his friend who was trying to find the right word:
“What does the coach say?”

“Karasuno adviser called him today”

“How come? Something bad happen?”

“It’s Chibi-chan…”

“The little number ten?”


“What happen to him?”

“He…he got…he got an accident”

“Fuck!! He is okay?”

“No..he is not…he was victim of a hit-and-run…they…they found him the next morning”

“Which hospital is he? Maybe we can go see him, if they allowed us”

“Iwa-chan…Chibi-chan is not at the hospital…at least I think, if he still at the hospital, we can go see him”

“Oikawa…what do you mean?”

“Chibi-chan didn’t survive his accident, when they found him it was too late”

Iwazumi looked at Oikawa without knowing what to say. He wasn’t particularly close to Karasuno even less close to Hinata, but the little number ten left a great impression on him. Hinata was maybe part of a rival team, but he was still a volleyball player like they both were. Hajime was looking at his friend, wondering was he would do next. He would probably go pay his respect to Karasuno. But for now he was going nowhere, the water that fill his eyes, start to fall down, following the line of his cheek. He wasn’t crying out loud, he was silently crying. Seijo’s captain let the tear flowing, he didn’t rub them: “Kageyama always annoyed the shit out of me, he was just naturally good at it while I had to work hard to get where am I now. I always founded that was unfair. When I heard all the rumor about how his attitude toward his teammates was bad, I got a bit happy, I enjoyed the fact he was struggling. But he changed a lot since then and it’s Chibi-chan who started that change. If he wasn’t of that little shrimpy,  that idiot would still be the dictator that he was, maybe he would even be kicked out of the club. I doubt Sawamura will have let it pass, after all Mr. Refreshing is a good setter. Chibi-chan bring the best out of Kageyama and now he is annoying me even more” Oikawa chuckled “Can’t believe he is not here anymore, who will call me the Great King now…you Iwa-chan?” he said looking at Iwazumi.

“Certainly not” replied Hajime “Hinata lack of a lot of thing on a court” said Iwazumi “but not one could beat him when come to his jump and his energy, I always wondered how a small little guy like him could have so much energy and jump like this, his was jumping, he was something…he was really something…”

Both friend remains silent for a moment, thinking about their match against Hinata, remembering the key point of their meeting. The first time they saw him spiking with his eyes close, his enthusiasm about the game, about new technique he could learn. More they were thinking about the good time they pass with this tiny rival, more they were in peace. Yet, somehow they were regretting not passing more time with him. They both would have like see him developing his play style more.

Oikawa looked at Iwazumi, stand up in front of his friend and a timid and sad smile appear on his lips “We might not be welcome there but…let’s go see them, show them we support them. Show them if they need anything they can always what do you say Iwa-chan?”

Iwazumi look at his friend and captain let out a sigh “Probably the first time I’m completely agreeing with you”

“Haha that’s that’s mean Iwa-chan”

“Shut-up Shittykawa and go get change”

The pair headed toward the changing room before taking the direction of the bus stop in order to get to Karasuno hoping there would still be some people when they will get there.

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