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[FanFic] Little Black Bird

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: None
Genre: General
By: Pervy~Mel

Hours became days, days became weeks, weeks became months, before they even fully realized it, two months passed since Hinata’s death. The team haven’t really change. They were still the same. Ennoshita was appointed was new captain, Tsukishima was still giving the daily dose of sodium to the team and Tanaka and Nishinoya was now the president and vice-president of Yachi fan club. The team didn’t really change, only the dynamic, the dynamic and Kageyama.

Kageyama had lost his teammate, his partner, his rival, his friend and he ,will never know it, his lover. Since Hinata’s funeral Tobio had made the point to visit the grave each day and bring Natsu with him once a week. He really tried his best to take care of Hinata’s little sister. It was hard, really hard, each time the little orange-haired girl was smiling he saw Shouyou through her. He wasn’t as motivated, he wasn’t screaming anymore. Even Tsukki jab didn’t affect him anymore. He was physically there during the practice, but his mind was wandering outside the gym.

Hinata’s grave was located near a tree, each time Tobio was visiting it, he removed the death leaves from the cold stone, he was the only time we could see a weak smile appearing on his lips. Each time he was thinking the same thing “Still have to clean after you…dumbass” while removing the leaves. When Natsu was with him, he watched her talking to her big brother. Telling him how her days was, how much she was missing him. Once they were about to leave, she always made a point to hug the tombstone like if she was hugging her lost brother.

This time was Kageyama came to visit Hinata, he noticed something was different. The grave was clear from leaves, not even a little one can be seen. “Maybe sensei came and clean it up” he thoughts. Tobio haven’t noticed either that each time he was coming he was watched over by a little creature. A black little crow was standing, perched on a branch over the grave.

The little black bird have followed Hinata until his tragic death, he had look over Kageyama during Hinata’s wake and he was now looking over the grave, like if some God had decided to give some relief to Hinata’s soul. The crow was looking at the black-haired human looking around to see if he could find the person that cleaned the stone. Not once he paid attention to the bird that was staring at him. The human had a round object in the hand. He crouch to put the round thing on the grave, it was a ball of volleyball.

Kageyama had left the ball he brought from the school on his friend grave “Here you will be able to play on the other side now, show them how high you can jump” he said staring at the grave. He was still looking at it when he heard noise over him. He lift his head and look where the noise was coming from, he then saw a nest in the tree standing close to Hinata’s grave. He could see a little crow looking at him.

The black bird spread out his wings flight in the sky and landed beside the ball. He look at it curious and poking it with his beak. Kageyama was looking the black bird playing with the ball smiling: “You can have fun with him if you want little one, pretty he will not mind it.” Like if the crow had understand him, the feathered animal jumped on the ball and make it roll away. Tobio let out a laugh while thinking about how much the little crow was reminding him of Shouyou. While thinking this, he felt a gentle breeze on his cheek, like a timid kiss. He looked at the grave and said before turning away “I will be okay now, you don’t have to worry about me, I know you are not alone that little one will keep you company” . He left the cemetery, looking one last time at the tree.

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