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[FanFic] Lonely Eagle

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: None
Genre: General
By: Pervy~Mel

Ushijima Wakatoshi, third year at Shiratorizawa academy, captain and ace of the volleyball male club. He was running along the street, doing his daily jogging session. Ushijima will soon graduate from high school, he will leave behind three years of success on the volleyball court. During those three years, the tall spiker build a solid reputation. He was renowned to have the most powerful spike. With his spike and serve, he had nothing to worry about, he knew they will always win. However, during his last year he encountered his first threat.

This threat first came in a really small package, made of concrete. Next thing he knew, the proud eagle was beaten by crows.

Ushijima was running in a good speed, he would be soon turn the corner and not long after he would see the academy. He was approaching the street corner when he saw something unusual, a small black shadow surrounded by an orange aura. Wakatoshi slowed down his pace and try to see where was the shadow he saw, but there was nothing. Suddenly he felt like something bad happened and had to go back quickly to the school. He didn’t knew what it was, however he had the feeling it was bad.

Once back at the school, he headed toward the gym. Soon as he got close to it, he feel like something was wrong, no sounds were coming from the gym, no scream, no bouncing ball, the gym was strangely quiet.
He passed the door and saw everyone was sitting on the floor, the coach was speaking:
“Frankly, normally I would not stop a practice to made an announcement of this nature. I would probably wait until the end. However I feel like I should tell you now what just happened… Pretty sure all of you remember the little #10 of Karasuno High volleyball team…Yesterday I got a called from Takeda sensei, Karasuno volleyball male club adviser, he called me to announced their number 10 passed away…He…got hit by a drunk driver.”

Shiratorizawa’s volleyball coach paused and look at the team member. No one was talking, Karasuno High was their rivals, but Hinata was also a fellow volleyball player. The team was speechless, none of them knew what to say.

Ushijima was still in the gym entrance when he heard the news. He looked at his teammate and step back. He needed air, his brain hasn’t fully assimilated the information. Karasuno fought well during their match and they won the Miyagi prefecture tournament. They were a strong team with a good synergy. And that little number ten who was able to jump higher than his own height was part of this strong team. He was one of the reason why Shiratorizawa had lost.

At first, Wakatoshi was disappointed, even if he was a third year, he would have still want to see Shiratorizawa win against Karasuno, win against that little ball of energy. But then, he felt sad for Karasuno, for his friend for his family.

He recalled the first time he met Hinata. He was jogging and his path crossed Hinata’s path. The little number ten was with Kageyama, Karasuno’s setter. He remembered telling them that he they were able to follow him they could go to the Academy. Ushijima remember the lost ball coming toward them, he remembered seeing Hinata jumping to get it. That little guy had to jump quite high to get it, but he got it and it seems to be easy for him. Wakatoshi also remembered what Hinata told him “I’m Shoyo Hinata from the concrete and I’m going to beat you” His act of defiance excited Ushijima. He wanted to see more from Hinata. However it will not be possible anymore. Hinata was not part of this world anymore.

Wakatoshi chuckle “…from the concrete you said, if only he would have be made of concrete, he would probably still be here…dumbass…I hate him” Shiratorizawa’s captain sigh and walk away from the gym and headed to the locker room. No matter how much he care about practice and volleyball, he didn’t wanted to be in the gym he knew his fellow teammates will ask him questions and he didn’t feel like answering them.

Ushijima was wandering without really knowing what he wanted to do. He didn’t want to go home, maybe he could got give his sympathy to Karasuno, but again how would they react, they are not enemy, but not really far from that. “This is so stupid” he thought looking at his surrounding. Passing beside a park, he noticed the and decide to go sit on one of them, scaring some kids when he walked by them.

Wakatoshi sat on the swing, looked at his feet. How could this happen, he still clearly remember the small Karasuno number ten, looking at him, defying him on his own ground. It seems like yesterday. “Just why…” he mumble to himself, “We weren’t friend, we were rivals, why do I need to feel so sad about his death. I would understand if this rivalry had some kind of hidden friendship, but…it’s not the case…so why his death affect me so much. Would I be that affected if it was another members of Karasuno? Of my own team? “ he thought “why do I have the feeling, that I’m affected by his death because he defy me?” Ushijima let out a sigh “What should I do know?” He was confused and wasn’t sure of what to thought. “Even dead he gave me headache…can’t believe that”

Wakatoshi was still thinking about what he should do next when I was brought back to the reality but a sound coming from above him. He looked at where the noise he heard was coming from and saw a little crow perched on a branches. “A crow? How ironic it is” a soft simple appear on his lips “Guess the only thing I have to do it at least attend to the funeral” he said to himself while a lonely tear flow down his cheek.

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