Monday in Music – Bring it on Now

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Kuroko Tetsuya & Takao Kazunari duet (C.V: Ono Kensho & Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Type: Character Song

How life can be funny, last week I talk about “F.O.V” sang by Takao (voiced by Suziki Tatsuhisa), the song was basically a song about Takao telling Kuroko misdirection will not work on him, thanks you his Hawks Eyes abilities, this week we have the confrontational song.

Again we have a rock song, it open with kind of “declaration of war” from both side and the bass guitar we hear in the back goes in that direction, then the drum come in and give more intensity to the song. The song have alternating verse and they sing the chorus together. The whole song arrangement and melody feel like if they were defying each other.

This can also be read all through the song in the lyrics

Go ahead, attack any way you like
You can’t deceive these eyes of mine
Show me, try me
The connecting line will disappear
You’ll lose sight of me completely
Show you, try you
Bring it on now!

Lyrics translation: Grimmfeather

Versus / Clashing head-on like a pair of natural enemies
This is far from settled / We won’t know ‘til it’s over
I’ll change the flow of the game with this pass
I’ll transform the future in an instant
My own fearless choices will decide the best course of action

Lyrics translation: Grimmfeather

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