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[FanFic] Hide and Seek

Series: Seraph of the End
Pairing: Mika x Yuu
Genre: NSFW, RT18, Explicit Content
By: Pervy~Mel

“Yuu! Mika! Where are you? We have better thing to do than look for you!” Shiona was shouting Yuuchirou and Mikaela Hyakuya name in Ferid mansion. She was looking for them, Crowley wanted to talk to them. They needed to find a way to rescue Ferid Bathory and Krul Tepes from the 2nd Progenitor, Urd Geales, and the other vampire coming from Europe. They did have a lot of them in front of them, at this exact moment Ferid and Krul were burning under the harsh Sun. Shiona eventually gave up, if they were still in the mansion they were nowhere to be found. She decide to go back to the rest of the group and wait the other two decide to come join them..

When she enter the salon with a disappointed look on her face, the other knew she couldn’t found them once again. It was the second time they were disappearing this week for appearing a few hours later. Each time the group was asking them where they was and what they were doing, the pair always gave the same answer, the demon in Yuu tried to take over and Mika had to lock him up, and each time the group seems satisfy by the answer even if they would rather be notified. Only Crowley seems to doubt of the veracity of that story. Being a vampire, he could heard a lot of faint noise coming from the cellar. Noise that seems to be moans, moan of pleasure sometimes he could hear Yuu and Mika calling each other name.

Crowley indeed heard noise coming from the cellar, cause that’s where Yuu and Mika was hiding from the other. Most of the time it was because Mika was hungry so Yuu let him drink his blood. But since the blond vampire didn’t want to let the other watch him while he was drinking Yuu blood, they decide to hide. Other time it was just because Mika wanted to pass time alone with his friend. He still didn’t fully trust the human in Yuu squad even if the latter keep repeating there was his friend and family.

While Shiona was looking for them, Yuu and Mika was once again in the cellar, far of the corpses Ferid had kept make sure the squad will stay close to him, Mika was on top of Yuu kissing his neck unbuttoning his JIDA uniform. Yuuchirou tried to push the blond vampire away, it was already the third time this week they will do it if Mikaela continue like that. But the vampire had no intention to stop, he push Yuu hand away, as a vampire he was stronger than his friend, and continue kissing Yuu rosy skin.

Yuu shivered under Mika’s touch, they have done it more than once and now his body was conditioning to respond to Mika’s caress. Mika direct his hand toward Yuu’s belt and slowly undone it was kissing him on the lips. Soft lips that was just asking to be kiss. Their tongue met and tangle. Mika put his hand on Yuu’s crotch, rubbing his dick. Yuu tried to not let out any sound, he knew soon as he will begin to moan, there was no way Mika will stop. But more was Mika was touching him, more excited he become. A first really soft moan, almost silent, came out from Yuu’s mouth, but it wasn’t silent enough for Mika to not hear it. “Guess you like that” said the newborn vampire “Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel even better” Mikaela took Yuuchirou’s cock out and start an up and down motion. Soon Yuu’s moan become more frequent and loud, Mika could perfectly hear them now.

Listening to his friend moan excited Mikaela, it was almost as exciting than the view of blood. Vampire don’t feel sexual desire normally, but Yuu was really exciting Mika at this very moment. He felt his dick becoming hard in his pant, it was ready to go out. He let go Yuu’s dick and undo his belt, pull his pant down half way.

Yuu was looking at the vampire stick in front of him and he couldn’t help but think about how huge it was compared to his. “Guess being a vampire have his good side” he thought “wonder if Crowley’s dick is bigger than Mika’s” Yuuchirou smile to this thoughts, and Mika notice it.

“Why are you smiling?”
“I was just thinking about how lucky am I”
“Lucky? I’ll show you how lucky you are…”

Mika finished to undress Yuu, the floor was wet and humid, therefore they had to place Mikaela’s cape on the floor, before Yuuchirou lay down naked on it. It wasn’t comfortable, he could feel the bricks shape on his back, but soon he would forget about it and only think of Mikaela thrusting in him.

Mika slipped a hand between Yuu’s tights to reach his pinky little hole. He start by inserting a lonely finger, then let Yuu get used to it and added an other one and finished with a third one. Mika could feel Yuuchirou hole sucking his finger inside him. Yuu moan was louder than before, Mikaela was secretly wishing no one would hear them.

When he felt Yuu ready to receive him, Mika spread his friend leg a bit more and kneel between them. He pulled him closer, lift his hips and slowly start to penetrate him. Yuuchirou let out a little scream. Mika stopped immediately, worried he would have hurt him
“Are you alright?”
“Hmmm yes…please don’t stop midway”

It was like of Yuu was begging him to push it even further, he didn’t have to say it twice, Mika grabbed Yuu hips and continued pushing until not even an inch of his dick could be see. I was pretty sure it was the first time he penetrate Yuu that deep.

He waited a bit before starting to move, he wanted to be sure Yuu feel comfortable. However the latter didn’t wanted to wait. He started to move his hips and tighten his butthole around Mika’s cock hoping he will soon start to thrust. More Yuu was moving more Mika was excited.He start to move slowly and more the moans of Yuu was becoming louder faster Mika was moving. Soon Yuu moans turn into scream, Yuu tried to cover his mouth with his hands but he couldn’t, Mika was going really hard on him, it was hard to keep his hand there. Slowly he start to lose his mind. His brain was only filled by the pleasure given my Mika.

Mikaela began to call Yuuchirou’s name and Yuu was calling out Mikaela. Yuu hole became tighter, Mika’s dick became bigger. Both were at their limit, both were about to come. Mikaela lifted Yuu by the waist and sat him on him. Yuu put his arm around Mikaela neck while screaming his name. Yuu neck was really close to Mika’s fangs, a few inches away. He just had to open his mouth and bite him. It was so close, but he had to control his hunger, his desire for blood, he had to waited Yuu cum before doing anything.

Yuuchirou was half moaning, half screaming, he was calling Mikaela asking for more and more. He wanted Mika to do him harder, to go faster. Mikaela was going all out on Yuu, going deeper and deeper after each thrust.

It didn’t took time before Yuuchirou let out a last scream before cumming. It was the moment, Mikaela was waiting, he got closer to Yuu’s neck and planted his fangs in the soft flesh. The taste was amazing. He drank a bit more, looked at Yuu who tenderly looked back at him
“We have to go back now, the other are probably looking for us”
“You are right, but before we gonna wash ourselves”

The pair get out from the cellar, headed to the bathroom, wishing not being see by anyone. Took a quick shower and join the other in the living room.

“Where the fuck you were ?” asked Narumi Makoto when he was the two friend opening the living room door.
“Nice of you to join us” add Kimizuki Shiho.
“Sorry it took longer this time, at this rate Yuu will be a full demon before the beginning of next week” replied Mika hoping the lied works one more time.
“Mika!! I told you to warn us when Yuu’s demon take over” said Shiona
“Sorry…I forgot I guess” replied Mika
“Don’t mind it, just be careful okay?” Said Mitsuba
“Yes” said Mikaela relief people were still believing that story

Only Crowley, who was sitting in a chair, said nothing. He was watching Mika and Yuu with an amused smile. He watched them taking place on a couch beside him. He gave a side look at Mika and lean toward him:“Human are surely interesting creature, but I really hope your little hide and seek game is done for the week. It’s the third time this week”. Mika looked at Crowley without knowing what to say then look at his feet, like is they were about to give him an answer:
“Don’t worry we are done for the week” he told Crowley.
“Good!! Cause now we need to find a way to get out Ferid and our majesty, Krul from the shit hole they are in”

Mika gave a look at Yuu the two little hole, where he had planted his fangs was already healing. Even if it was a made up story to hide their moment of pleasure, one thing was true about it. Yuu might become a demon sooner than he thoughts.

Yuu noticed Mikaela was looking at him and give him a brainless smile like only him could give.
“So Crowley do you have any plan?” Their meeting had officially started, now it was time to find a way to rescue the 3rd Progenitor, the Queen of Japan, Krul Tepes and the eccentric 7th Progenitor, Ferid Bathory, from a painful death.

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