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Monday in Music – Crafty

Series: Prince of Tennis
Artist: Oshitari Yuushi (C.V: Hidenobu Kiuchi)
Type: Character Song

Crafty” is a pop-rock track with a heavy bass guitar and drum line, it’s really the two main instrument we heard all through the song, here and there, trumpet and synth was added to the song. I really like the melody, I realized that I hummed it quite often each time I was listening to it, plus even if you are not familiar with the japanese language, this track in easy to follow.

Oshitari character song, is one of the few Prince of Tennis character that can be related to the character singing it. Oshitari is considerate like a prodigy and can be a bit sly.

There are no gimmicks on my glasses
My sense is a peculiar flavor of my pride
Reading the inside, predicting what’s coming, I calculate
Yeah because I’m a Crafty Boy

Lyric Translation Credits: Tenipuri Translations

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