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[GtKM] Card Captor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the first anime of the 20th century I watched with Sailor Moon, but also the first manga series I complete. Although now I’m not a big fan of Shoujo magical girl series, Capcaptor will remain dear to my heart, thus I was really happy when the news of a sequel came out.


Top 3 Favorite Character

Kinomoto Toya

Toya is Sakura big brother, even if he seems to fill the role of the mean big brother, Toya really care about his little sister and often worries about her. After even giving away is spiritual power for the sake of Yukito (Yue), he still can tell when here is something wrong with Sakura.

Kinomoto Sakura

Sakura is the protagonist of the series. She is an adorable 10 (in the beginning of the series) girl who love life and is afraid of ghost. I really like watching her getting more mature and confident all through the series.

Daidouji Tomoyo

Tomoyo is Sakura best friend and second cousin, she is her main confident always there when Sakura need her, always believing in her.

Most Hated Character

None, there is no character that I hate in this series, some are annoying as seen below, but hated none. The series doesn’t even have a proper antagonist existing just to piss-off the main character (not counting the movie here)

Most Annoying Character

Nakuru Akizuki

Ruby Moon or maybe more her human form Nakuru Akizuki, I don’t know if it cause of the way she is around Yukito, I had hard time dealing with her.

Favorite Card Guardian


Even if Yue is really handsome, Kero is the sweetest of them all, I would really like to have one little critter like him at home, it would give me a reason to bake cake often.

Favorite Card

Firey the Fire Card

There is a lot of interesting and/or useful Clow/Sakura Cards and they have all their own personality. The one I prefer is really Firey mainly cause I love just love the fire element.

Favorite Arc

The Sakura Card Arc is my fave, during this arc, Sakura have to transform all the Clow Cards into Sakura cards using her own power, the power of the stars and it’s in this arc Syaoran feeling for Sakura are growing.

Favorite Opening/Ending

3rd Opening, Platinum

1st Ending, Groovy!

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  1. I always liked the jump card. I loved the episode catching it and I loved it every time she used it. But I agree, the best arc is when Sakura is making the cards her own. She’s growing so much, Syaoran has completely accepted the cards are hers and gets closer to her, and its just a fun part of the show.
    Thanks for sharing.

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