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[FanFic] Love Strain Part 2

Series: K-Project
Pairing: Fushimi x Yata
Genre: NSFW (RT18+), Explicit Content
By: Pervy ~ Mel

Yata accompanied by Munataka and Awashima headed to the location where Fushimi was staying.

After about an hour of road, the trio arrive on location. Yata look at the building in front of him, it was a little chalet just big enough for two people to live in. “Why the Hell he is here thought” Misaki looking at the wooden structure. He gave a side look at Munataka who was talking a file from the Lieutenant hands and walked toward him.

“Fushimi-kun is inside, in this file you will found all the information you need about what happened to him” he said before going back to the car.

The Blue King get in the car followed by Awashima and left Yata alone in front of the chalet with a pile of paper in the hand. The young man look at the file shrugged and walk in direction of the little house door “Guess I really have no choice now, unless I wanna walk back to Tokyo” he said with a sigh “Stupid Monkey…”

The Homra vanguard open the unlocked door, all the light were off, only the one from outside was filtering through the window. He looked for the light switch on the wall but didn’t saw any “What?! No electricity?” looking around to see if he could find it on another wall. Seeing no interrupter near him, he removed his shoes and walk around the small chalet looking for Fushimi. “Where the fuck that stupid Monkey is?” he asked to himself, looking in each room “That house is not big enough to play hide-and-seek, where the fuck is he then?” get more impatient


Yata was getting angry, angry enough he didn’t notice the shadow behind him when he was in front of a room.

The shadow grabbed him by the shoulder and pinned him face against the wall. Yata couldn’t clearly see who it was, but he had a little doubt about it.

Fushimi was heavily breathing into his ear, nibbling it, deposing soft kiss on the soft pale skin of his neck. Yata try to move away from him, but Saruhiko was restraining him by keeping his arm behind his back.

“Ya!! The fuck you are doing? Stop that or I will get mad!!” Angrily said Misaki

“Mi…sa…ki” whispered Fushimi in the Homra vanguard ear “You should have known what would happen if you come here” he told him.

“What!? I’m here cause apparently I have to help you fucking monkey” replied Yata

“That’s exactly what you are doing now” said Saruhiko, pressing his body against Yata’s body, passing his free hand under the Ren clansmen shirt

“What are you talking about? I don’t remember signing up to get jumped by you” said Yata trying to stay calm.

“You signed up soon as you entered the house, didn’t you read the file Munataka gave you?” he slowly asked still caressing the young man body, playing with his nipple. “At least your body seems to be more honest than you” he softly added.

At that moment, Yata remembered the file the Blue King gave him, file he didn’t read, file he had left on the table near the entrance. “Fuck” he thought, the one time he absolutely have to read, he doesn’t

“Wait! Wait Saruhiko! I didn’t read it” he quickly said hoping the Third-in-command of the Blue Clan would stop what he was doing “Can you tell me what happen?” he asked.

Saruhiko let out a painful sigh, he had really hard time to contain is excitement. The only thing he had in mind was ravishing Misaki’s body and mind. He wanted to become one with him. He wanted to possess him, he wanted to be the only one Yata would have in mind, he wanted to hear him scream his name. Despite all the desires in had, he let go the young man wrist and slowly start to explain what happened to him, what the Strain abilities was, trying to stay concentrate on what he was saying. Once he had done, the small Red clansmen that was standing in front of him didn’t seem to know who to react. He was blushing from head to toe and Fushimi founded him really cute, he wanted to eat him.

“So if we have sex…” began to say Yata “You will be okay after?” he asked

“Yes, I will” slowly said Saruhiko, trying to control his breathing

“Why…why me?” asked the young man

“….Cause…it have to be you…that all what you need to know….” slowly answered Fushimi

“Look! I’m ready to help you, but you have to tell me why it needed to be me, it’s my body and I do whatever the fuck I want with it” replied Misaki impatient.

“As I said the only way, to get rid of those Strain effect, I need to have sex….” began to say Saruhiko

“I Know that!!” cut Yata, “But why ME??”

“Cause…it need to…I have to…I…have to do it with…” Fushimi was struggling saying it

“You have to do it with?” ask Yata hoping for a full answer

The dark-haired young man let out a sigh “ In order to get rid of those effects, I need to have sex with the person I care the most about” he painfully said

He had said it, he had said something he would have never said under normal circumstance. Now he could only wait for Misaki and see what the latter would do, hoping he will not run away. But even if Misaki tried to run away, Fushimi just have to tie him to the bed, thing he didn’t wanted to do. He wanted to have the full consent of Yata, he didn’t to force his way, he didn’t want to rape him.

Fushimi was waiting, having more difficulties to stay concentrate, his mind was wandering, his eyes was detailing Yata small frame. He wanted to hold him, to take him. He wanted to passionately make love to him. However he also wanted to have Misaki consent.

He was looking at the young man in front of him, he was thinking. Yata knew he didn’t really have the choice. He already told Saruhiko he would do it if the latter told him the true about why it has to be him. Now he knew and he was stocked. One part of him didn’t wanted to believe him. To this part, Fushimi was a traitor, a bastard that doesn’t deserve to be helped. The other part knew it was the true, he feel it inside him, the way Saruhiko was looking at him. He wasn’t the look of someone who was desperate to find a solution, it was the look of someone who was desired him.

Yata finally took his decision

“Okay…” he slowly said “Let’s go it”

Fushimi expression suddenly change it was a mix of relief and excitement. He took Yata by the waist and whispered to his ear “You’ll see, you will not regret it” before deposing a gentle kiss on the soft lips of Yata.

He took Misaki’s hand the headed for the closest room. He closed the door behind him and start to undress Yata. He was excited but he didn’t want to rush him either. The Homra vanguard look at the tall young man in front of him and start playing with the buttons of his uniform to finally unbuttoning it. Saruhiko was leaving soft kiss on the young man neck, the latter was shivering, trying to not think too much about what was coming. The blue clansmen finished to undress Yata, gently pushed him on the bed and get himself undressed.

He laid beside, his old friend caressing the small, yet well fitted body, kissing it, biting the pink nipple that was hardening under his touch. Yata let out a moan, surprised but pleased Saruhiko wanted to hear more of those moan. He took Misaki sex in his hand and start stroking it. The Homra vanguard let out more moan and they were louder. Fushimi really liked that sounds, he was getting more excited than he was already. Yata cock was hard as rock ready to explode, however it wasn’t the time for him to come.

The gentle kiss of Saruhiko became more passionate, he told Misaki he will he to prepare him, if he wanted to push his dick inside. Yata didn’t ask any question and let the dark-haired man do. He wanted to be more active, but his mind was slowly sliding away, the excitement of the first touch did help a lot. He never had been touch like that. Even when he was jerking off by himself, he wasn’t half that good. He wished Saruhiko touched him more like that, more now the latter had flipped him on his belly, playing it his ass.

When he felt the first finger penetrated him, he let out a little scream of surprise, he wasn’t hurt just really surprise. After a moment and second finger was inserted then a third one. Saruhiko had three of his finger inserted into Yata’s hole and he didn’t seem to care, him who normally would had been probably grossed by that. Misaki bottom was feeling really good. The young Red Clansman was feeling thing he never felt before.

Fushimi prepared Yata butthole for several minutes, he didn’t wanted to hurt him, he wanted to make sure both of them enjoyed the moment to the maximum.

When he felt like Yata seems to be ready to receive him, Saruhiko reach out for the night table to take one of the condom pockets that was there, open the little pocket and unroll what was inside on his dick. It was slippery and had trouble to but it, but once it was done, he was finally ready to push his hard cock into Yata’s ass. The young man pressed his hardened member against his partner pink hole and slowly pushed it inside, hoping the skin around it will not tear apart.

When he felt Fushimi’s cock penetrating him, Misaki let out a small scream. He was hearing and feeling Saruhiko struggling to insert his dick inside. He try to relaxed the more as he could to make thing easier for the him, but it was easier to think about it than doing it. It took several minutes to the dark-haired young man to fully inserted is virile member into Misaki hole.

Once Yata felt Fushimi’s dick all inside him, he surprisingly felt good. Yes it hurt a bit, but he never thought he would like behind connected to his old friend that way. The hard cock of Saruhiko was inside his warm hole and love that sensation.

Saruhiko began to move, slowly rubbing inside Misaki’s ass. Each time he was moving he was whispering the Homra vanguard name, saying how warm his hole was, that he should have done that sooner. Misaki was moaning, asking for more, asking Fushimi to go faster and harder. Each of the Blue Clansman movement was driving Yata crazy. Saruhiko was now thrusting hard in him, reaching spot he would never had thought it exists. The Third-in-command was delighted. He wanted more sensation, he wanted to go deeper inside Misaki.

Deeper Fushimi was going louder Misaki’s moans became and it soon transform into screams. He was screaming his old friend name, he wanted more, he beg for Saruhiko to not stop. It never cross his mind once he would love it that much. They had lived together, but none of them thought that having sex together could be something the would have wanted to do. Now they were doing it, both were regretting to not doing it before. Misaki wondered if Saruhiko would had stayed with him with Homra of they had done it sooner. Maybe if he had gave him more attention he wouldn’t wear that horrendous blue uniform.

Yata slowly feel his mind slipping away, he was losing it, the pleasure was taking control of every cells of his brain. He was about to come and he feel like Saruhiko was on the verge of coming too. He felt his cock growing bigger inside him. It became more tight and it accentuated the pleasure the Homra vanguard was feeling.

Yata finally let out a long high-pitched scream of pleasure, soon after Saruhiko last moan could be heard. Both had come, pretty much in the same times. The dark-haired young man collapsed on the bed panting, trying to take back his breath. He slowly remove the condom full of cum, make a knot and let it fall in the garbage pail next to the bed. Misaki was already asleep and Saruhiko followed him not long after.

Both wake-up several hours later. The moon already took the sun place in the sky and only its shine was lighting up the room. Yata slowly opened his eyes, Fushimi was still sleeping beside him. He looked at him, brush away the few hair that was stick on his forehead. Saruhiko looked like an angel “If only it was always like that”

Misaki was still looking at Fushimi when the latter woke-up

“Good morning sleepy monkey” said Yata to greet him

Fushimi was looking at him, puzzled, wondering about they were in the same be. Not only they were in the same bed, but they were both naked.

“Did you sleep well” shyly ask the Homra vanguard

“The fuck you are doing here” angrily ask Fushimi.

“I…I…” Misaki didn’t knew what to answer, he realize Fushimi didn’t remembered anything from what happened. “Wai!” quickly said Yata before getting up the bed walking as fast despite his hip hurting him.

He come back with the file, on his way he already made sure Munataka signature was at the end of the document, just in case Fushimi doesn’t believe it. He gave it to Saruhiko who was still sitting naked in the bed, with only a thin blanket to cover him.

Fushimi quickly read the file and Yata saw the color of his face slowly fading away upon realizing what happened. He looked at Misaki and blushed. Him who always had an answer to everything didn’t know what to say. Yata thought his reaction was cute. It was the first time he was seeing him blushing.

“You…you should had left before I wake up” began to say Fushimi

“Why?” quickly ask Misaki

“Why?!” replied Fushimi “You stupid shithead, isn’t it obvious?”

“What? Are you shy now?” shout Yata “Now that I know that you care about me, that I’m the one you care the most about. Seriously who should grow up Saru…” he added more calmly. “Say, did you thought about doing that with me, while we were still living together? “

“Does it change anything now” ask Fushimi looking at his hands

“It might change nothing now, but maybe if I would had know sooner that you feel about me the same way I feel about you, you wouldn’t have go to the Blue King” softly replied Yata.

Fushimi was looking at Yata, the Homra vanguard was close to cry. Saruhiko was about to replied something when his phone rang

“Fushimi-kun?” It was Munataka the Blue King “ How are you feeling?” he asked

“Good…” replied Saruhiko

“We are waiting in the front of the house” said Reisi

“What! already?” quickly asked the blue clansmen.

“Yes and Kusanagi is there to pick up Yata-San” replied Munataka

“But can we at least take a shower?” asked Fushimi hoping his captain allowed it

“No, you can take your shower at the dorm” he replied

“Okay… we are coming” slowly said Saruhiko

From the look Fushimi had on his face, Yata knew it was time to part away. Misaki looked at him

“It’s probably better like that” he said before going get dressed.

Fushimi did the same, then the pair get out from the house to get in their respective car.

Yata watched the car in which Fushimi took place going away.

“Yata? Everything is good?” asked Kusanagi

“I guess …” replied Yata

The two of them headed to Tokyo, Yata closed his eyes and wonder how Saruhiko would react the next time they see each other.
Misaki still have lingering thought of his time with Fushimi, the grip of his hand on his hips while he was thrusting. His scent when he was laying down beside him. Yata secretly hope they will have the chance to meet again and this time he will make sure Saruhiko remember everything.

Part 1

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