Monday in Music – Distance of Light and Shadow

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Kuroko Tetsuya (C.V Ono Kensho), Aomine Daiki (Suwabe Junichi)
Type: Character Song


“Distance of Light and Shadow” appear on the volume 4 of the Duet Series. Like pretty much all Aomine’s song it’s a rock song with a heavy instrumental line with a strong base guitar intro accompanied by the drum some measure later. The 1st verse sung by Kuroko is really smooth and gentle then come Aomine’s intense part followed by the heavy chorus song in duet. For the 2nd verse it’s the opposite. I really like the melody of the song, I like to sing the chorus, or at least hummed it. My only complain about this song is the rap break….I really don’t get why is there, the song would have been better without it.

The song lyrics are in reference of Kuroko and Aomine relationship starting from the moment when Aomine took his distance, start to skip practice when they were still in junior high until the first time they play against each other.

The brighter that solitude gets, the closer that the shadow will get left behind
The hand that I always stretched out to you cannot reach you anymore
Lyric Translation: ichigohaatsu


Someone like you can’t win against me
It’s because I want to you smile again one day
It doesn’t matter what light you bring along with you
It doesn’t matter how much more separated we get because of this
You are too light
Even though you are too far away
You can’t take me out
I can’t bring you back
I already knew
Until I reach my limit
I won’t give up
I’m always serious
Lyric Translation: ichigohaatsu

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