[Doujinshi] Muishiki Plus

Series: Haikyuu!!
Title: Muishiki Plus (Oblivious Plus)
Pairing: Kageyama x Hinata
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen Ai, Sports
Circle: Sesame (Goma)

~ Summary ~

Karasuno High school festival coming soon and all the class are preparing their event. While Hinata classes decide to do a Haunted House featuring the cute little Hinata as a ghost, Kageyama class is doing a cafe. However there is a small problem, Kageyama’s classmates need to take his measurement, but the latter doesn’t like to be touch, thus the girls ask Hinata to help. Kageyama accept that his measurement are taken, as long as it’s Hinata whom take it, apparently the tall setter doesn’t mind being touch by Hinata, but why only him? To discover it you gonna have to read the full story here

~ My Thought ~

Since I really want to keep it spoiler free, I will just say it’s a cute little fun story to read, like most of the KageHina doujinshi, I just wished it didn’t end the when it end, I fill like it missed something, but maybe it’s just me.

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