Monday in Music – Can See the Light

Series: Prince of Tennis
Artist: Ibu Shinji (C.V: Moriyama Eiji)
Type: Character Song


The track open with a simple electric guitar and give the sight idea of the song direction. In general is a really soft song, nothing to loud about. However more we get closer to the chorus the song gain in intensity, then the chorus kick in with the full band. “Can See the Light” is one of the first Prince of Tennis character song I listened too and I like it right away, the way in was arranged is a really pleasure for my ears.

Like most of the Prince of the Tennis character song, “Can See the Light” lyrics doesn’t really relate to the character himself, even have a mesmerizing play style like the track intro. The lyrics are referring to one looking for his path into the life and decide to follow is way until he see the light, at least it’s the way I interpret the song.

More Feel me Knocking my movement against the violent wind
Delivering to that mind which has started to perplex
Then Keep in The blue light which wraps around the cooled dreams
Guiding to the me of tomorrow Can see the light

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