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The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 2 (First Half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: PG

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

The next morning Tsukishima open up his eyes and stared at the ceiling, he had school today but didn’t want to go. He still haven’t figured out why he was feeling that way toward Hinata. How would he react when he will see him today during the lunch? Would he blush? Perhaps he could try to avoid the small decoy for some time, again if he do that Hinata will get depressed and start worrying for nothing, then Tsukki will be annoyed. On top of that Yamaguchi might asked him a lot of question he will not be able to answer. The middle blocker let out a sigh, there was no way out, he had to deal with the Hinata while figuring out what was wrong with his brain.

He pushed back his blanket, get off his bed and change to his school uniform. Took his bag and headphone then headed downstairs where his big brother, Akiteru, was making breakfast.

“Good morning Kei” he said without looking at his little brother.

“Morning” replied Tsukki.

“Are you alright ?” asked Akiteru turning his attention from what he was doing to look at his little brother.

“I’m” answered Tsukki.

“Hmmm if you say so” said Akiteru continuing what his was doing.

The tallest member of Karasuno couldn’t say he had a bad relationship with his brother but couldn’t say it was good either. He knew his big brother was proud of him and what he had achieved so far with his volleyball club, but Tsukki was still disappointed his brother lied to him when he was younger, just to protect his image of cool big brother and not deceive him.

Akiteru put a plate on the table in front of his brother.

“Here eat” he just said before taking his plate from the counter.

“Thanks” said Tsukki before starting eating.

“Are you going to eat at home tonight ?” asked Akiteru.

“Dunno” replied Tsukki.

“Where were you yesterday?” question Akiteru.

“Hinata” answered Tsukki.

“For?” asked the big brother.

“Tch…Helping him with his mathematics, that idiot can get thing right and I had to help him” he said clicking his tongue.

“That’s nice of you” commented Akiteru.

“I don’t need you praise” replied Tsukki finishing his breakfast and bringing is plate to the kitchen to wash it. After he took his bag and left for school, leaving his big brother wondering if he had said something wrong.

When he got outside, Yamaguchi was already there waiting from him.

“Good Morning Tsukki” cheerfully said the pinch server.

“Morning Yamaguchi” replied Tsukishima adjusting his headphone around his neck.

“How was it yesterday with Hinata” asked Yamaguchi.

“Okay I guess, he has more trouble than I thoughts, but he is willing to learn so we might get somewhere” said Tsukishima.

“You will go back” asked Yamaguchi.

“Probably, he is an idiot and doesn’t get thing right away, I have to explain to him, but if I explain him stupid-proof he understand” answered Tsukishima.

“Wow! I’m kind of amaze by the fact you had the patience to sit and explain thing to him, when last year you didn’t want to” remarked Yamaguchi.

“Yamaguchi…last year is last year and this year is this year. People can change” said Tsukishima slightly annoyed.

“Sorry Tsukki” quickly replied Yamaguchi with an apologetic smile.

The duo haven’t passed to school ground entrance, they heard someone yelling their name. It was Hinata who was arriving on his bike. Approaching his new lunch buddies, he slowed down and then stop completely. Hinata seems genuinely happy to see them. He began to get off his bike, but caught his foot in the frame and lose his balance. Tsukishima just had the time to catch the little orange-haired decoy before he fell on the ground. The middle blocker sigh and told his teammate to be careful to not be too excited when he get off his bike. Hinata thanks him, apologize, smile and walk to put his bicycle away. Tsukishima watched Hinata walking away, shook his head and get inside the school. Once again he had felt his cheek becoming red when Hinata smile at him and try to hide it from Hinata and Yamaguchi. Mostly from his best friend, he knew the latter will question him if he noticed it.
During the lunch Hinata came to eat once again with them. This time he brought his english book. He had trouble remembering some verb and was wondering if Tsukishima or Yamaguchi had a trick to remember them. The middle blocker gave a look at the book, rolled his eyes and told Hinata to come home with him, he would help him to revised all his classes of the day. Hinata warmly thanks him and said that to show his gratitude he will treat him with meat buns on their way home and then proceed to eat his cute little bento his mother made him. Yamaguchi gave a look at his friend but the latter try to avoid any eyes contact with him which make him smile.

School over, practice done, Hinata walked with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Hinata asked if Yamaguchi will be joining them for the study time, but before the pinch server could answer, Kei told Hinata, Tadashi had stuff to do, he couldn’t join them. Looking at his best friend waiting from him to confirm, the latter had an enigmatic smile, Yamaguchi then told Hinata that he indeed at thing to do. A disappointed expression appear on the little decoy face, but Yamaguchi reassure him he will be there a next time. Karasuno number 10 smile at his teammate walk away with Tsukishima.

Once in front of Tsukki’s home, Kei took care of Hinata’s bike and then walk to the front door.

“I’m home” said Tsukishima removing his shoes.

“Oh Kei! You brought a friend with you” said Mrs. Tsukishima acknowledging Hinata’s presence.

“Good evening I’m Hinata Shouyou, I’m part of Karasuno volleyball club” said Hinata with bow.

“Good evening Hinata-kun nice to meet you” replied Tsukki’s mother.

“We eat on our way, we gonna revised our lesson in my room” said Tsukishima passing by his mother.

“Okay, I will bring you snack later” said the mother of the middle blocker.

Tsukishima was about to say it wasn’t necessary, but thought Hinata might need it to stay concentrated so he bite his tongue and walk toward his room, followed by Hinata.

Once in the room, Hinata looked around him and noticed the dinosaur on the shelfs of the study desk.

“Tsukishima, you like dinosaur” asked Hinata while trying to reach the only one he couldn’t reach.

“I guess” answer Tsukki taking the dinosaur on the top to give it to Hinata. The number 11 just shooked his head wondering why he gave Hinata the dinosaur, while the latter could have taken one closer to him.

Putting his bag on the floor, he look that his small teammates who was trying to put back the extinct reptile figurine where it was, Tsukki look at the ceiling, cursed himself, took the figurine from Hinata’s hand and put it back on the shelf “Ready to study” he asked to the little orange-haired who was still looking at the dinosaur, Hinata nod and without looking at Tsukishima sit and put his bag beside him, he took out his english book since it was the main reason why he was there in Tsukishima’s room.

Not long after they finished revising Hinata’s english homework, Mrs. Tsukishima brought them little cookie and milk. After they finished their snack, they began studying their History lesson and finished by science. When the time to leave came, Tsukishima had to persuade him that his father would gladly take him back home with his bike fixed on the back support of the car. The middle blocker finally convince him by saying he will come along.

In the car, Hinata started doozy off, the head against the window, it was a good thing Tsukishima remembered where the little decoy was living even if he visited his home only once. Tsukki watched Hinata sleeping next to him and suddenly wanted to touch the orange lock, it looked so soft. He was about to move his hand toward Hinata’s hair when he remembered where he was. His dad was driving and could see him through the mirror. The only thing Tsukki could do was watching Hinata sleeping while wondering what was this feeling growing in him.

Once Tsukishima once was back home after returning to taking back Hinata to his house, the middle blocker felt the need to sleep early, just to clear his head. He knew something was wrong, he began to have an idea on what it was and was scared to admit it. “It can’t be that” he said to himself before closing his eyes for the night.

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