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The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 2 (Second Half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: PG

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

The next morning Yamaguchi was waiting for him once again in front of the door.

“Good Morning Tsukki” he said looking at best friend who was still half asleep.

“Morning…” mumbled Tsukishima.

“You know Tsukki, I know you since a couple of years and I still haven’t figured out why you didn’t want me to be there while Hinata and you were revising” said Yamaguchi looking up the sky the arms cross behind his head.

“That idiot get easily distracted, it would have done any good if you were there” replied Tsukishima looking in front of him.

“Oh really…” said Yamaguchi who seems to think about something else “I thought you wanted to be alone with him for other reasons”.

“You are imagining thing” commented Tsukishima.

“Oh…I also was imagining you catching Hinata before he fell on the ground when he got off his bike” supposed Yamaguchi.

“If that moron get hurt it will slow down the practice” replied Tsukishima.

“Hmmm but the practice hasn’t slow down when Kageyama got hurt” counterattack Yamaguchi.

Tsukishima didn’t knew what else to say, he knew his best friend was pretty observant, it was just a matter of time he realize something was wrong in the change of attitude Tsukishima had toward Hinata. The middle blocker sigh and look at his friend you was walking beside him.

“What I’m supposed to do?” he asked.

“What do you mean? “ question Yamaguchi.

“With Hinata…I can’t look at him without blushing and it’s even worst if he is smiling at me…” explain Tsukishima.

“So I hit the nail?” asked Yamaguchi.

“Obviously and it’s painful…” replied Tsukishima.

“What are you planning to do” asked Yamaguchi.

“That’s what I was asking you” sigh Tsukishima.

“Oh….” Was the only thing Yamaguchi could say. He knew Tsukishima since the elementary school and it’s the first time he saw his friend confuse without knowing what to do “Will you tell him” he asked.

“No…not now at least, for him I’m probably still Stingyshima, the guy who always made fun of him cause he is short, the guy who call him an idiot, the guy who is annoyed by his cheerful presence and straight forward attitude” slowly said Tsukishima.

“Is it still the case?” question Yamaguchi “Will you still made fun of him cause he is short? Will you still call him an idiot or still be annoyed by his cheerful presence and straight forward attitude?”

“If I change too much toward him, people will start asking questions, which I want to avoid” said Tsukishima while looking at his feet thinking about what to do “ and I don’t want to push my feeling on him either, I will just scared him and he will run and avoid me” he added, “I think the best thing to do now, it’s wait and see how thing goes, it’s not like I can really do something anyway”.

It was the painful reality, Tsukishima couldn’t say anything to Hinata, for now he wanted to keep the thing as they were and watch from afar, yet still keep him close. Make sure he doesn’t get into trouble, hurt or anything. If he passed enough time with him maybe the small decoy will fall for him the same way it happened to Tsukishima. He will continue to help will to revised his lessons, if people ask he can always say that it’s just to make sure Hinata have good grade. If he fail classes it will affect his volleyball play. While approaching the school ground, the middle blocker have taken his decision, he will not tell anything to Hinata, make sure no one noticed and asked Yamaguchi to be careful to not let slip anything.

“What will you do if Kageyama is being a jerk to Hinata? Like the other day when he was about to kill him?” asked Yamaguchi when they arrived to their school.

“Throw ball at him and falsely apologize like I usually do to annoyed him” flatly said Tsukishima looking around to see if Hinata was already there.

He saw the bike attached to the fence, he pushed a sigh of relief, he will do have to deal with his own feeling now that will wait for the lunch time. Which arrive faster the middle blocked thought. He was sitting at his daily place with Yamaguchi when he was the little orange-haired decoy approaching their table.

“Hi!” cheerfully said Hinata taking place beside Yamaguchi.

“Tsukki wasn’t too hard with you yesterday” asked the pinch server.

“No, not at all” replied Hinata who was all smile.

Tsukishima try to keep his eyes on his bento, avoiding any eyes contact with Hinata, one thing he couldn’t control was his blush, he couldn’t escape that and needed to hide it at all cost. He knew he couldn’t acted way he use to act with the little number ten, talking to him with a condescending tone, however if he could make sure Hinata doesn’t realize his attitude change toward him, he would be relief. “I feel like my life span will get shorter” thought Tsukishima looking from the corner of his eyes Hinata smiling at Yamaguchi.

The lunchtime pass and the trio get back to their respective classroom. Tsukishima couldn’t really concentrate on what his english teacher was trying to teach him. He only have one thing, or maybe more, one person on mind: Hinata. He try to sort out his thought, clear his mind, concentrate on what he had to do. He knew his feeling for him, he wanted to know more about the little decoy of Karasuno. He might know him for about a bit more than a year, but they never hang out together, he always see Hinata as an annoying little shit running around. Now that he fell for that little orange head, he wanted to pass more time with him. He will continue help him to revised his lesson and homework, he will train with him and Yamaguchi during the practice. Tsukishima have set his mind, but couldn’t help but let out a sigh, a sigh louder than he actually though, a sigh everyone had heard, the class was silent and everyone was looking at him even the his teacher.

“The heart that sighs as not what it desires” said the teacher with a smile.

“What!?” replied Tsukishima confused

“Haha that’s something my mother use the tell me each time I was sighing after not being able to have what I wanted” explain the teacher “Is there anything you would like Tsukishima? Something you want but can have?” she then asked without really waiting for an answer before going back to the black board

Tsukishima wasn’t able to answer the question, he didn’t want to answer it, he just feeling like he was blushing, he was blushing in class and Yamaguchi was behind him giggling. He leaned his head back and suddenly thought his life just became more painful “How annoying” he thought before turning his attention to the front.


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