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The Moon Watching Over the Sun Part 3 (First Half)


Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: PG

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

The rest of the day was especially hard for Tsukishima, after what happen in his english class, he tried to make sure to stay focused on the teacher, to not let his mind wandering. If was already hard enough for him, he couldn’t afford to let everyone know there was something bothering him, they might get curious and then they would nicely offered to give him some help or advises. He didn’t need any help or advises he just needed to be left alone. He didn’t want his classmates to ask him questions, question he will not be able to answer, he will have to come up with some stupid story, like being concerned about volleyball. To him all of this was absurd, if only he could just take Hinata apart and talk to him, confess without having to explain anything, without having to wait for an answer, he would be more than happy. But he couldn’t do that. Doing that will mean he push his feeling on Hinata, he will corner him, Karasuno’s number 10 will get scare and run away or he will just have no clue what Tsukishima is talking about and laugh at him cause he think it’s a joke. Tsukishima was stuck and he knew it. He had one other concern, Yamaguchi, is best friend, the middle blocker was afraid he would let slip something by mistake even if the pinch server had to assure him he will be careful to not talk about it when people could hear them.

During the practice, Tsukishima was watching Hinata hitting the ball tossed by Kageyama, the latter didn’t get over what happened, but he knew they was the shock duo and they needed to practice together. The tall number 11 was keeping an eye on both, just in case the setter start yelling at Hinata for no reason, which happen faster than he thought. Kageyama missed the toss and Hinata hit the ball in the net. Once again Hinata did nothing wrong, but Kageyama was still blaming him calling him name.

The little decoy was looking at the setter without knowing what do, Kageyama was piss at him once again when it was his fault for not tossing the ball the way it should be.

“WHY CAN’T YOU GET IT RIGHT YOU DUMB…OUCH” yell Kageyama looking around to see where the ball was coming

“I’ll beg his majesty for his forgiveness, the ball mysteriously change trajectory” said Tsukishima approaching Kageyama and Hinata “Maybe it’s time for the King to rest and breath so fresh air.

“You…” replied Kageyama walking away

Hinata was looking at the scene without knowing what to do, even if he was pretty sure Tsukishima did hit Kageyama on purpose. But now the setter had left he couldn’t practice his spike anymore and was wondering what to do. Tsukishima was looking at him, give him a gentle smack behind the head and told him he could still practice his spike with one of the first years. They would be happy to help him. Hinata looking at him rubbing his head, smile and thanks him before going to ask the first year to toss him some ball.

Walking over Yamaguchi, Tsukishima saw his friend was trying to not laugh

“What’s wrong” asked Tsukishima

“I don’t know why but I have the feeling you are digging your own grave” he replied laughing


“Sorry Tsukki” slowly said Yamaguchi turning his back to laugh

Tsukishima couldn’t do anything but sigh, Yamaguchi was right, each time he was helping Hinata, the latter thanks him with a smile. But he didn’t want to continue being Stingyshima either, if he wanted to make Hinata fall for him he needed to show Hinata he was a good guy “Is that really a good idea, do a really want to make him fall in love with me by changing my attitude? But would it be like if I was forcing him, which I don’t want. Again if I change my attitude too much, people around might find that fishy and ask question which will be even worst. Why did I had to fall for him” Tsukishima was lost in his thoughts and didn’t hear Nishinoya yell at him to block the ball. When he opened the eyes he was laying on the floor the first thing he saw was Hinata’s concern look:

“Tsukishima! Are you alright?” he asked taking a step back to let his teammate some room

“I’m. ..alright…I think” replied Tsukishima who was trying to get on his feet

But he was feeling a little bit dizzy from the hit he received, thus he fell back and remains on the floor. Karasuno’s coach approached him and insisted he goes to the infirmary. The middle blocker didn’t want to, but after the coach threaten him to live him on the bench for the next game, he didn’t really have the choice to go. Yamaguchi was about to propose himself to go with his friend when Hinata cut him and said he will go. The tall number 11 looked as best friend hoping he will still come with them, Yamaguchi smile and walk away. He took the hand that was presenting him Hinata and get on his feet with a bit of difficulties and headed for the infirmary with Hinata.

On their way Hinata make sure to tell him that if he wasn’t feeling good and he can still hold on him “Like hell I would do that” thought Tsukishima but instead he replied Hinata was so small he will see no difference between falling on the ground and hold on Hinata. The little number 10 replied Tsukishima was mean and if he was doing that it was because he wanted to thanks him for helping him to revised his lesson and homework after school. Tsukishima was about to say he was sorry for being harsh but bite his tongue and tell Hinata the only reason he was doing it was for the club, if Hinata’s grade were to go bad, Hinata would not be able to practice with him, Karasuno’s needed their decoy. After saying that Tsukishima had some regret but it was probably the best for now. Even if the situation was kind of dangerous, he was still happy Hinata was with him, but he couldn’t tell him that.

Once they arrived at the infirmary, the nurse ask to Tsukishima to laid down and applied ice on his forehead and left the room leaving the two teammate alone together. Hinata was about to take his leave when Tsukishima stopped him. It was an unconscious reflexed, Kei hand was holding back Hinata by his sleeve.

“…Tsukishima?” asked Hinata looking at his teammate confused

“…So…sorry” replied Tsukishima letting go Hinata’s sleeve while looking away

“Guess I will stay until the nurse come back” said Hinata with a smile

“It’s up to you” replied Tsukishima who was still avoiding Hinata’s eyes

They remain in an awkward silence until the nurse came back, then Hinata left Tsukishima and told him they will see each other after the practice. Tsukishima watch Hinata walking away and hope the little decoy didn’t find him weird. His what is subconscious wanted was probably stronger than his conscience, somewhere deep inside him, he wanted Hinata stay with him until the nurse came back.

Hinata was walking back to the gym, he felt kind of relief Tsukishima didn’t send him off soon as they were in the infirmary. The little orange-haired young man felt like something was changing in his teammate, he felt like if he was trying to hide something. Shouyou had noticed his change of attitude toward him. He couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but he knew there was something different about Tsukishima. More Hinata was passing time with him more he felt good in his company. The little decoy wasn’t sure of what it was, but he wanted to know more about his teammate.

When he came back to the gym the team asked about Tsukishima state, Hinata explain the nurse told him it wasn’t necessary to call his parents but she rather keep him in the infirmary just in case. Some first years founded funny Tsukishima and Kageyama accident wasn’t treated the same way. While everyone was worried about Tsukishima, no one seems to really care when the setter received the ball, which hit him harder than the one that hit the middle blocker. Nishinoya explain them if Kageyama wasn’t always angry all the time for stupid reason, maybe they wouldn’t have reacted that way. Yes Kageyama injury was bad but how they can make the difference between him getting angry for the right reasons and him getting angry for no reason when he is always getting angry for nothing. Now it didn’t really matter anymore, what was done was done and they couldn’t change it.

After the practice Hinata and Yamaguchi waited for Tsukishima, when the young man saw the duo waiting for him he told them they could have left without him, Yamaguchi replied Hinata insisted to wait. He didn’t want him to go back home alone when he got hit on the head. Kei sighed and asked Shouyou if he wanted help revised his lesson, but the little decoy quickly replied it he rather see him get more rest, his lesson could wait tomorrow.

Once they parted away, Hinata got on his bike and headed for his home. He began to think about his day and how he got worried when Tsukishima got hit by that ball. Although he was also worried about Kageyama he feel like it wasn’t the same. He got worried about Kageyama first cause he was hoping his teammate wasn’t hurt to badly, but then because he knew the setter would be angry at him even if he wasn’t the one at fault. While the number 9 has the right to be angry, he had a pretty bad black eyes after all, this accident could have been avoided. However when Tsukishima got hit by the ball Hinata wasn’t only worried cause the middle blocker was his teammate, somewhere in him he feel like his was worried like when Natsu get hurt. Hinata was wondering if when he was worrying about his little sister was the same of when he was worried about Tsukishima “Maybe I could ask Suga-senpai” he thought. He didn’t wanted to ask to Tanaka and Nishinoya they wouldn’t be much help and if he ask Ennoshita, he might trouble their new captain which he didn’t wanted to. Hinata decide to call his former vice-captain tomorrow before the practice.

Hinata reached his home and put away his bike, he got welcomed by Natsu who was showing with a drawing of him playing volleyball with Tsukishima.

“Look it’s the tall big brother” said the little girl

“Haha yes you drew me and Tsukishima” said Shouyou patting his little sister’s head

“Will Tsukishima big brother will come back” asked Natsu

“Maybe why? You want him to come back?” asked back Shouyou

“Yes! He seems to really like you” replied the little girl

“Why are you thinking that” asked her big brother

“Dunno, maybe cause of the way he looked at you” said the little girl walking away

Hinata watched his little sister going to the living room with the drawing in her hand.

“Mom!?” said Hinata walking toward the living room

“Oh Shouyou! You are late” said Mrs Hinata

“Sorry I should have call, Tsukishima got a little accident, Yamaguchi and me waited for him” explain Shouyou

“Oh is he okay” asked Mrs Hinata

“Yes.. he is” quickly replied Shouyou “mmm Mom I was wondering something” then asked Shouyou

“What is it? Something’s bothering you? “ she asked

“Hmmm maybe” replied Shouyou to his mother “Does all reflex are action we made because we have to? Like eating or a reflex can be involuntary?”

“Reflex are voluntary, like eating or breathing but also involuntary like when you put your hand in front of you when you fall” replied Mrs Hinata “Why are you asking?”

“Oh it’s nothing” said Shouyou pensively walking away to go to his bedroom

In his room he closed the door behind him and looked at the poster in front of him. The poster made by Yachi, he remembered the way Tsukishima stared at it, like if it was the first time seeing it. He then realize he was particularly nice with him lately. Yes Tsukishima told him he was helping him with his lesson for the sake of the team, but the way the middle blocker acted when he tried to take the highest dinosaur figurine. He could have told him to take one he could reach by himself but no instead he gave it to him and then when he realize the little number 10 was trying to put it back where it was, Tsukishima could have told him to leave it on the desk, he could have take care of it later. And when Tsukishima came outside to get him when Kageyama try to talk to him or when he hit the setter with the ball. Lately each time Hinata was in some kind of trouble Tsukishima was there to help him. But why the sudden change of heart. Last year he was always making fun of him because of his height. Calling him an idiot because of his low grades. Now he was helping him almost like he was watching over him. “But why would he do that?” asked Hinata to himself “Maybe I could ask Suga-senpai to pay us a visit, he always been pretty observant after all”

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