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The Moon Watching Over The Sun – Part 3 (second half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: PG

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

The next day before the classes begin, Hinata sent a message to the former vice-captain of Karasuno’s volleyball team. Sugawara was going to the university at Sendai, thus he wasn’t really far and could maybe come after his classes. The little decoy received the replied during the lunch break. Sugawara agreed to make a visit after his classes, Hinata to hide his excitement, he didn’t want Yamaguchi or Tsukishima asking too many questions. He knew he could have probably asked Yamaguchi, but Hinata was sure the pinch server will not say anything about his best friend without the consent of the latter.

After school, before the practice, Hinata waited for Sugawara at the school entrance.

“Suga-senpai!!” shout Hinata running toward him

“Hinata! Seems energetic as always” replied the former vice-captain

“Haha maybe” said Hinata

“So what’s the matter? Do you have a problem with Kageyama?” asked Sugawara

“No!No! In fact yes but he is not the reason why I asked you to come” quickly replied Hinata “It’s about Tsukishima”

“Tsukishima?” asked Sugawara

“Yes, he seems to had changed a lot lately and I wonder why” shyly said Hinata

“Change?” question Sugawara

“He help me a lot with me lesson, he say it’s for the team sake, but he refused doing it last year, and each time I’m in trouble or need help for something, he is there helping me” explain Hinata

“Oh I see, so you want me to observe and see if he only change his attitude toward you or if he also change it with the other?” asked Sugawara

“…Yes…” replied Hinata looking at his feet

“Haha okay I’ll stay for the practice and if I found something weird, I’ll text you later about it” said Sugawara patting his kouhai back walking toward the gym

Hinata and Sugawara enter the gym and everyone was happy to see their former vice-captain, Suga introduce himself to the first year and explain he was paying them a visit out of curiosity, to see how everyone was going, then the practice began and the one who used to wear the jersey number 2 took place beside the coach.

They decide to make four vs four match to mainly practice their block and received. Takana, Tsukishima, Hinata and Kageyama formed the first team, while Nishinoya and three first year,Hiromu, Murasaki and Aoki, formed the second Yamaguchi had to stay on the bench since he injured himself during his PT class.

The game was doing well until Tsukishima and Hinata failed to block Aoki spike for the third time in a row, due to their height difference, jump in synchronization was harder, but Hinata was trying his best to get it. Kageyama patience toward the little number 10 was slowly fading away. Hinata was sensing it, he feel like if he commit another mistake the setter will yell at him and he was right. Hinata didn’t received well Hiromu’s serve and Kageyama got it on his shoulder, he looked at the little number 10 who was ready to be yell at, but Tsukishima place himself between him and Hinata. The look on Tsukishima’s face was saying everything, yell and I’ll make sure the next ball hit you for good, Kageyama click his tongue and took back his position.

The scene occurred one more time and Sugawara asked to Yachi if it was recent Tsukishima deliberately put himself between Hinata and Kageyama when the latter was about to jump on the little orange-haired boy. Yachi smile and replied she also noticed it, the middle blocked seems to be more protective of the little decoy since the latter injury Kageyama during a practice. She also said she saw them eating together each day and leaving school together too. Yachi told her senpai she was pretty sure Tsukishima was helping Hinata for his homeworks and lessons. Sugawara founded it funny, since the year before Tsukishima didn’t want to help him. Karasuno’s manager laugh and said she actually enjoyed this change of heart and even wondered if it was hiding something else, Sugawa smile at the young lady and said:”Who knows”, while turning back his attention to Tsukishima who was stopping Kageyama to get close to Hinata for the third time.

After the practice, Hinata left with Yamaguchi and Tsukishima, since the practice finished late, Tsukishima couldn’t help Hinata for his lessons, he told him he will pass to see him Sunday, Hinata propose him to sleep over Saturday and they could start revised their lessons then. Shocked by the little decoy proposition, Tsukishima stuttered he will think about it and walk away followed by Yamaguchi.

Once they were alone, the pinch server couldn’t hide the fact he founded the situation really amusing

“Are you planning to decline the offer?” asked Yamaguchi to his best friend with a smile

“…Yamaguchi…” replied Tsukishima without looking at his friend

“Sorry Tsukki…but will you really let this opportunity pass? Plus I’m pretty sure Yachi start to have some doubt, at least she noticed you changed your attitude toward Hinata”

“What do you mean? You hear her” asked Tsukishima who got suddenly curious

“I hear her talking to Suga-senpai” replied Yamaguchi “You know senpai is pretty observant and he noticed right away you changed”

“Now that I think about it, Suga and Hinata came to the gym together” pensively said Tsukishima

“You think Hinata invite him?” question Yamaguchi

“…Maybe..” simply replied the middle blocker who was still thinking

“Do you think Hinata noticed something?”

“….Dunno…” said Tsukishima “I will…accepted his proposition and sleep over at his house and see what happen…I guess it’s the best way to know it”

“Hmmm guess you are right” replied Yamaguchi

The duo walk in silence until they reach their respective house.
Soon as he got inside his home, Tsukishima headed for his room, Hinata’s proposition plus what Yamaguchi told him about what he heard, give him a lot to think about. And if Hinata had noticed what would he do? Confessed or wait Hinata bring out the topic? Tsukishima didn’t knew what to think anymore. He began to feel all his effort to hide his feeling toward his teammate were useless: “Let’s just wait and see what happen this weekend, we are Friday, so tomorrow I will pack my stuff to go sleep at Hinata’s house” he thought before starting to prepare his bag. After he get out of his room tell his parent he will sleep over at Hinata house Saturday, they will revised for upcoming examen, he then go take a warm bath for sleep a bit later.

While Tsukishima was wondering what to do if Hinata had noticed something was off with him, Hinata was sitting on his bed talking to Sugawara through the phone about what he saw today. His senpai told him he indeed noticed Tsukishima’s attitude change, he also said he wasn’t the only one to notice it, Yachi also did. But she wasn’t sure if it was hiding something. When Hinata asked his senpai what he was meaning by that, Suga asked him if there was something else different about Tsukishima

“Hmmm, I have the feeling he doesn’t want to look at me in the eyes, whenever I’m talking to him, he always look away” replied Hinata

“Oh really that’s interesting” said Sugawara “Hinata, next time you are alone with him, try to observe him more”

“Okay that might be tomorrow night and Sunday, since I invited him to sleep over, he wanted to come only Sunday to revised, but I proposed him to come Saturday and pass the night” said Hinata a bit excited

“You invited him only to revise for school?” asked Sugawara curious to know if there was something else

“No…I bought him something to thanks him for helping me, but I figured he would be shy if I gave him at school” answered Hinata

“Oh I see..” said Sugawara “Hinata…let me know who the thing goes after the weekend okay?”

“Hmm okay…Oh I have to go senpai Natsu is calling me” quickly said Hinata before hanging up

Later during the night Hinata was thinking about his conversation about Sugawara, wondering why he seems that interested about how his weekend with Tsukishima will go. “Maybe he saw noticed something and want more information before telling me anything” though Hinata before going to sleep. The last thing he saw before closing his eyes, was the text sent by Tsukishima, telling he will pass the night between Saturday and Sunday over at his house. Hinata was happy Tsukishima had accepted his invitation. The little orange-haired young man, felt in a deep sleep and dream of volleyball and dinosaur.

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