Monday in Music – Steal Your Breath

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Hanamiya Makoto (C.V: Fukuyama Jun)
Type: Character Song

“Steal Your Breath” is one of the two Hanamiya character song that can be found on Character Song SOLO SERIES vol. 14. The song is a rock track with a heavy instrumentals background sound. This type of song suit well to Fukuyama Jun deep voice. Even if I would throw that character from the top of the Empire State Building without parachute, I still really enjoy the song and melody, the bass guitar intro followed by the drum sound so nice to my ears.

The song make reference to one of his abilities which is the Spider Web – Hanamiya’s skill is analyzing the opponents’ passing patterns, swooping in the passing line and stealing the ball – Which he use during his match against Seirins

The dissection is complete, I’ll torture you to death so it’s slowly seeping out
The spider’s web has been finished
Steal your breath, it’s about to begin, it’s about time for it to come into effect
It’s too late even if you notice it
Translation Credit: Kuroko no Basuker Wikia

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