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The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 4 (first half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: PG

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

Hinata woke-up early the next day, even if it was a Saturday, he had club activities, plus he didn’t want to forget to tell his mother Tsukishima will stay over for the night. He quickly dress-up and headed to the kitchen where Mrs Hinata was preparing her son lunch for the day.

“Mom!” said Shouyou once in the kitchen

“Yes, dear?” asked Mrs Hinata giving his son a morning smile

“Tsukishima confirm he will pass the night here” replied Shouyou taking place the table

“Oh really? I will make sure the futon is out before you and you friend are here” said Mrs Hinata

“Okay…Oh do you think you can make another strawberry shortcake? I think Tsukishima really liked it” said Hinata before starting his breakfast

“Sure dear” replied Mrs Hinata with a smile

After he finish his breakfast, Hinata left his house on his bike for the school, on his way he met with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi

“Good morning” he said once next to his teammates

“Morning Hinata” said Yamaguchi

“Do you really need to be that noisy in the morning” asked Tsukishima

“Don’t mind him Hinata, Tsukki didn’t sleep well” explain the pinch server

“…Yamaguchi…” said Tsukishima

“Sorry Tsukki” slowly replied his best friend

“Oh…Do you still want to come to my house tonight? We can still push it back” said Hinata

“Yes I will still come, I told you I will come and I will do it” replied Tsukishima with a sigh

“…If you say so” said Hinata

The trio continue in silence, once there were at the gate, Hinata get off his bike and lock it to the fence while his friend was already heading for the changing room. As soon as they got in the gym, their coach warn them the practice will not last the whole day, his grandfather was in the hospital and he needed to take care of his parent’s store. Hinata worried about the old man ask if was serious, the coach told be no, but his parent still wanted to be by his side.
The practice finished around lunch time, Hinata, Yamaguchi and Tsukishima ate their bento on the school ground before leaving, after the pinch serve took alone the direction of this home, while Tsukishima and Hinata were leaving for Hinata’s home.

Hinata asked the middle blocker if he wanted to get on the bike this time, Tsukishima looked at the bike and told with a smirk Hinata his feet would still touch the ground, the little number 10 replied he could adjust the height of the seat, however the tall number 11 told him he was okay, they just have to take a break, it was still early during the day, the sun was high in the sky, thus they had plenty of time to get to Hinata’s home. Hinata smile at him and then get off his bike to walk beside it.

“Why are you walking” asked Tsukishima once Hinata was walking beside him

“Why I can’t walk?” asked back Hinata

“That’s not it…” sigh Tsukishima

“If you are walking, I don’t see why I should be on by bike” said Hinata looking in front of him

Tsukishima could only sigh at that logic he look at Hinata and told him that only if it was easy to adjust the seat he will get on the bike, the little decoy laugh and adjusted the seat the highest he could to make sure the middle blocker feet didn’t touch the ground, once in was done, Tsukishima and Hinata get on the bike, the little decoy made sure to tell his teammate to hold on his waist to not fall, which Tsukishima reluctantly did. Not that he didn’t really want to do it, it’s just the thought of holding his love interest by the waist made him blushed, at least Hinata wasn’t looking at him.

They arrived at Hinata’s house faster than Tsukishima thought, while Hinata seems a bit more tired, he was still able to talk and walk normally. The orange-haired boy put his bike away and get inside his house followed by his teammate

“Mom! We are home!” shout Shouyou soon as he was inside

“Oh dear! Already, I thought you would be back later” replied Mrs Hinata walking toward his son

“The practice finished earlier” explain Hinata to his mom

“I see…Good afternoon Tsukishima-kun nice to see you again” said Hinata’s mom smiling at the middle blocker

“Good afternoon, Mrs Hinata, thank you to receive me again” replied Tsukishima with a bow

“Do you want to eat something before starting your revision” asked Hinata’s mom to the boys
“Hmmm, Tsukishima, are you hungry?” asked Hinata looking at his teammate

“No, thank you” replied Tsukishima

“Okay then, I will come to see you both later, if you need anything” said Mrs Hinata walking toward the kitchen

“Thank you mom” said Hinata taking the direction of his room

Once they were alone in the room, Hinata saw Tsukishima was still staring at the poster made by Yachi

“Do you want it?” he asked him

“Want what?” asked back Tsukishima

“The poster? The first time you came you were also staring at it” said Hinata

“No…I…don’t…want…it” slowly replied Tsukishima looking away

“You are sure? I can ask Yachi-san for an other one” said Hinata

“Yes, I am” replied Tsukishima looking for somewhere to sit

“Okay, if you don’t want the poster, take that instead” said Hinata taking out a little stuffed dinosaur from plastic bag. “The other day I was shopping with my mom and I saw it, I thought buying it just to take you for the help” explain Hinata with a smile while giving the little dinosaur to Tsukishima

The middle blocker took the plush in his hand it was a brown triceratops, he looked at it and then look at the innocent smile of his teammate in front of him. At that moment he saw himself pinning the small frame of Hinata on the floor and kissing him, that’s what he wanted to do, but he knew he couldn’t, at least not now, he didn’t want to scare him. Instead he thanks him and put the little dinosaur away, he then took out his book at ask Hinata to do the same. After a moment Hinata look at him like if he wanted to ask him something

“You have a question Shouyou?” asked Tsukishima without looking at his teammate

“Shouyou?” asked Hinata

“Ah….Hinata” Tsukishima couldn’t hide the blush this time

“HAHA, it’s okay…you can call me Shouyou if you want, but only if I can call you Kei” replied Hinata with a smile

Tsukishima wasn’t sure about that, even his best friend wasn’t calling him by his first name, but it was probably a step in the good direction for his future with Hinata. Tsukishima agreed to let him call him by his first name, but only when they were alone or with Yamaguchi, when they are at school he had to call him Tsukki like Yamaguchi does. Hinata happily agreed and get back to his mathematic lessons.

While Hinata was busy solving his mathematical problem, Tsukishima was watching him over his glasses. It was the first time he was looking at him carefully, his rosies cheek that was just asking to be poked, his orange hair that look so soft, he wanted to pass his hand through it, stroke them while the little decoy was sleeping beside him. Tsukishima knew he could be dangerous for him to pass the night here, he felt like a wolf in the sheep pen, he wanted to devour him, ravish his small body. However he knew he couldn’t do that, not now at least, even if somewhere inside him something was telling him, that Hinata might know why he had changed that much toward him. “Maybe I should just ask him” he thought “I always assumed he wouldn’t know, but maybe I’m wrong”. Tsukishima was still lost in his thought when he noticed the little brown eyes, peeking through the small opening of the door. It was Natsu, she was back from wherever she was. Upon realizing Tsukishima was looking at the door, Hinata left his head from the paper in front of him and invite his little sister in his room.

“Tall big brother will pass the night here?” asked Natsu sitting on his brother laps

“Yes Tsukki, will pass the night here” replied Hinata poking his sister cheek

“Can we play in the backyard later?” asked Natsu looking at Tsukishima with her big brown eyes

“…Maybe” replied Tsukishima

“Maybe you can play together while I will help mom with the dishes” suggested Hinata

“We can?!” asked again Natsu

“We will” replied Tsukishima who slowly left his hand to pat Natsu head.

“YAY!!” shout the little girl getting up from his brother lap.

Soon as the little girl got out of the room, Hinata laugh looking at Tsukishima. The latter asked him what was wrong and the little decoy replied that his sister seems to be really fond of him. The middle blocker couldn’t help but smile and agree with that statement and then told Hinata to get back to his math problem while patting his head.

When he felt Tsukishima’s hand on his head, Hinata didn’t said anything, he was surprised, but pleasantly surprised. Not only they would now call each other by their first name when they will be alone, but Tsukishima was now physically interacting with him. Hinata liked that, he felt like he had butterfly in him. Even if he wasn’t sure of what it was, he liked that and was hoping it will stay like that.

The pair studied until Hinata’s mom called them for the diner. Since Tsukishima seems to like what they ate the first time he came, she decide to make meat buns again and like the last time she also did a strawberry shortcake, but with more strawberries this time. Once again the middle blocker look at the cake like if it was the most beautiful thing in the world. Hinata smile at the expression his friend was making while looking at the dessert and once again he felt the little butterfly in him. He never really had the chance to see Tsukishima like that and thought his friend should smile more often. After they finished eating, Natsu and Kei was playing in the backyard while Hinata was helping his mom washing the dishes

Tsukishima was pushing the little girl on a swing tied at a tree branch, from where they was, he could perfectly see Hinata in the kitchen. While he was watching over the little decoy, he hear Natsu giggling

“Why are you laughing” he asked to the little girl on the swing

“Tsukki big brother seems to really like big brother” replied Natsu

“Why are you thinking that little one” asked Tsukishima curious of the answer he will get

“You always looking at him when he is not looking and when he smile at you, you look away and your cheek become all red” explain the little girl

Tsukishima couldn’t believe what he just heard, Natsu, Hinata’s little sister actually noticed the when he was looking at her big brother. He was a bit taken aback by that and didn’t knew what to think

“But you know, I think my big brother like you too” said the little girl

“Why?” asked Tsukishima who stopped moving the swing

“Cause, now big brother look at you the same way you look at him explain the little girl who began to move the swing by herself.

At the moment Natsu said those word, Tsukishima lift his head and look in the direction of Hinata who was still in the kitchen. Both of them lock eyes and look away immediately to continue what they were doing.

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