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The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 4 (second half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: PG

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

After he finished helping his mom, Hinata, join his little sister and Tsukishima outside, soon as he got next to them, the little girl run inside while giggling. Hinata looked at her wondering what was wrong with her. The little number 10 was about to propose Tsukishima to get back to his room when the latter asked him to go for a walk. Hinata agree even if he was a bit nervous.

Hinata and Tsukishima walk a bit and stop by a park near Hinata’s home. They were alone, only the moon high in the sky was watching them, in fact it was the only light around, the street light wasn’t strong enough to light up the old park. The pair sit in silence on a wooden bench. An awkward silence none of them knew how to break. Hinata could feel Tsukishima was nervous as he was. Tsukishima was the first to break up the silence, taking a long breath he slowly turn his head toward Hinata

“Shou…you…hmmmm…” he slowly said looking his word

“Yes…Kei” asked Hinata who couldn’t hide his pleasure to hear his friend calling him by his first name

“Hmmm you know, I didn’t tell you the truth” began to say Tsukishima while closing his eyes, the reason why I help you wasn’t totally for the club sake, it was more cause I wanted to pass time with you, lately each time you look at me…”

Tsukishima couldn’t finish what he was saying, he just suddenly felt Hinata soft lips on his. Hinata didn’t really think before kissing Tsukishima, he just felt the need to do. When he realize the middle blocker wasn’t pushing him away, he knew it was the right thing to do. He liked being so close to him, sensing his cold lips against his. He wasn’t sure before, but now Hinata was certain the butterfly he felt earlier was cause by this feeling he didn’t quite noticed right way. He liked being with Tsukishima and he wanted to be more than a simple friend.

Due the surprise, he opened his eyes, however seeing Hinata’s eyes were still close, he also decide to keep his eyes closed, he didn’t want to push him away, he didn’t want to break the magic. The middle blocker slowly get his arm around Hinata’s waist to bring him closer. When he open his eyes for the second time, Hinata was shyly smiling at him

“Sometimes action are better than word” shyly said Hinata blushing

“You are right” replied Tsukishima who lean toward Hinata to kiss him again.

When they broke the kiss Hinata was smiling at him and pass his arm around his neck to bury his face in Tsukishima chest, he felt so happy he thought his heart would explode. He felt Tsukishima arm around him, to bring him closer than he already was. He felt the middle blocker heart beat, it was a soothing sensation. Now they both now there were sharing the same feeling, they could pass to the second step, dating while making sure no one noticed it, “I just hope it would be easier than hiding my feelings” thought Tsukishima while kissing his new boyfriend cheek.

After a few moment the new couple decide it was time to get back to Hinata’s house holding hands, both were wondering what they should do next, none of them have thought about how people would react when they happen to know it. They knew they will to keep their relationship secret as long as the could. Hinata asked Tsukishima if Yamaguchi knew about it

“Yamaguchi know that I have feeling for you” simply replied Tsukishima “Does it matter?”

“No…it doesn’t matter, it fact, I’m pretty sure you didn’t have to tell him” replied Hinata remembering how the pinch server was acting lately.

Back home, Hinata and Tsukishima returned to Hinata’s room to continue their studies. When they got in the room, the futon was already set with the blanket nicely tucked under.

“Are you really planning to sleep on the floor?” asked Hinata “My bed is big enough for the two of us”

“And what your mom will say if she find us?” asked Tsukishima who didn’t want to get caught on their first night

“Don’t worry, my mom will not caugh us” said Hinata with a smile

Tsukishima looked at his new-found boyfriend, sigh and agree only if Hinata didn’t move too much, if he receive only one kick he will sleep on the futon. Hinata promise to not move and sit next to his little study table to open his english book. Tsukishima helped Hinata to get through his english homework and gave him some trick to remember some word for his upcoming test. Later the time to get their bath come, while Hinata try to convince Tsukishima to take his bath with him, the latter refused stating it was too early in their relation for that. The middle blocker took note to never forget how straight forward his boyfriend could be. After they each took their baths, they began to revised their science lesson, but seeing how Hinata was falling asleep in his book, Tsukishima decide it was time to get to bed.

Before getting under the blanket, Hinata quickly wished good night to his parents and little sister and came back to his room. He slid under the blanket next to Tsukishima who seems to already be sleeping. Hinata was about to poked his boyfriend cheek to see if he was already sleeping, but the latter grabbed his wrist before and pull him closer to hug him. Hinata buried his face in his boyfriend chest and quickly felt asleep, soothed by Tsukishima breathing.

The next morning, when Hinata opened his eyes, he saw Tsukishima who was still soundly asleep beside him. He smile and kiss the tip of Kei’s nose, the latter brush off his nose which make Shouyou giggle. Hearing his boyfriend laughing, Tsukishima opened his eyes and saw Hinata smiling next to him. The little orange-haired got closer rubbed his nose against his, leave a quick kiss on his cheek

“Good morning sleepy head” said Hinata leaving a kiss on Tsukishima’s lips this time.

“Morning” mumbled Tsukishima who was looking for his glasses

“Sleep well?” asked Hinata who was now sitting on the bed

“I guess since I still in the bed with you” replied Tsukishima who had spotted his glasses on the study table.

Tsukishima get out of the bed to get his glasses, then came back and sit next to Hinata.

“You, you sleep well?” softly asked Tsukishima leaving a kiss on his boyfriend forehead

“Of course, you were next to me” replied Hinata with a smile

Tsukishima smile back and look toward the door, he was hearing noises coming from the kitchen. Hinata tell him that was probably his mother in the kitchen preparing breakfast. He was smelling the scent of fresh pancake. His mother always tend to make pancake for breakfast when they had guest. The smell make Tsukishima realize he was getting hungry, the newly couple decide to get dress and after leave the comfort of the room for the kitchen, where Mrs Hinata was indeed making pancakes like Shouyou had guessed. A stack of the delicious flat cake was waiting to be eaten in the center of the table.

Hinata and Tsukishima took place next to each other at the table. The orange-haired young man asked to his boyfriend how many pancake he wanted and serve him. They added fruits and pour syrup over it. Tsukishima thought this Sunday morning at Hinata’s house was livelier than what he was used to see in his own home. While Natsu was begging to have more syrup on her flat cake and Hinata was telling her she had already enough, it was almost overflowing from her plate, over at Tsukishima’s house, the morning would have been quiet, mrs Tsukishima would have probably asked her sons their plan of the day, while they were eating in silence on their side of the table. After, Akiteru would have left to work when Kei would have locked himself in his room until Yamaguchi come to make him practice his serve or whatever other volleyball related technique. Seeing this unusual morning scene, Tsukishima almost regret the year where he was growing apart from his big brother. They might be living in the same house, but unlike Shouyou and his little sister they didn’t talk much. Kei knew Akiteru at least try to gain those year back, but the only thing he could get from his little brother was mono word replied. Tsukishima was brought back to the present moment when he heard his name, Natsu wanted little berries but the bowl was closer to the middle blocker and she couldn’t reach it. Normally Tsukishima would just have push the bowl, but this time he get up from his seat to serve the little girl who smile at him.

After the breakfast, Hinata and Tsukishima fold the blanket and the futon to make more space in Hinata’s room and both boys installed themselves to the study table to continue where they had left yesterday, but this time they were closer to each other. We could almost say Hinata was sitting on Tsukishima, which the latter didn’t really mind, he was more there to help his boyfriend with his lesson. Kei was looking over Shouyou shoulder to see if he was getting the answer right and when he spotted a mistake he pointed it out right away. The only time they had to move away from each other it’s when Mrs Hinata brought them sandwiches for their lunch.

After finishing their meals, the boys headed outside to play with Natsu. Tsukishima would have never thought he would actually enjoyed passing so much time with Hinata’s family. Then came the time for the middle blocker to leave. The was packing his stuff in his bag under the watch of Hinata who was wearing a sad expression. He wanted his boyfriend to stay one more night. But Tsukishima replied they had school and proposed him to come pass the next weekend with him. Hinata happily agreed before hugging Him by the neck asking for last kiss before he leaves.

Both were happy by the turn of event. Soon as Tsukishima left Hinata made a point to call Sugawara to tell him how is weekend was. Hinata was excited enough that he didn’t had to tell the former vice-captain of Karasuno what actually happen. Tsukishima did pretty much the same thing when he got home, he was just a bit less exicted than Hinata. He called his bestfriend and make him promise to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t want the whole school to know it. Yamaguchi promised him to not talk, but warn him some people like Yachi would probably realize it by themselves. Tsukishima replied he will deal with that when the time come.

Soon after hanging-up with Yamaguchi, Tsukishima receive a called from Hinata, the latter just wanted to heard his voice before going to sleep. Kei smile hearing that, he thought his boyfriend was really adorable yet a bit silly. He told him to look under the pillow on his bed. Tsukishima had left his hoodie thinking Hinata would most probably missed him. Kei could hear the joy in Shouyou voice when he saw the piece of clothing and state he will sleep with it. Not long after they wished each other goodnight.

Shouyou couldn’t wait to be Monday and get to school just to be we Tsukishima again. Same could be applied to the middle blocker who was tightly holding the plush Hinata had gave him.

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