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The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Final Part (first half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: NSFW

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

Sunday come and Tsukishima’s family left in the morning, right after the breakfast. Around noon, the middle blocker saw Hinata’s parent car coming, Hinata was there for the week and Tsukishima began to be nervous. Tsukishima opened the door and Hinata assured his mom he will call if there is anything before giving her a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

As soon as they saw the car leaving, the young couple close the door. Tsukishima carried Hinata’s bag in his room while asking Hinata to wait for him in the living room. He knew he would have to tell him the reason why he invited him over. He couldn’t jump on him without any warning.

Tsukishima came back to the living room and sit beside Hinata. He passed his arm around his waist and pulled him closer, close enough that Hinata had to sit on him. He rubbed his nose against Hinata nape and kiss it. Hinata could feel Tsukishima heartbeat racing on his back. He knew he was nervous, but wait for him to talk. The middle blocker took a deep breath and ask his boyfriend if he knew why he invited him for the week.

“I think I know why” answered Hinata.

“Really?” asked Tsukishima.

“Yes…it’s been around five months we are dating and you think it’s time for us to have sex” answered Hinata blushing.

“So you knew” slowly said Tsukishima kissing him on the neck.

“Yes…I was wondering when we will do it for the first time, when you told me your parents and brother were leaving, I thought it would be the right time to do it” said Hinata twisting his neck to look at his boyfriend.

“You are more intelligent than you look” said Tsukishima with a smirk before kissing Hinata in the lips “But it will have to wait tonight, cause for now I have to see what you have left to do for your work.

Hinata get up from Tsukishima laps and told him he didn’t had much to do, only math and science. Tsukishima replied he will still give a look to his other homeworks before. While Hinata was correcting his mistakes in his History work,Tsukishima look for more information on the Web, just in case something happen with the condom.

Diner time came, Tsukishima warmed up what his mother had left for them for tonight. After cleaning the dishes they walk back to Tsukishima room to let Hinata finish is mathematics homework, the other will have to wait tomorrow. Soon as Hinata had finished to put his stuff away. Tsukishima who was sitting on his bed the back against the wall asked his boyfriend to come sit with him.

Hinata sit between his boyfriend long legs and Tsukishima passed his arm around him, kissing him on the neck. “Ready?” he whispered to Hinata. The latter replied he was, even if he was nervous. “Don’t worry, I am too” replied Tsukishima laying Hinata on the bed to kiss him.

It was probably the longest kiss they ever share, soon after it was broken, Tsukishima propose to Hinata to remove their clothes while removing his glasses to put them on the night table. It didn’t took long before both were naked, back on the bed. Tsukishima was laying on top of Hinata his right arm behind his boyfriend back, he was kissing him on the neck, following the shoulder line. He felt Hinata shivering, he looked at him and ask if he was cold, the little orange-haired replied he was just nervous and excited, Tsukishima smile and continue what he was doing.

He was going lower on Hinata’s body, playing with Hinata’s hard nipples, he was hearing his boyfriend calling his name. Tsukishima wanted to hear him more. He continue lower, until his intimate part. He look at Hinata dick, took it in his hand and stroke it. He never thought, during his 17 years of life, he would had sex with another guy, he would have never thought, sucking on and another dick, but now he was doing it and wasn’t planning to stop anytime soon.

More Tsukishima was sucking on Hinata’s cock, more Hinata was calling out his name. Hinata never thought he would like that sensation that much. He wanted more, he wanted to feel the weight of Tsukishima body on his small frame. Hinata run his fingers across Tsukishima blond hair arching his back. “Kei…” he said. Tsukishima looked at him and feel like Hinata was close to come. He stop doing what he was doing sit on the bed in front of Hinata.

“You gonna have to do the same” shyly said Tsukishima.

“Okay…” replied Hinata kneeling on the bed in front of Tsukishima.

Hinata gently took his boyfriend dick and start stroking it with an up and down motion. He licked the tip, kiss it before putting it in his mouth.

While Hinata was giving him a head, Tsukishima run his hand on his back up to his butthole. “It might hurt a bit” he warn Hinata “So don’t clench your teeth” he added before putting one of his finger in Hinata butthole. Surprise Hinata let out a little squeal, but soon continue sucking on Tsukishima’s cock.

Tsukishima was pulling in and out his one finger, when he felt the skin around it was becoming softer, he put a second one and did the same thing then he put a last one. He figured three will be enough to stretch Hinata’s butthole. It took some time to time to the skin around Hinata’s butthole to relax enough to let Tsukishima think he was ready. But, soon as he felt Hinata was ready to be penetrated. He told the little orange head to stop sucking on his dick and reach out the first drawer of his desk to take a condom box. He took a little pocket and tear the top. He was about to unroll it when Hinata ask to let him to it. Tsukishima agreed and watch Hinata unrolling the rubber on the really hard cock.

He then asked to Hinata to suck on his cock against to make it more slippery. Tsukishima could had spit in his hand, but he like the feeling of Hinata’s lips around his dick. Once he judge it was enough. He gently ask to Hinata to lay on his back and raised his pelvis while spreading his legs. Tsukishima kneel between Hinata’s legs and lift him a bit more. He held his cock against Hinata butthole and pressed to push it. Doing it he make Hinata promise that if he could bear with the pain to tell him. He didn’t want to hurt his boyfriend. Hinata agreed and tell him to continue pushing.

It took a certain amount of time before Tsukishima cock was all pushed inside Hinata, the hardest was to make the head passed, but once that was done, he becomes easier to do.

It felt so warm inside Hinata, Tsukishima wanted to stay like that, for the longest time possible. He didn’t want to move, just stay inside the one he loved, was enough.

Hinata was a bit in pain, but it was bearable, he just ask to Tsukishima to wait before moving. When he got used to feel Tsukishima in him he gave him the green light to move.

Tsukishima gently thrust in Hinata, slowly pulling in and out his cock, each time he was moving, he could hear his boyfriend moaning his name and he liked that, but he also wanted to hear him scream it. Gradually Tsukishima began thrusting faster in Hinata. The latter was arching small body, letting out louder moans, moans that soon turn into scream. Hinata start to ask for more, he was telling Tsukishima how much he loved him. The middle blocker was pleased and continue to thrust faster and faster. Faster Tsukishima was moving, louder Hinata screams was, he soon felt Hinata’s butthole squeezing his cock, it became tighter, he loved the sensation and he could tell by the scream of pleasure, Hinata like that too.

Tsukishima was on top of Hinata, thrusting in his lover body, Hinata was still saying his name out loud, arching his back, gripping the sheet under him, his butthole became even more tighter, Tsukishima felt like he was hitting the good spot, soon he also felt his cock becoming bigger, Hinata felt it too “Kei….so big…” was the only thing he could say. Both were about to reach their limit, both were about to cum.

With a last thrust, Tsukishima call out Hinata’s name, while Hinata was screaming Tsukishima’s name. He then felt his semens filling the empty space in the tip of the condom and felt Hinata’s cum running down his cock. It was translucide and sticky, but the middle blocker didn’t care. He had made sex with his boyfriend and he was delight.

Before slowly laying down beside Hinata, Tsukishima remove the condom full of semens, knot it and throw it in the garbage bin beside his study desk, keeping in mind he had to hide it before his parent came back. In fact he would probably have to find a way to throw all the condom he gonna use during the week without his parent finding them.

Both were taking back their breath. Hinata turn his head toward Tsushima and move to make his head rest on his lover chest. He was feeling it raising and lowering following Tsukishima’s breath. Hinata felt exhausted, even more tired than after their match against Shiratorizawa.

Hinata and Tsukishima were now relaxed, Hinata was about to fell asleep when his boyfriend gently move him, telling him they should go take a good bath.

“Can you move?” ask Tsukishima to his boyfriend “I can carry you”.

“Hmmm I should be able to walk, if not you will be there” said Hinata.

“Of course” replied Tsukishima kissing Hinata forehead before helping him to get out of the love nest.

Hinata painfully walk to the bathroom with the help of his boyfriend, his hips were hurting, halfway he shyly asked Tsukishima to carry him to the bathroom, which the middle blocker did with a smile.

In the bathroom, Tsukishima sit Hinata on the stool and proceed to wash him carefully.

“Are you okay?” gently ask Tsukishima to Hinata.

“Yes..” replied Hinata looking at his boyfriend with a smile. He then lean backward and pressed his back against Tsukishima chest.

Tsukishima finished washing Hinata and help him to enter the bathtub, he then quickly wash himself before joining him in the warm water.

Hinata was sitting in front of Tsukishima, between the leg of the middle blocker, the latter passed his arms around him, resting his head on his shoulder, leaving soft kisses on his neck.

“So how are you feeling now?” slowly asked Tsukishima rubbing his nose against Hinata’s neck.

“I’m okay…” shyly replied Hinata pressing his small body against the tall body of Tsukishima.

“Was it good” asked Tsukishima.

“Yes” quickly replied Hinata whom had slightly twisted his torso to look at his boyfriend “Will we do it again…this week” then asked Hinata.

“That’s the plan” replied Tsukishima.

“Then it’s a great plan” simply replied Hinata smiling, taking back his initial position.

Tsukishima smile rubbed his nose against Hinata’s nape, close his eyes and pray the Gods this moment last forever.

After the bath, back to Tsukishima’s room, the middle blocker proceed to massage, Hinata’s back and hips to help to make the pain go away. Under his boyfriend soft touch, Hinata slowly felt asleep. Not long after, Tsukishima laid beside him, hugged him and closed his eyes. Hinata slept in his boyfriend arms the whole night.

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