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The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 5 (first half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: NSFW

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

The next day Hinata meet up with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi on a corner of a street. When the little number 10 saw his boyfriend he could help but shout is first name.

“Kei!!” scream Hinata after seeing his boyfriend.

Yamaguchi looked at him with a smirk “Kei….?”

“Don’t asked” simply replied Tsukishima with a gentle smile looking at his boyfriend coming toward them.

Yamaguchi could see the change in Tsukishima voice and attitude, he was softer and he thought dating Hinata was probably the best thing that could happen to that cold-minded young man.

Soon as Tsukishima and Hinata was next to each other, the young couple share a sweet kiss, almost forgetting Yamaguchi presence. Upon realizing it, they looked at him and blushed. Yamaguchi laugh and tell them to not mind him, but to be careful once they will get to school, Tsukishima replied he didn’t have to worry about that.

Once the arrived at school Tsukishima waited for Hinata who put his bike away and the trio walk together in the school. Maybe it’s was his longing to see his boyfriend, but Hinata felt the day passing really slowly. He couldn’t wait for lunch time to come. While he would normally sit beside Yamaguchi during their lunch break, this time Hinata sit beside Tsukishima. Yamaguchi was witnessing something he would never thought would happen. He always knew Tsukishima being cold and rational, but now his best friend was smile more and seems less tense. The middle blocker was still sighing when Hinata was talking to quickly or was too excited but he didn’t brush him off.

After the lunch break they return to their respective classroom and impatiently wait for the practice. Tsukishima shown himself a bit more protective even if he tried to hide it. The other members of the club weren’t even surprised to hear Hinata calling him “Tsukki” they just assumed they were now close friend, since they seems to pass a lot of time together lately.

The days passed and people didn’t seems to question their relation even if was clear Hinata and Tsukishima was seeing each other more than needed. Hinata was sleep over at Tsukishima’s house a weekend and the next one it was Tsukishima turn to sleep at Hinata’s house. The reason was always the same, it was to help Hinata to revised for the sake of the team. To prove what they were saying, Hinata’s grade went up and had more score in the double-digit.

Their first month of relationship passes and no one was asking anything. Hinata’s grade were good, people knew it was because Tsukishima was helping him. But a rumor started soon to run, apparently Tsukishima was dating someone and they were wondering if he would continue to pass time with the little number 10 as much as before.

The rumor start off with Tanaka talking to Nishinoya. The vice-captain said to the tiny libero he heard Tsukishima and Yamaguchi talking about a practice. The pinch server was asking his best friend if it was who was going to “Who know who” house or if it was that person who was coming over. Tsukishima replied it was his time to go and he added he started to think he might always go sleep to that person since there was a bigger bed and he rather that. He explain his own bed was too small for both of them, even if they tend to sleep into each other arms. Tanaka told Nishinoya he wanted to ask Tsukishima what it was about but Hinata arrived and he decide to not ask in case the little decoy wasn’t aware he might lose his private teacher soon, he didn’t want to trouble him, Hinata had already pass some weekend at Tsukishima house, so he might get disappointed it he realize it will not happen anymore due to the fact Tsukishima was dating someone . After the wing spiker and the libero agreed to not talk about that during the practice. However, even if they agreed to not talk about it in front of Hinata , they couldn’t help but speak about it to the other member of the club and soon then the rumor start to run in the hallway of the school, but everyone made sure Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Hinata wasn’t aware of the rumors going around.

The first month pass, then a second and a third. Summer vacation was drawing near and Karasuno’s male volleyball team received an invitation from Nekoma to join them with Fukurodani for a summer camp. Takeda sensei gladly accepted the offer. Last time they were invited to a similar activities, Karasuno’s boys learn a lot.

When they arrived, they got the surprise to see the formers captains of Nekoma and Fukurodani, Kuroo Tetsurou and Bokuto Koutarou. While both young men were quite happy to see Tsukishima, the latter didn’t share their joy. He knew he will get trouble with them. They will probably question him on how’s his life since the last time they saw each other’s and would probably noticed Hinata pass a lot of time with him. The middle blocker was already thinking of an answer to give them if they ask. So far the reason he gave everyone was still passing but those two were more clever than the appear and Tsukishima wasn’t sure they will buy it. But for now Kuroo and Bokuto were more busy harassing Ennoshita with their questions since he was the new captain and give him advises even if the new captain was still in contact with Karasuno’s former captain Sawamura Daichi in case he had question.

Each day was the same, the teams members were getting up early in the morning, eat their breakfast all together, have practice match and penalties for the losing team, lunch time, more practice match, diner and individuals training until the bath time with the curfew at 10pm. While Hinata was passing a lot of time with Bokuto and Kenma, Tsukishima was passing his time with Kuroo and Lev without losing sight on his boyfriend.

Maybe it was because last year he never really paid attention to it, but Tsukki quickly realized how friendly Kenma and Hinata were with each other. Kenma was even calling him by his first name. In the beginning he didn’t really minded, but after three days, he started to get slightly annoyed by that. Tsukishima wasn’t even using Hinata first name in front of other, so why that guy from another school was using it. A part of him wanted to go see Hinata now and talk to him about it, but then if he was doing it people will start asking question and get suspicious. Therefore Tsukishima decide to put that aside for the moment and wait to talk to his boyfriend alone and he made sure it will happen.

Due to the size of the bath only 6 people could take their bath at the same time in the end only two were left to take their bath. Normally Tsukki will be the last to take his bath with Yamaguchi, but since he needed to talk to his boyfriend, he secretly made Yamaguchi understand he wanted to take his bath with Hinata.

Once the bath time came Yamaguchi took part of a group with only first years. At least those newbies will not find weird if Yamaguchi doesn’t take his bath in the same time as Tsukishima. Right after them the middle blocker and his boyfriend took their bath, for the first time together, Tsukishima had to reassure Hinata more than once, he had to tell him it was okay, he was the one who wanted that.

“Really?” asked Hinata blushing.

“Yes…I…will…wash your back” slowly said Tsukishima.

“Okay…” said Hinata removing his shirt.

Both were nervous it was the first time they would see each other naked and they were wondering who the other would react. After removing his t-shirt, Tsukishima smile seeing Hinata struggling get off his own shirt “I’m dating a toddler” though the middle blocker, walking toward his boyfriend to help him.

“Lift your arms” said Tsukishima to Hinata while trying to not laugh.

Hinata did what his boyfriend told him without asking question. He felt Tsukishima hand passing under his t-shirt, his long finger was softly touching his skin. Hinata giggle and said it was tickling, Tsukishima sighed and lift Hinata’s shirt to remove it. Once the little decoy head had pass through the collar, he shook his head to place his hair. Hinata look at Tsukishima in the eyes and place his arms around his boyfriend waist. Tsukishima smile and tilted his head forward to reach the soft lips of Hinata who was just asking to be kissed.

They were alone in the bathroom and they were the last to take their bath. Tsukishima thought they could maybe take their time a bit more.

Hinata felt Tsukishima tongue passing his lips he nervously did the same, their tongue slowly tangled together until Hinata had difficulties to breath. Tsukishima laugh a little, kiss his forehead and get fully undressed. He was soon followed by Hinata who was planning to enroll a towel around his waist, but Tsukishima took it from his hand saying he will need to get used to be seen naked by him. They were dating after all. Hinata smile and blushed before asking Tsukishima to sit on the little stool.

Hinata soaked a sponge a water and soap and proceed to rub his boyfriend back. He didn’t want to rub to hard to not hurt him. He did it gently, making sure the water didn’t get cold. After Tsukishima rubbed Hinata’s back, leaving kiss on his neck, then both get into the warm water of the tub.

Hinata was sitting next to Tsukishima, he first wanted to sit in between his boyfriend long leg, but changed his mind, not knowing how Kei would react. His rest his head on his shoulder while playing with the long finger of his boyfriend. He closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep when Tsukishima clear out his throat.

“Say…Shouyou does that Nekoma setter always call you by your first name” he asked to Hinata.

“Yes we are friend” replied Hinata wondering why Tsukishima was asking him that “He was already doing it last year, I call him by his first name too”.

“Oh I see…” simply replied Tsukishima looking at the water.

“…Are you….jealous?” question Hinata.

“…..I just found you were both really friendly to each other and….that guy seems happier when you are around” answered Tsukishima.

“Ha! Ha! You silly… yes we call each other by our first name, yes we are friendly to each other, friend are supposed to be friendly to each other, but the one with who I will sleep each weekend when we will get back to Torono is you. You are the one I will call before going to sleep just to hear your voice and you are the one I will kiss right now” said Hinata before stretching his neck to reach his boyfriend thin lips. “You being jealous of Kenma is like if I was jealous of Yamaguchi” he added before kissing him again.

Tsukishima sigh and felt embarrassed for being jealous. He passed his arm around Hinata’s shoulder to bring him closer and whispered to his ear he was sorry. Hinata laugh saying it was almost happy to see him jealous of his friendship with someone else.

“That’s mean you care about me” he said kissing him again.

“Of course, if I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t dating you” replied Tsukishima kissing him back before getting out of the water.

The young couple get back to their room where everyone were already asleep. Tsukishima took this opportunity to kiss Hinata one last time before walking to his bed.

Before falling asleep, they were both thinking about the same thing. Both wanted to touch the other more, feel the soft skin of the love one under their fingertips. Kiss, being more passionate with their relationship. Both wanted to own the other for a night or more. For the first time since the beginning of their relationship they were thinking about having sex.

But how two boys have sex, while Tsukishima had a slight idea, Hinata was clueless on the subject. Tsukishima was wondering if he could do some research beforehand, it’s not like if he could ask someone advises, one thing was sure is that he need condom, again how he will get that? Maybe he could ask his big brother to buy them. Anyway they weren’t there yet, even if both was hoping it will come soon.

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