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The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 5 (second half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima x Hinata
Rating: NSFW

~ Summary ~

After one of Hinata’s spike accidentally hit Kageyama, Hinata began to pass more and more time with Tsukishima, who slowly began to fall for the little orange-haired boy. This story contains 6 parts, due to the length of each part, I will divide each part in two.

The days were passing and the end of the summer camp was becoming closer. Each team were still practicing as hard as ever, continually learning new thing from the other teams.

One evening after the diner, Hinata was practicing his spike with Akaashi and Kenma while Bokuto, Kuroo and Tsukishima were sitting outside the gym. The former captains were talking about their daily life in the university when suddenly Kuroo asked Tsukishima how was his love life.

“So I heard you was dating someone for some month now…did you have sex with her?” asked Kuroo.

Tsukishima who was drinking water spit it out, from all the question he didn’t want to be asked was that one.

“I will take that as a no” said Kuroo laughing.

“Never had sex…let me give you some advises” added Bokuto.

“Don’t think it will be the same” said Kuroo looking at his friend.

“Sex is sex it’s work the same way, no matter with who and how you do it” replied Bokuto to Kuroo before looking at Tsukishima in the eyes “First came sure you have enough condom, believe me more you have better it is, it’s really not good is you don’t have enough believe me, I know someone who got angry when I came inside. After make sure you to prepare the person who will receive you well, foreplay are really important, REALLY important too don’t forget that step it will help to set the mood. To prepare your significant other, use your fingers, that’s what I do and that what work the best, even if sometimes sex toy can come handy. After when you will be sure you can put your thing in, it’s easy to know it will become softer, you pressed your cock against where it should go and push. You’ll see, if you prepare the other well it will just slide in, but I would still suggest to you some kind of lubricant Vaseline can do the work, but saliva too, so I spit in my hand and rub in on my cock, unless the person with who you are like giving blow job. .. shhh don’t tell him I told you that but Akaashi like giving me a head before I fuck him”.

“Akaashi…?” asked Tsukishima confused.

“Yes that stupid Owl is dating the brand new Fukurodani captain” explain Kuroo pointing at the setter who was ready to toss the ball to Hinata.

“I really don’t see the matter? You are dating a cute little kitty no?” asked Bokuto to Kuroo.

“A cute little kitty? What the hell you are talking about?” asked Kuroo to his friend.

“The cute little kitty over there” said Bokuto pointing Kenma.

“Ken…you stupid idiot, he is my best friend for fuck sake, I’m not dating him, if he ever date someone it will be his new portable console” replied Kuroo with a sigh.

“Oh! Ho! You are not dating? I was sure you were…” slowly said Bokuto

“No…we…are..not” replied Kuroo even slower.

Before Bokuto could replied anything, he received a ball head the head, ball send by Akaashi.

“Bokuto stop disturbing Tsukishima and come to practice, when you are disturbing him, you are troubling someone else” coldly said Akaashi pulling Bokuto by the collar.

“Thanks Akaashi…that idiot just traumatized Tsukki” said Kuroo laughing while getting up and walking inside the gym.

Tsukishima was left alone outside with his thoughts. He didn’t really wanted to know Bokuto sex life, he didn’t really wanted advises from him, but he had to admit he might become useful later. He finally got up and joined all the other in the gym, he gave a brief look at Hinata who smile at him before turning his attention to Kenma and Akaashi.

One the final day of the training camp, the coach organized a bbq like the first time they meet to reward them for their hard work. It was a nice day, the sun was out without any cloud in the sky. People were having fun, talking about what the would do for what was left of summer day. Most of them were planning finishing their summer work, while Tsukishima had another idea in mind, his parents and brother would be leaving for a week or more, maybe he could invite Hinata to pass a whole week with him and have their first time during that week. Tsukishima idea seems right to him, now he just needed to ask his brother to buy him condom, which will not be an easy task.

Summer training camp over, Karasuno left Tokyo behind to go back to their hometown Torono.

When Tsukishima came back to his house, he knew he had to quickly asked his brother, because the time between his arrival and his parents and brother departure was short. He was just hoping Akiteru will not ask too many question, it was already embarrassing enough to ask him that.

He knocked on his brother room door and wait for an answer.

“Yes…?” asked Akiteru from the other side of the door.

“Hmmm it’s me…Kei, I want to talk to you” replied Tsukishima.

“Oh! Come in” quickly said Akiteru opening the door “What is it?” he then ask once is little brother was in his room.

“I have a favor to ask you” slowly said Tsukishima looking at his feet.

“Okay…what is it” asked Akiteru wondering why his brother seems to be shy.

“Hmmm I need you to buy something for me” replied Tsukishima who couldn’t look his brother in the eyes.

“What is it?” asked Akiteru.

“Hmmmm… condoms….”said Tsukishima who was embarrassed to ask his brother to buy him something he needed for his private needs.

“Sorry?” asked Akiteru “You want me to buy you condom?” he added to be sure he was hearing the right thing.

“Yes….and maybe more than one boxes” said Tsukishima remembering what Bokuto had told him.

“But for…what” asked Akiteru.

“Do I really need to say it” replied Tsukishima who was now looking his big brother in the eyes “I will give you the money”.

Akiteru sigh confused and told him to never mind the money, he will buy it for him. He then ask to Tsukishima for when he needed that, Tsukishima replied before he left with their parents. Akiteru didn’t ask for more and assured his little brother he will buy the condom tomorrow. Tsukishima thanks his brother and leave the room relief. Now he had to call Hinata and ask him if he could come over his house during the time his parent and brother wasn’t there.

“You are sure I can come for a whole week?” asked Hinata over the phone after hearing his boyfriend request.

“If I ask you, then yes I’m sure, if you are worried about your summer homework, you can still finish them when we will be together” said Tsukishima.

“If you are sure I will not trouble you, I will come pass the week with you Kei” replied Hinata.

“Don’t worry Shouyou, I’m positively sure I want to pass the whole week with you” assured Tsukishima.

“Okay…when I can come over?” asked Hinata.

“My parents and Akiteru are leaving on Sunday morning, so you can come later that day” replied Tsukishima.

“Okay, see you Sunday then” said Hinata excited to pass the whole week alone with his boyfriend.

“See you Sunday” replied Tsukishima before hanging up.

Saying Hinata would come to finish his summer homeworks, was the perfect reason to give if people ask. They could still practice volleyball at the community center close to Tsukishima house and hang out with Yamaguchi. Since he knew there was a possibility it didn’t happen on the first day, he needed to think of something to do, plus they will not have sex all day, thus he had to find some other activities to do.

After talking to Hinata on the phone, he texted Yamaguchi to let him know, Hinata will pass the week at his house to finish his work. He knew his bestfriend would probably guess the real reason so he didn’t bother to tell him more.

Once Tsukishima was sure everything was ready, he took his bath and so sleep soon after.

The next day, Akiteru came in his room and leave two boxes of condoms on his study desk without asking questions, however he still mentioned he was curious to know with whom he will use that. His little brother blushed and replied he might tell him if everything goes the way he want. Akiteru laugh patted his brother head a leave the room while Tsukishima was putting away the boxes keeping in mind he would have to try one to see if it’s fit, which in did while taking his bath. It was the right size, everything was set now it only missed Hinata.

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