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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Dream of Red

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Nijimura x Akashi
Chapters: 2/8
Rating: Explicit (RT 18+)


Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.



Akashi Seijuro walking behind his captain, the latter had asked his vice-captain to come with him to his home, he wanted to review some formation for the game of Saturday. At least that’s what he told him, but the red-haired young boy knew they would not only review that. His senpai might want to review the body of his cute little vice-captain. Akashi didn’t minded it was his role to please his Master after all. Nijimura can do whatever he wanted with his Pets and having sex with him was part of what he wanted.

When they arrived to Nijimura’s home, Akashi noticed his parent was there, thus he will not be able to scream as much as he wanted and probably not relax in the bath after, unless Nijimura’s parents leave.

“I’m home” said Nijimura opening the door and closing it behind Akashi. “and Akashi is with me” he added

His mother came to greet both of them and tell her son that she just received a call for his uncle. His aunt gave birth and they were about to leave to see his newborn cousin. Akashi was about to propose his captain to come back an other day if he wanted to go see the baby but Nijimura replied to his mother to congratulate them for him, they really needed to look over their note for the next game. His mother told him it was a pity, but they couldn’t do anything about it. Mrs. Nijimura left to warn her husband their son will not come with them and that they could leave now.

Akashi followed Nijimura to his room after the latter’s parents had left the house. Akashi felt relief he would not have to hold back his voice.

The young red-haired man was about to take out the note to revised the next game strategies, but Nijimura told him to leave that a side

“But Nijimura-San, you said to go to your house to revised the note” said Akashi

“Nevermind that, he will revised that tomorrow during the practice” replied Nijimura passing his arms around Akashi waist before sliding his hand under his vice-captain shirt.

“Nijimura-San” whispered Akashi shivering from the thought of what was coming

“Remember my nice little Pets, you have to call me Master now” slowly said Nijimura kissing Akashi’s neck

“Yes… Master” replied Akashi passing his arms around Nijimura’s neck

“Now remove your clothes” ordered Nijimura

“Yes, Master” slowly said Akashi unbuttoning his shirt

Once they were both naked, Nijimura sit on the edge of his bed while he made Akashi kneeled on the floor between his legs.

“Since you are a good Pets, here have this treat” he say holding his dick in front of Akashi’s mouth “Remember, you can lick, suck but don’t bite.”

Akashi looked at him with his maroon eyes open his mouth and lick the head of Nijimura’s cock before putting it in his mouth. He pressed his lips around it to make more pressure. Nijimura moaned and pass his hand through Akashi hair “You are a good boy” he said leaning forward running his hand on Akashi’s back to his butthole.

He inserted a first finger then another one and to finish a last one. Each time Akashi remove Nijimura’s dick from his mouth and clenched his teeth he maybe had sex with his captain every weeks since the beginning of his school year, but he was still not used to feeling something penetrating him. However soon as Nijimura started gently start moving his finger, Akashi started to moan.

“You’re a good boy Akashi” softly said Nijimura “Tell me what do you want”

Akashi stop sucking on Nijimura’s cock and without saying a he turn around and presented his ass to Nijimura

“Well I know what you want now” said Nijimura kneeling behind Akashi

Nijimura took his hard dick in his hand and pressed it on Akashi’s butthole and slowly start inserting it in if red-haired pet ass.

Feeling his Master’s cock penetrating him, Akashi curved is back and let how a weak scream.

“You feel it well” asked Nijimura grabbing Akashi hips

“Yes…Master” slowly replied Akashi

“Good cause I’m about to pound it in you now” said Akashi licking his lips “It’s what you want right?” he then asked

“Yes, Master” replied Akashi

Nijimura smile and started thrusting in Akashi very slowly first. He wanted his Pet to feel every inches of his cock rubbing inside him. After a few moment Akashi began to moan, his moan was louder than when Nijimura was preparing him.

“You like that? Tell me how you feel Akashi” asked Nijimura

“Master… it feel good…more…” moan Akashi

“You know what I like?” asked Nijimura who slowly take out his cock from Akashi’s butthole

The young man looked behind him, wondering what his Master what was doing, why he had removed his cock from inside his body. He started to feel really good, it wouldn’t have take much more time before he cum, so why stopping.

Nijimura stood up and sit on the bed, he looked at Akashi and told him to come and laid on his back. “Make you spread your legs for me” said the Master looking at his beautiful Pet whose eye was just begging to be fuck .

Nijimura raise Akashi’s hips and pushed his dick once again in his little Pet butthole. This time the member slide in without difficulties. Akashi barely noticed it, he just knew it was back inside him when Nijimura started thrusting in him again.

“I really prefer that way” said Nijimura “Like this I can see your face when you will cum” he added before kissing him.

Akashi felt the warm tongue of his Master passing his lips and he did the same, their kiss was passionate. Akashi didn’t want to break the kiss, he wanted to keep his Master close to him. He pass his legs around Nijimura waist and squeeze to push him even more inside.

“Oh…I know someone who is hungrier than me today” whispered Nijimura next to Akashi ear thrusting harder “Guess you like that” he added before kissing him again

The saliva began to flow on the corner of Akashi’s mouth, he try to keep contact with his Master’s lips, but the latter cut it.

“Master….” moan Akashi “more…more…more give me more”

“You will have more” replied Nijimura panting

Akashi mind slowly began to be clouded, he couldn’t think straight anymore, he knew soon it would be just blank, blinded by the pleasure, that carnal pleasure only his Master could give him. When Nijimura proposed him to be part of his little sex club, Akashi wasn’t sure about it at first. He was used to be obeyed not to obey, Nijimura told him to just try to see how it goes. The first time was painful, he could barely walk after, but his Master took care of him. Akashi felt safe in his captain arms. Then the their second time came the week after, it was still painful, but Akashi began to feel real pleasure coming from it, soon he was the one who was asking for more. More he was asking, more Nijimura was giving. He knew he wasn’t the only one to satisfy his master sexual desires, he knew tomorrow he will be with someone else, but Akashi didn’t care because when they were together, Nijimura was only thinking about Akashi. His cute little red-haired Pets with maroon eyes.

Akashi felt Nijimura going deeper, he had reached the right spot, soon Akashi would cum and right after Nijimura will cum, he will fill Akashi inside with his semen.

Akashi moan became scream, he was screaming his Master’s name, he was asking for more, to go harder and faster. Nijimura keep going until he felt Akashi butthole tightening around his cock, he knew his little Pet was about to come. Nijimura took Akashi cook in one hand and started stroking it.

“MASTER NIJIMURA-SAN!!! NO!” scream Akashi

“Why?” asked Nijimura with a smirk

“If….If Master do that… I will…AAAHHHHHH” cum was flowing from Akashi’s cock, he just came.

It didn’t took long before Nijimura cum, after a last thrust, Akashi felt Nijimura’s dick growing bigger and then felt the his semen filling him. Nijimura slowly removed his cock from Akashi’s butthole, looked at him and caressed his cheek. “Tell me when you will be okay to get up” he said “Gonna take a bath” Akashi slowly nod and try to get up.

With the help of Nijimura they walk to the bathroom, there Akashi knew they will have another round, just before going in the bath.

Not long before Nijimura’s parent came back home, Akashi called his driver, it was late and didn’t feel like walking home. Before leaving the house, he wished goodnight to his master, whom gave him a last kiss and get out of the house.

Prologue <——> Dream of Blue

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