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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Prologue

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Nijimura x Generation of Miracle, Haizaki, Kuroko
Chapters: 1/8
Rating: Explicit (RT 18+)


Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.

Nijimura Shuzo was walking around the school ground, it was the first day of his last year in Teiko Junior High, at the end of the year, he would be graduate and began his life as a middle school student. Nijimura wanted his last year to be memorable, he didn’t want it boring like the two previous one. He wanted to do something he would remember all his life. Maybe he could introduced some first year to the joy of sex. That’s seemed to him like a good idea. He could have different partner chosen between the new members of the basketball team from which he was the captain. He would have his very own harem, what a dream. But for that to work he will have to set some rules.

First the most obvious one, no sex in school, no matter how both party are hungry for it. Other rule, they will have to call him master and they will be his pets, they will own them, he would have to show his superiority, like a true alpha leader. However he also knew some of those first years might have a stronger alpha aura than him “Maybe I could let those top me when the time will come” he thought. With those two simple rules, his little fantasy might work out. He will have his own harem of first years…all of them would probably be still virgin, Just the thought of it excited him.

The next day when after school the new members for the basketball club were waiting to meet their captain. The club was divided in three depending of the abilities of each. They start off by a free practice session to determine in which group the new members would be. While the coach was evaluating the new members, Nijimura was looking for candidates for his harem.

He didn’t knew exactly how many he wanted but he thought six would be a good number, one a day from Monday to Saturday and Sunday he would rest, all those activities might take a toll on his body. He might be young but six days a pure sex in a row but get exhausting.

He was on the mezzanine looking at the young first year running around with the orange ball, when he spot a first candidate.

The young man had flashy red hair, he wasn’t really tall, just the right size to be a cute little pets “hmmm I’ll fuck is cute little ass anytime” though Nijimura “And I would let those three fuck me anything” he thought after spotting the three next candidates.

The three young man he saw was taller than the other. One have a tanned skin and beautiful navy blue air, the second seems to be the bad boy and have gray hair and the last, the tallest of the three had purple shoulder length hair “Would mind running my hand into those long hair” he thought while smiling.

He continue watching the new club member, when he saw the fourth candidate for his harem, tall, green hair and wearing glasses “little nerd, as long as he is docile I don’t care” he thought licking his lips.

He was only missing a candidate and Nijimura really didn’t knew who to else. None of the other young man were standing out, none of them add a little something that would make them special. Nijimura was about to give up and stay with only five candidates when he noticed something behind in the back of the court.

He first tough it was only a shadow, but after seeing it again he decide to paid a bit more attention to it. It was a young man, probably one of the smallest first year of the team. No one seems to notice him. He was really like a shadow going with the flow of the game without being notice by the other. When he saw him, Nijimura knew he had found his last candidate.

Now that he had his five candidates, Nijimura just had to learn their name, which he did the next day.

The little red hair was Akashi Seijuro, the tanned navy-blue haired young man was Aomine Daiki, the tall purple-haired one is Murasakibara Atsushi and gray-haired bad boys is Haizaki Shougo, the tall glasses boy was Midorima Shintarou and the little shadow is Kuroko Tetsuya. Nijimura had now is candidate, his harem, is cute little pets.

“Now let’s the fun begin” he thought think about what he would do to them.

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