Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – Your Top

I must say this one is fairly easy, even thought my favorite character is Aomine, my favorite OTP doesn’t involve him. Those who read my Top 10 Kuroko no Basuke OTP/BROTP, know the answer to this.

I just love how they look at each other in this one


I just like their chemistry in and outside the court, the way Takao make fun of the tsundere Midorima and how the latter respond to that. I’m never tired to see them together. While we all know Kagami really trust Kuroko, the level of trust Midorima put in Takao during the Shoutoku vs Razukan game it different I think and that’s probably one other reason why I like the two of them together so much. I actually wrote a fanfic with the two of them (attention the fanfic contain smut, thus it’s rated 18+)

8 responses to “Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 5

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    • Oh wait did you actually read it!! That’s make me really happy 😁
      Anyway I read some dj with them and one actually made me cry it was so sad 😒 but I don’t remember the title right now πŸ˜… I do remember I really like the artwork tho.


      • Haha, there is an other KnB NSFW Fic on my blog it’s a AoKi the title is One-on-One, and “My Dream in Technicolor” is also KnB πŸ˜… it’s Nijimura with the GoM, Haizaki and Kuroko (not all in the same time πŸ˜‚). You remind me I have to make a directory for the fanficπŸ€”

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