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Monday in Music – Unstoppable

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Aomine Daiki (C.V Suwabe Junichi)
Type: Character Song

“Unstoppable” is one of Aomine’s character song and can be found on the Character Song Solo Series Vol. 9. The rock song open on an electric guitar riff soon join by Suwabe and drum and then the bass kick in. I just really like the beat of the song and I love the way the chorus was arranged.

Regarding the lyrical side of the song, this is of course one of those song where Aomine sing about being the best of all and being really cocky. In fact there is nothing really new about that.

Unstoppable in all forms

No matter who is my opponent, none can stop me
No matter who I face, none can get pass me
This is reality, even if you put in all your effort, it’s all useless
Get out of my sight, I’m heading towards that direction, it’s my game
translation credit: ichigohaatsu

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