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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor , Dream of Blue

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Nijimura
Chapters: 3/8
Rating: Explicit – 18+


Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.



“Aomine-kun! Time to go home, if you want me to help you for your english classes, we need to leave now” Nijimura was calling Aomine Daiki who was still on the court dribbling with the ball, shoot one last time, put the ball away and followed his captain to the changing room. Aomine smile to the thought of going to his captain house. They had told everyone it was to help him with english classes, but he knew it was just an excuse. Soon Aomine knew he would be pounding in his cute little Captain ass.

Nijimura and Aomine left the school ground and quickly arrived to Nijimura house Daiki asked him if his parent were home, his captain replied that his father was still at work doing some over time and his mother was at his aunt’s house to help her with the newborn baby. His aunt was being released today from the hospital and his mother wanted to help. He added that both of his parent will be back late at night. Aomine’s smile, no one at home, his captain would scream his name later.

Once they were inside Nijimura’s home, the captain just had the time to lock the door behind Aomine, the latter had pinned him on the wall,kissing him, sliding his hand under his shirt.

“Hmmmm, I know a little hungry pet” slowly said Niimura passing his around Aomine’s neck.

“I thought about that all day, Master, I even had to jerk off in the restroom” replied Aomine biting his Master’s ear.

“I see, naughty boy” said Nijimura whom was already undoing Aomine’s belt. “Want to do it here or in the room” he then ask.

Aomine was thinking, he wanted to do him now, but it is true the room will be more comfortable. “The room” he simply said, before grabbing his captain by the wrist and walk in direction of Nijimura’s room.

Soon as the passed the door, Aomine throw his captain on the bed and get it top of him. Nijimura had to remind him who was in command here. It’s not because he was the one on top, he had to rush him. “We have time, no need to hurry” he told Daiki who apologize for his rough behavior. Nijimura patted his head “It’s okay, don’t worry about that and let me see that dick of yours” he said before kneeling on the floor and unbuttoning Aomine’s pants to take out the tanned dick.

Nijimura looked at it, lick his lips and began to suck on him and stroke it with a hand while the other was caressing Aomine’s toned abs other his shirt. Those beautiful well define tanned abs, he like to look at them when he was riding Aomine’s cock. Passing his hand on it, feeling them contracting each time Aomine’s was moving his hips.

When he had started his little sex club, Nijimura didn’t know he would like being fucked that much, Aomine quickly knew how to take him. He knew he had to slowly start and then go harder on his Master. He liked it rough but not from the beginning, he like to feel his Pet dick slowly rubbed his inside, that feeling was augmenting the pleasure.

Daiki was looking at his Master who was kneeling in front of him, busy sucking on his dick. He pass his hand through his captain black hair, he wanted to hold his head with his hand and just thrust in Nijimura’s mouth, however he knew he couldn’t, thus he just keep looking at his captain giving him a head. Then Aomine’s decide to remove his shirt and drop his pants, Nijimura grabbed Daiki by the thigh to suck deeper. He was feeling his Pet cock going down his throat.

Daiki moaned his captain name the latter look at him lick his lips and smile before getting on his feet to undress himself. After he pushed Aomine on the bed and got in top of him and continue to suck on his dick while he was softening his butthole with his other hand. He could have let Aomine’s do it, but he knew it would be faster if he was doing it himself. When he felt his butthole relaxed enough, he position himself on top of Aomine’s cock and slowly lowered down his body, holding the navy blue-haired boy cock in a hand to make sure it stay straight.

The head was always the hardest to past, no matter how prepared how was, he always felt some kind of pain when he felt it passing, but once it was one the rest was just sliding in like if it was made for it.

NIjimura place his hand on Aomine’s abs, feeling the toned muscle under the tanned skin and began to move his hips.

Aomine placed his arms around his Master’s waist and try to sit to flip it, but Nijimura rapidly push him back on the mattress telling him to behave and act like a good boy with a smile. “You can thrust in me like in that position too” he said “but you already know that” he added leaning forward to kiss him. Aomine sigh and gabbed his Master’s ass while watching Nijimura’s body moving on top of him. Since the beginning, the young man had tried a few time to take full control, but each time he had fail, he had to content himself of the way the thing were. His master was the one in control and he couldn’t do anything about it. “Maybe if I’m a good boy, I will be rewarded later” he thought while thrusting in his Master’s ass.

“Aomine….” moaned Nijimura “If you want to take control…do it now”.

Nijimura could read the excitement in Aomine’s dark blues eyes and it didn’t took a lot of time to Daiki to flip his Master on his back. Aomine placed his hand on each side of Nijimura’s head and pounded faster and harder in him.

“Hmmmm Aomine….so good continue like that” said Nijimura caressing Aomine’s back.

“Rea…lly….Mas….ster?” asked Aomine panting.

“Yes my dear Pet” replied Nijimura with a smile while pulling Aomine toward him to kiss him.

Aomine felt Nijimura’s legs around his waist.

“Deeper Aomine…go deeper” said Nijimura.

“Yes…Master” slowly replied Aomine before thrusting harder in Nijimura butthole.

Nijimura arched his back and grabbed the sheet under him, he wasn’t moaning Aomine’s name, he was screaming it. Aomine’s knew if he continue like that, Nijimura will come soon, but he didn’t wanted to end it now. Daiki decide to slow down his pace and gripped his Master wrist to pull him toward him.

Both were now sitting on the bed, Nijimura on top of Aomine who was still going hard on his Master.

“Ao…mine, Aomine that’s….so ….good….so ….deep, gimme me more” said Nijimura in his Pet ear.

“Yes….Master” replied Aomine grabbing Nijimura ass.

Nijimura place his arm around Aomine neck and pressed his body against his, he wanted to feel the muscle contracting under the tanned skin, he wanted to feel all of Aomine’s body against his.

Feeling Nijimura was close to come, Aomine’s slow his pace once again, until Nijimura ask to go harder. Nijimura get closer to Aomine’s ears “You certainly know what you are doing” whispered Nijimura “You clearly planning to drive me crazy”. Aomine smirk and asked if it was working, his Master replied he will have to continue like that if he wanted to see before sharing an other kiss.

The warm tongue of his Master was tangling it his tongue. Aomine wanted to feel him more, he passed his arms around Nijimura waist to make sure no even a piece of paper could slide between them.

They continue kissing until they need more air, Nijimura knew he couldn’t continue like that, Aomine’s stamina was better his, he will have to come soon, but he also knew Aomine will not let him do it so easily.

Nijimura tighten his butthole to make more pressure, he knew by doing that it wouldn’t take a lot of time before Aomine cum, if his Pet cum first, it would be a problem for him to come after.

Each time Aomine was thrusting in him, each time he felt the young man cock going deeper in him, Nijimura was tightening his ass. Each time he was hearing Aomine telling him that if he was continuing like that he would come soon. Nijimura told him that was the point and continue doing it.

After a few minutes, he felt Aomine’s cock becoming bigger. The Pet scream his Master name one last time before letting out all his translucid liquid in his Master butthole. It’s the only thing that was waiting after Nijimura before cumming himself and cover those beautiful abs by his semen.

Aomine carefully laid Nijimura on the mattress and slowly pull out his cock. Now that was over, he knew it will be time to wash themselves, maybe if he was lucky he will have an other round in the bathroom. After the bath he will leave his Master house and wait for his turn to come next week somehow he would rather keep the Master for himself, but he knew it wasn’t possible, he had to share it with the other member of the club.

Before leaving, Aomine share a last passionate kiss with Nijimura and wished him goodnight. On his way home he stop at the street basketball court, he have some more energy to spend. He had passed good moment with his Master, he was the one in control for once and was hoping he will be able to do lead again.

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