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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Dream of Green

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Nijimura x Midorima
Chapters: 4/8
Rating: Explicit – 18+

Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.



“Nijimura-San? Can I make some for shoot before leaving” ask a tall green-haired young man to his captain “I want to practice more from beyond the 3pts line” he said.

Nijimura looked at Midorima Shintaro , he knew if he tell him not, he might do it anyway that boy was so stubborn. “Okay” he said “But if you miss we leave right away”. Shintaro nodded and look at the rim then shoot. He missed his first shoot after ten. Nijimura smile thinking the kid had improved a lot since the beginning of the basketball club. “It’s not the only place he is showing improvement” he thought “I don’t know how he doesn’t it, but I’m cumming more faster now when he give me a head, guess I will have to think of something later”.

“Okay you missed Midorima, time to go” said Nijimura to the young man who was ready for his next shoot.

“But….senpai” replied Midorima who wasn’t ready to leave.


The green-haired young man looked at his senpai and then at the ball he had between his hand and slowly walked to put the ball away. Midorima wanted to practice more, his horoscope said he would be a great day for Cancer and even if he didn’t had his lucky item with him, he has been extremely lucky all day, however he did something different today, he didn’t took his lucky item out of his school bag “Maybe I shouldn’t have let it in the bag” he thought “since it wasn’t in my hand was probably less effective”.

Midorima walked toward Nijimura after putting the ball away, he now had to leave he didn’t had the choice, plus his captain didn’t see quite pleased by his attitude “I have a bad feeling about this” though Midorima looking at Nijimura not quite in the eyes.

“Ready?” asked Nijimura.

“Yes” slowly replied Midorima.

“Good, I think I heard you say to Akashi your parents weren’t there tonight? Is that right?” question the team captain.

“Yes, it is true” answered Midorima.

“In that case we are going to your place today” said Nijimura before heading for the changing room “it shouldn’t cause any problems, right?”

“No, it won’t cause any problems” replied Midorima following his captain.

During their walk between the school and Shintaro’s house they didn’t talk much, while Nijimura would normally question Midorima how was his classes, today is was silent and the green-haired young man began to feel uneasy, it was supposed to be a good day for the Cancer and now he was feeling the horoscope was wrong or it was because he had left his lucky item in his bag all day and now the luck it had this morning had left him. His captain seems unpleased by his attitude and he began to think he will be punished later.

Once they arrive at Midorima house, like he had said, his parent weren’t there. Midorima unlocked the front door and enter his home closely followed by his captain, he closed the door behind him and carefully locked it. The pair remove their shoes and Midorima asked to his captain if he wanted something to drink, the latter answered he didn’t need any water he just wanted to go to Midorima’s room now.

Midorima swallowed his saliva with difficulties and lead the way to his room while mentally cursing himself for leaving his lucky item in his bag the whole day.

Once in his room, Midorima closed the door behind them and just had time to leave his bag on the floor next to his desk that Nijimura coldly told him to get undressed and to lay down on his bed after.

While he was removing his school uniform, Midorima glanced at his school bag, look that Nijimura noticed and walk to get the bag on the floor.


“Yes, Master”

“I just noticed, I haven’t seen you with your lucky item of the day”

“Hmmmm it’s because I left it in my bag the whole day, Master”

“Oh, shy to show it?”


Nijimura’s smile curious to see what was Midorima’s lucky item. While Midorima was finishing getting undressed, his Master looked in the bag to found the lucky item. Yes he saw it he couldn’t help but laugh.

“A dildo?” asked Nijimura to Midorima laughing

“Yes, Master” replied the young man blushing

“Did you used it?” asked Nijimura with a smile perfectly knowing the answer

“No! No no-no” quickly replied Midorima blushing even more

“Oh! I see then, it should be the best time to try it” slowly said Nijimura walking toward Midorima with the dildo in his hand. “Open your mouth” ordered Nijimura.

The green-haired young man slightly open his mouth and Nijimura inserted the sex toy in it “Now suck on it like if it was my dick” he said, Nijimura was watching Midorima sucking on the dildo, enrolling his tongue around it like he would do on sugar rock candy. The view excited Nijimura, he knew he will be hard soon just by the thought of it, this dildo could be his dick.

Midorima was still sucking on the sex toy when he instinctively inserted his finger in his butthole, he felt like he needed to be prepared soon, not knowing what he will get in him, the dildo or his Master’s cock. Knowing Nijimura it will probably be the dildo.

Nijimura noticed what was doing Midorima, he passed his hand through the thin green hair and smile “You are a good boy” he said “You know what is coming next, let see how soft that hole of yours is”. Nijimura removed the sex toy from Midorima’s mouth and asked him to turn around. Presenting his ass, Midorima lean a bit more forward, to let his Master have a better view. Nijimura inserted his finger and judge it was ready. “He of continue to be a good boy like that, you might have a reward later” he told to Midorima while inserting the sex toys in his Pet’s butthole. Midorima curved his back feeling the plastic object penetrating him. Once the sex toy was well positioned, Nijimura turn in on and it started vibrating. Feeling the vibrations through his body, Midorima started to moan.

Nijimura was satisfied by Midorima’s reaction. While watching Midorima getting some good moment with the sex toy, Nijimura slowly began to undress himself and then sat on the edge of Midorima’s bed. “Come here” he said to Midorima”. The young man slowly get close to his Master, it was hard to move with that thing in the ass, but when he saw what Nijimura was showing him, he felt like his luck was back. Nijimura sitting on the bed, was holding his cock in his hand, waiting after Midorima to suck on it.

The young man took the sex of his Master in his hand and carefully began to stroke it. He lick it from the bottom to the head, suck on his Master ball, then put the whole thing in his mouth. The view he had earlier and now the feeling of Midorima warm tongue playing with his cock, would have probably be enough to make Nijimura cum, but he did his best to hold back. Midorima was skilled and Nijimura wanted to enjoy the maximum of it.

Midorima was trying to stay concentrated on his Master’s cock but the vibrations in his butthole was about to drive him crazy. Even if he would had rather feeling his Master dick rubbing his inside, that dildo was doing a marvelous job. His felt his Master hand passing through his hair, he like the soft touch, he wished his Master touch him more.

“You see Midorima, when you are a good boy you get nice reward” said Nijimura to Midorima “If you continue like that, you might have more, cause you want more right? Tell me what you want Midorima?” he then asked to the young man who was kneeling in front of him.

It took a lot of concentration to Midorima to say what he wanted, but he manage to say it in between his moans.

“Mas…ster, I…I want” began to say Midorima “I…I want, your….your thing…in…in my….my ass” slowly said Midorima.

“Oh you want my dick? What a perverted boy you are” replied Nijimura with a smile. He caressed Midorima cheek “Don’t worry my cute little Pet you will have it”.

He turned Midorima around and carefully removed the sex toy from His Pet ass to insert his cock. Midorima moan a bit more and soon he start screaming soon as Nijimura started to thrust in him. Nijimura knew his Pet was close to cum, Midorima was a real messed and Nijimura liked that.

Nijimura thrusted faster and harder inside Midorima, the latter screams became louder. Nijimura felt his Pet butthole tightening around his cock, Midorima wasn’t the only one close to reach his climax, Nijimura felt he was about to let out all his semen in Midorima’s ass.

“Massssssster” said Midorima

“Yes” replied Nijimura

“Moooore, I want more” said Midorima

Nijimura smile, lean forward and slightly turn Midorima head to kiss him, a passionate kiss, their tongue were tangled, saliva began to flow on the corner of their lips. While kissing him, Nijimura heard the young man asking for even more and the Master gave more to his green-haired Pet.

Nijimura felt Midorima ass tightening more and the young man let out a last moan before collapsing on the floor, in the sametime, Nijimura grown bigger and filled the green-haired young man butthole with his semen.

He slowly pull out his cock, caressed Midorima’s back and ask him if he could stand up to got to the bathroom, the young man replied he could and did it with some difficulties. They both headed for the bathroom, but before Midorima made a stop to the toilet to empty himself.

After washing themselves, while they were taking their bath, Nijimura was back hugging Midorima and rest his chin on his Pet shoulder

“You see when you listen to me, you get good thing” he said kissing Midorima’s neck “Now next time I tell you it’s time to leave, don’t be stubborn and leave with me.”

“Yes, Master” replied Midorima turning his head to kiss him.

Not long after taking their bath, Nijimura left Midorima’s house making him promise to always be a good boy and obey to him, no matter how lucky Midorima was feeling, the young man agreed to that, kiss his Master one last time and watched him walking away.

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