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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Dream of Gray

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Nijimura x Haizaki
Chapters: 6/8
Rating: Explicit – 18+

Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.


Nijimura was walking around the school ground slightly annoyed, one of the first string was missing, it was the third time in a row that first year was skipping the practice.

On his way back to the gym, he meet team assistant coach, the latter told him the missing member just called, he didn’t felt well, thus he left early to rest. Nijimura asked the coach if he was thinking the first year was telling the truth, but the coach answered he was pretty sure it was a lie, but since he seemed to be already home, he didn’t asked him to come back to the practice. Nijimura sigh and let the assistant know he will go pay a visit to the first year house and make sure he doesn’t skip the next practice. The coach looked at the team captain, not sure if he should agree to that or not, but somehow he knew that even if he ask Nijimura to not go, the black-haired young man would still go. Therefore, the assistant let him go, but Nijimura had to tell the rest of the team, which the young man agreed to do.

Once in the gym, he called everyone to him,

“As you can see Haizaki skipped the practice once again, apparently he is sick, gonna go check how sick he is, meanwhile Akashi will replace me” he told to the first strings

He left right after for Haizaki’s house thinking the latter was better being there and not at some arcade.

When the captain get to Haizaki’s home, his mother opening the door for Nijimura. He announced himself and asked to see Haizaki, he wanted to check on him since he was sick the latter’s mother told the captain her son was perfectly fine and was in his room playing some video game, but still agreed to lead Nijimura to her son room. In front of the door, Mrs Haizaki knock on the door and opened it without waiting for answers then leave after telling her son she had to go shopping with one of her friend.

Nijimura pass the door and looked at the gray-haired boy sitting on the ground in front of his game console. The young man was too concentrated to notice his visitor. Seeing Haizaki wasn’t paying attention to him, Nijimura sit on the bed behind Haizaki and watch him play for a while,sometimes moving to see if Haizaki will noticed his presence.

Once Nijimura was sure Haizaki’s mother had left, he placed his leg on each side of Haizaki and start playing in his hair.

Feeling someone was twisting his hair, Haizaki angrily brush the hand away

“What the fuck” he said turning his head to see who was behind him. When he was it was his team captain, he froze and began to stutter “Cap…cap…captain? “ asked the young man

“helll-ooo Haizaki, I just came to check up on you since you were sick, as you can see I care about my teammates, I’m a really good captain. But strangely, your mother told me you weren’t sick at all” replied Nijimura

Haizaki didn’t knew what to answer, he knew he would probably get beat up for skipping the practice, Haizaki wasn’t scare of a lot of people, but his captain, Nijimura, it was something else. A shiver go through his body thinking of what his captain could do to him, but when happen next didn’t even crossed his mind.

Haizaki first start to proposing to get back to the school, but Nijimura didn’t seem to move. He just looked at him and said with a cold tone, bad boy needed to be punished, thus he ordered to Haizaki to get naked.

A part of him was relief, despite the fact he skipped practice he will still have sex with his Master, but another part was telling him that would not be a fun time.

Once Haizaki was fully naked, Nijimura asked him to kneel on the bed the face facing the bed head. Haizaki slowly execute wondering was his captain was planning. Nijimura removed his tie and used it to tie Haizaki hand to the bed head. Seeing what his captain was doing, Haizaki began to panic and start to beg Nijimura. Nijimura looked at him and ordered him to stay quiet, no matter what he was saying, it will not stop him to punish the bad boy that he is.

“Never thought I would actually enjoyed that view” said Nijimura to Haizaki “You in that submissive position it’s quite a turn on”. Nijimura get close to the gray-haired boy head “Now let see how I can make sure you will never skipped a practice again” he added licking his lips. “I know, you first gonna suck on it” he said removing his pants and presenting his cock to Haizaki. “But this position might be hard for you, gonna untie you from the bed, Haizaki you better behave if you doesn’t want get hurt later”. Haizaki swallowed his saliva and nodded “Be a good boy and everything is gonna be fine, you might even ask for more”.

Nijimura untied Haizaki’s hands from the bed, but kept them tied together. He pulled the young man toward him and made him kneel on the floor, “Here, now it should be good, open your mouth” said Nijimura slightly pushing his cock against Haizaki’s lips.

At first Haizaki was trying to avoid to open his mouth, he was turning his head on the side, but seeing Nijimura’s glare, made him reluctantly open his mouth. Nijimura looked at him and asked him what was the matter, Nijimura always sucked on his dick before he jump him, thus it was normal for Haizaki to also suck on Nijimura’s dick. The black-haired young man was looking at the gray-haired one and though it wasn’t bad for a first time “Maybe he is copying what I’m usually doing to him, he can copy all technic he see after all” he thought pass passing his hand in the gray hair of his Pet.

He let Haizaki going for a little while before telling him to stop and reattached his hand to the head of the bed. Haizaki knew what will be coming next, he knew the order of the step when he was fucking Nijimura. First Nijimura was sucking on his dick, then he would soften Nijimura butthole and then penetrated him. Now that Haizaki had sucked Nijimura, Nijimura will begin to prepare him. Haizaki was secretly hoping his Master will take his time to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Normally it was Haizaki who was fucking Nijimura and not the other way around.

Haizaki felt Nijimura inserting a first finger, he his back curved inward and let out a little scream. Nijimura was clearly amused by the situation. He knew Haizaki was probably cursing himself for not attending the practice. When Nijimura felt his Pet was used to feel his one finger in him, he added a second one and then a last one. Nijimura wanted to punish him, but didn’t want to hurt him, only his pride should get hurt here.

Haizaki was feeling Nijimura’s fingers moving in him and somehow he began to feel good, he didn’t want to moan to not give his Master satisfaction but he couldn’t help it and started to let out soft sound proving he was starting to enjoy it. Nijimura smile, that sound like music to his ears.

When Nijimura felt Haizaki was ready to feel more than three fingers, he slowly removed his fingers from inside Haizaki’s butthole, took his cock and gently pressed it against the entrance of the cavity where it was about to be slide it. He felt Haizaki tensing up, Nijimura stopped and lean forward instead, kissing his Pet on the neck, telling to relax if he didn’t want to get hurt. Haizaki groaned but began to slowly breath to relax his whole body.

Nijimura felt Haizaki relaxing and pressed back his cock against Haizaki’s butthole and slowly pushed to insert it. Right before he had warned his Pet it might be a bit painful when the head would pass, but he promised to not go to quickly and wait before moving.

When Haizaki felt his Master’s cock penetrating him, he curved his back and scream, he was calling name and promised to beat him when it would be done. Nijimura smile knowing those threat were empty word and continue pushing until his cock was all inside and then wait Haizaki get used and began to breathe normally again.

While Nijimura was waiting for Haizaki to be ready, he was massaging the latter’s hips and lower back to ease the pain. While he was doing that, he noticed his Pet’s breath was back to normal and told him was will start to move. Haizaki groaned telling him to do whatever he wanted. Nijimura hold on the gray-haired boy hips and slowly start to thrust in him.

At first, Haizaki was clenching his teeth but he slowly began to feel good again like when Nijimura had his fingers in him, he relaxed more and soon he began to moan.

Nijimura made one of his hand slide toward Haizaki cock, grab it and began to stroke it. Haizaki was feeling really good right now, the Master could tell just by the sound his Pet was letting out.

Nijimura didn’t want to go to hard on Haizaki, therefore he continue to slowly thrust in him only he felt his Pet’s butthole tightening around his cock. More Nijimura was thrusting more Haizaki butthole was become tight, more it was tight louder he was moaning. Nijimura knew Haizaki was about to cum thus he continue and softly tell him to scream his name when he will cum, which he did not long after.

Hearing his Pet scream from pleasure, was enough for Nijimura to make him cum, before he felt his cock growing bigger, he remove it and let out all his semens on Haizaki back. He then proceed to untie Haizaki hands and let him rest. When Haizaki woke-up, Nijimura was sitting on the bed beside him and was playing in his hair. His Master proposed him to help him to go to the bathroom if his hips was hurting him. Haizaki blushed but declined the proposition and coldly asked Nijimura to leave him alone. Nijimura smirked and told him that for someone who actually enjoyed being fucked by him he was sending him off quickly.

Understanding his Master just wanted to make sure he was okay, Haizaki assured him and tell him to leave before his mother come back. Nijimura smile, leave a kiss on his Pet’s forehead and make him promise to never miss a practice again, if not he will have to punish him and his pride will be hurt even more. Haizaki told him he didn’t have to worry about that and asked him to leave one last time which Nijimura finally did.

Walking in the street, heading for his home, Nijimura was secretly hoping Haizaki will skip practice again.

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