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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Dream of Purple

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Murasakibara x Nijimura
Chapters: 5/8
Rating: Explicit – 18+

Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.


It was the break time during their after school practice and Nijimura was looking at that tall specimen who seems to be born only to eat. Murasakibara Atsushi was sitting on the floor, he just had opened his third bags of chip after eating two nerunerunerun in a row. “How the hell he gonna move around after eating all this?” ask Nijimura to himself.

After finishing his snack, Murasakibara get on this feet and the tall center of Teiko slowly walked to throw the bag and lazily came back on the court. Nijimura was looking at the purple-haired giant going and sighed, he knew the young man didn’t had any motivation to play today, thus he had to find something to make him move a bit more. “It’s a good thing I brought him some snacks ” though Nijimura walking to his bag.

“Murasakibara! Can you come here!” yell the team captain to his center player.

The purple-haired looked at his captain and slowly walked toward him “Yes Murachin”.

“Here you see this” said Nijimura showing a chocolate bar “I have some in my bag, I’m ready to give it to you if you participate more in the today’s practice”.

“Hmmmm” Murasakibara was thinking about the proposition, the idea of having more candies was tempting, he just had to participate more.

Nijimura smile, he knew Murasakibara was thinking hard “I have more at home, if you are a good boy, you will have them” he said.

“Really?” asked Murasakibara whose eyes began to shine to the thought to have even more candies.

“Of course, I wouldn’t lie to you about snacks” answered Nijimura.

Murasakibara looked at his teammates who were running on the court “Okay” he replied to his captain.

The boy turned his back and walked on the court among the other. To Nijimura it was a success. Pushing Murasakibara to participate more to the practice without being hard on him or ordering him around wasn’t always easy, but with a tasty reward, Murasakibara was willing to do a lot of thing.

After the practice, Murasakibara asked to his captain if he was a good boy, if he will have the candies, Nijimura laugh said yes while trying to reach the top of Murasakibara head to pat it. “Gonna have to come with me to my place if you want them” he said to the boy who was walking beside him. The tall center agreed and both took the direction of Nijimura’s home.

When they arrived at Nijimura’s house his parents were about to leave for his aunt place. He ask to his mother to tell his aunt he will go see his newborn cousin Sunday without fault. Murasakibara had some trouble with his mathematical class and Nijimura wanted to give him a hand, his mother replied there wasn’t any problem, wished his is son a good evening of study and left with his husband.

Soon as his parents were gone, Nijimura looked at Murasakibara and smile, he told him he will have his snack soon, but they had to play a little game before. He asked to the boy to stay in the living room until he call him. “You remember where is my room, right?” he asked to the purple-haired boy, the latter nod, removed his shoe and walk to the living room while Nijimura was heading for his room.

After a while, Murasakibara hear his captain calling for him. The tall boy walked in direction of his captain room and opened the door. What he saw on the other side made him think that he felt asleep on the couch and was dreaming.

Nijimura was laying on his bed completely naked or almost, his body was covered by various snack, mostly candies, but Murasakibara had spotted some chocolate chip cookies too. He walk toward the bed and was about to take one cookie, when Nijimura stopped him “You can have them all, but you cannot take them with your hands, only with your mouth. Take and Kiss”. Murasakibara slowly nodded, showing he was understanding and lean forward to take a raspberry shaped gummy that was on Nijimura nipple, he took it between his teeth and after eating the treat he started kissing Nijimura’s nipple and licking it.

Murasakibara did the same thing for all the other candies and snacks that were covering Nijimura’s body and finished by the mouth, Nijimura was holding a little heart-shaped chocolate between his lips. Murasakibara took it, eat it and then kissed Nijimura, the latter passed his arms around his purple-haired Pet to pull his closer and share a passionate kiss. When they stopped kissing, Nijimura smile and told Murasakibara his lips were sweet and added he should undress for the next part which the young man did.

Soon as he was naked, Murasakibara was about to get on top of Nijimura when his captain stop him once again. He took how a little jar of maple syrup poured some on his Pet cock “What a mess I did, it’s all sticky now, I have to clean it” he said with a naughty smile before starting to lick it.

Nijimura carefully processed to clean all the sticky brown liquid from Murasakibara’s cock. He could hear the tall center moaning his name “Murachin…” Nijimura stop looked at his pet and remind him how he should be calling him.

“Yes, Master” said Murasakibara.

“Good boy” replied Nijimura before continuing sucking on his Pet dick.

Nijimura was still sucking on Murasakibara’s cock when he felt finger fingers being inserted inside hime. The tall center had extended his arm to reach his Master’s butthole. Nijimura began to moan when Murasakibara began to move them inside him, the long fingers moving inside his body just felt great. Nijimura had to stop what he was doing, Murasakibara was doing a great job and he couldn’t think straight now. Once in a while the tall center was verifying if the hole was soft and relaxed enough to receive his large cock.

I took a moment to Nijimura to feel he was ready to get fucked by Murasakibara, the center’s cock was bigger than the under despite his age and each time it was a bit painful, however the Master knew soon as his Pet would start to move it would feel great, Murasakibara was reaching spot the two other who was topping Nijimura wasn’t able to reach.

Nijimura stopped sucking on Murasakibara’s cock, looked him and smile after licking his lips “I think it’s all clean now” he said, slightly pushing Murasakibara to make him sit on the bed.

Murasakibara looked at this Master positioning himself on top of him, ready to ride his cock and felt a bit nervous, like always, he didn’t want to hurt his Master.

Nijimura took his Pet’s cock and slowly began to lower down his hips, he felt the head passing then everything slide inside him. He sat a moment without moving, getting used to his partner sex inside him. When the pain start to dissipate, he began to move his hips.

The feeling of Murasakibara’s cock rubbing inside him was great and Nijimura began to moan, moans that quickly turned into scream.

Murasakibara pass his long arm around his Master’s waist to bring him closer and began to kiss him on the neck, he wanted to softly bite him, however he knew he couldn’t leave any mark of his Master’s body, he couldn’t claim it. Knowing what his Pet had in mind, Nijimura took possession of his lips sharing a passionate kiss.

“Master Murachi” slowly moan Murasakibara who was now trusting a bit harder in Nijimura. He wanted to do more, but he couldn’t, not while sitting on the bed.

Nijimura get closer to Murasakibara ear and whispered to flip him over if he wanted to mess him up. The Master didn’t have to tell his Pet twice. Murasakibara rapidly lay Nijimura on his bed, out his large hands on each side of his Master’s head and thrust harder and faster in him. Nijimura scream was now louder than before accompanied by Murasakibara’s moan.

Soon Nijimura felt his Pet’s cock growing bigger inside him, Murasakibara was close to cum. The Master tighten his butthole around the sex inside him, he wanted to feel it even more.

After a few minutes, Nijimura push one last scream while Murasakibara was filling him with his semen. The young man had quite a lot and it started to flow outside his butthole.

Nijimura smile, caressed Murasakibara cheek and pulled him closer. He left a soft kiss on his lips and smile again,

“You did great” said Nijimura to Murasakibara

“Really?” asked Murasakibara happy to be praised

“Yes” replied Nijimura

Murasakibara shyly smile, happy to have done a great job. Nijimura pass his arms around Murasakibara neck and then they rolled on the bed, the Master was now laying on his Pet muscular body and began to kiss again.

When came the time to washed their body, Nijimura left first for the toilet to empty his butthole from all the fluid Murasakibara had left inside. Then, the two of them took their bath. Nijimura was resting between Murasakibara arms until the time for Murasakibara to leave come. Nijimura accompanied his Pet to the front door, kissed him one last time and watch him walking away.

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