Monday in Music – Betrayal

Series: Prince of Tennis
Artist: Atobe Keigo (Suwabe Junichi)
Type: Character Song

The song can be found on Atobe solo album “The Ultimate Hard Worker”
God I love that song, for some reason hearing the first note make me smile and that’s probably due to the fact Atobe do the vocal intro with little instrumentation. “Betrayal” is a pop/rock song with a really catchy beat. I could but that track on repeat all day with getting tired of it.

Like most of the Prince of Tennis character song, if not all of them, “Betrayal” lyric have nothing to do with the character himself.

There’s no one I’ll believe, I’ll love in this world anymore
I won’t search for the unseen stars
Even when I see the dream in the still same coming morning and night
Reality is still as though a faint smile
I’m betraying this heart
Lyric Translation: Prince of Tennis Wikia

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