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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Dream of Shadow

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Nijimura x Kuroko
Chapters: 7/8
Rating: Explicit – 18+

Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.


Nijimura was on the side of the court, talking with the assistant coach about the match they had earlier against a rival school. The first years of Teiko part of the main team did a really good work by winning the game. Nijimura was proud of them especially of the smallest member of the team, Kuroko Tetsuya, was a nice addition, the players of the rival team couldn’t keep their eyes on him and with his presence on the court the five others was always marking more points.

The team captain was watching over Kuroko running on the court thinking about a nice reward he could give him later. He knew the baby blue-haired young man was always trying his best. He might not be able to shoot or mark points, but his presence on the court was becoming almost essential.

After the practice, Nijimura walked over Kuroko and ruffled his soft hair. The young man looked at his captain wondering what the latter wanted, the black-haired young man smile and told him he was satisfied by his game play today, he then ask him if his parents were home, Kuroko replied his parents were out-of-town until Sunday night. Nijimura passed his hand through Kuroko’s hair looked around making sure they were alone and leave a soft kiss on his small teammate temple.

“Then you don’t mind if you come to your place for the night? “ asked Nijimura caressing Kuroko’s cheek.

“No, not at all Nijimura-senpai” replied Kuroko looking at his captain in the eyes

“Good, going to grab some clothes at home and then I will head for you house” said Nijimura kissing Kuroko on the lips this time.

After the practice, Nijimura headed for his home. No matter how much he could appear somehow dominant with the five others Pets, he couldn’t bring himself to act the same way with the baby blue-haired boy. He each time he was laying his eyes on Kuroko he just wanted to hug him and cover him with kisses. He was almost scared to break him if he was too rough with him. Sometimes he would fucked him harder, but only his Kuroko was asking for it.

After taking clothes from his home, he headed for Kuroko’s house making a stop to Majin Burger buying Kuroko’s a vanilla shake. He knew how much the young man like those shake. Nijimura realized how much he was spoiling him. When he was buying stuff for the other it was mainly to make sure he listened to him, however with Kuroko he was just buying him stuff to make him happy. His smile was so precious and Nijimura always felt calm when he was seeing it.

Arriving at Kuroko’s house, Nijimura had to press on the doorbell three times before Tetsuya come opened the door. He apologized to his captain, he had felt asleep on the couch while waiting for him. Shuzo smile and replied he didn’t had to apologize before giving him the vanilla shake. Kuroko’s eyes light up when he saw the cold drink.

The two young men sat in the living room to let Kuroko was drink his shake. He was sitting on Nijimura’s laps and while Kuroko was finishing up his drink, the captain was leave soft kisses on his neck. He passed his arms around the small waist of Kuroko and slide his hands under his t-shirt.

“Nijimura-senpai” said Kuroko

“Hmmm yes” asked Nijimura still kissing the soft pale skin

“Want to have the rest? It left about a sip” proposed Kuroko

“How considerate of you” tease Nijimura biting Kuroko’s ear “You will let me finish your favorite drink” he added “I’ll finish it, but only if you give it to me” he then said.

Kuroko drink the last sip but didn’t swallowed it, he then turn his head toward Nijimura to let him drink the shake from his mouth. While doing it, some of the milky liquid drip from Kuroko’s mouth corner, he was about to pass his tongue but Nijimura licked it first.

“This taste way better when he come from you” state Nijimura before kissing Kuroko on his soft lips.

They shared a passionate kiss on the couch, Nijimura passed once again his hand under Kuroko’s shirt, caressing his soft skin, playing with his nipples. Kuroko passed his arms around his Master’s neck to keep him closer, he wanted to feel the weight of his body on his small frame.

When they broke the kiss, Kuroko proposed to Nijimura to continue in his room, Nijimura smile and replied that was a nice idea.

He carry Kuroko in his arm to the small young man room, once there he gently deposed him on the floor. He start to undress him despite the fact Kuroko keep telling him he could do it by himself. Nijimura replied he was aware of that fact but still wanted to do it. He start by slowly lifting Kuroko’s shirt to remove it, kissing the bare skin in the same time and then drop his Pet pants on the floor and pass his hand in the underwear, grabbing Tetsuya’s ass. While doing it he kept kissing the young man, softly biting his upper lips.

Slowly Kuroko undone Nijimura’s belt and unzipped his pants. He passed his hand by the opening to take out the already hard cock of his Master and began to stroke it. Kuroko looked at Nijimura in the eyes

“Does Master want me to suck it?” he asked

Nijimura looked back at him, passed his thumb on his soft lips and nod. Kuroko kneeled in front of his Master and start licking and sucking his cock. Nijimura moan and passed his hand through Kuroko light blue hair and he caressed his cheek.

“You’re a good boy Kuroko” he told Kuroko continuing caressing the young man cheek

While sucking on his Master cock, Kuroko began to prepare himself. Nijimura tried to convince him to let him do it, however Kuroko didn’t want to wait between the moment he would have to stop the blowjob is was giving to Nijimura and the moment Nijimura would penetrate him. The Master looked at his Pet surprised by the reply, now he was wondering who was the more hungry him or Kuroko.

During the time Kuroko was giving a head to his Master and was preparing himself, Nijimura slowly start to strip. If he wanted to be naked before Kuroko was ready to be fucked by him, he had to start now. Kuroko was already feeling some kind of enjoyment fingerings himself.

Kuroko felt ready not long after Nijimura had finished to undress. Nijimura slowly pushed him toward the bed while kissing him.

Kuroko laid on his bed while Nijimura was spreading the pale and thin legs. Before raising his Pet’s hips, Nijimura asked him if he was ready, Kuroko nodded Nijimura lean forward to depose a kiss on his forehead before raising his hips and slowly push his cock inside Kuroko’s butthole.

Despite his small frame, Kuroko was always relaxed when Nijimura was penetrating him, never tensed up are clenched his teeth. Fully feeling the moment with the pains and pleasures it bring.

Once all inside, Nijimura waited a moment, wait for Kuroko to allowed him to move, he normally doesn’t wait for his Pets, sex partners, to give him the green light to start moving, however with Kuroko he always wait.

Soon as Kuroko felt comfortable enough with having Nijimura’s dick in him, he ask to his Master to start moving.

Nijimura slowly start to thrust in him, making sure he was feeling his cock moving, rubbing inside him. Kuroko gave a lustful look at his Master, look that was asking for more.

Gradually Nijimura began to thrust faster and Kuroko began to moan, calling his Master’s name, grabbing the pillow under his head “Nijimuraaaaa-ssssenpaiii” was the only thing the black-haired young man could hear.

Nijimura passed his arms under Kuroko’s waist to lift him and sit him on top of him without stopping thrusting. The light blue-haired young man passed his arms around his Master’s neck whispering his name. Kuroko was tightening his ass around Nijimura’s dick to feel it more, to make more pressure on it “Kuroko…my sweet little Pet” whispered Nijimura.

They changed position more than once before Kuroko felt Nijimura’s cock growing inside him, which made him tightening even more his butthole. They came together at the same moment.

Nijimura laid beside Kuroko, caressed his now rosy cheek. The young man move closer and rested his head on his Master’s chest. Nijimura kissed his forehead, asked him if he wanted to take his bath now. Kuroko slowly nodded.

Nijimura helped his Pet to get out of the bed and carried him to the bathroom after stopping to the toilet to let Kuroko empty himself of all the fluid Nijimura had left in him.

After washing themselves, they get in the warm water and Kuroko lean his back against his Master’s body. Nijimura hugged Kuroko, deposing kisses on his neck and shoulder.

In the bathtub with Kuroko sitting between his legs, Nijimura started to wonder what will happen once he will graduate. While he formed his little sex club for his own pleasure at first, seeing how those young man was now, make him wonder how would be their sex life. Nijimura thought he couldn’t let them like that, he knew they might turn bad. “Maybe I should name someone was new Master” he thought “But who” It needed to be someone who was calm enough and could take all what the other would give.

Still thinking about what he would once he will graduate, Nijimura was Kuroko who fell asleep in his arms. Kuroko was calm and in perfect control of his body and desires. He would probably made a good Master.

Nijimura softly bite Kuroko’s ear to wake him up and told him about his project. Kuroko wasn’t sure, but if it’s what Nijimura wanted from him, he would do it. Nijimura peck his lips, told him he was a good boy. He assured him he didn’t had to rush to take a decision.

Rest and clean, the young men get out of the bath to headed back to Kuroko’s bedroom. They needed to change the sheet before getting in it to sleep for the night. Once it was done, Kuroko quickly fell asleep in his Master arms, dreaming of what could happen if he accepted his Master offer.

Dream of Gray <—->Final

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