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[Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Epilogue

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: none
Chapters: 8/8
Rating: Explicit – 18+

Last years of Nijimura in Teiko, he want to make it memorable and decide to create his own harem with some 1st years as members.
last and really short chapter

Nijimura was walking toward the gym, where the first years soon to be second years was waiting for him. Only the first string, his Pets, were there.

Today was the day of his graduation, Nijimura walking in the school’s hallway was reminiscing the year that just passed. When he start back in April of the year before, he wanted his last year to be memorable and it was indeed memorable. That little club of his was probably the best thing he did in his opinion, but if you were to ask other they might question the morality of it, he teach the joy of sex to boy whom were just finished their elementary school years. To say the truth, what he did could have led him to be expelled from school and even sent in a correction center if the authority were to know it. But he always managed to hide everything and no one had any doubt on it.

Now he was graduating, but he didn’t want to leave those boys whom would probably look for a way to satisfy their sexual needs in one way or another, thus he needed to find someone to take his place. That someone he find and he will introduced him to the club today.

Nijimura enter the gym, they were all there he greet them talk to them on how the year passed fast

“As you know, I’m graduating today, normally this would also mean the end of the club, however I know you might want to find a way to reach that state of pleasure again. Since I’m the one who opened that world for you, I decide to look for someone who could take my place” said Nijimura to the group of young men in front of him. Before any of them start to protest he continue speaking “I found that someone and I will introduce him to you now” he added before turning his head toward the gym’s door “You can come in”

The group of young men look at their new Master, small frame, pale skin, baby blue hair and big round blue eyes.

The group was surprised and excited even if none of them could have imagined that cute little thing could become their new Master.

Seeing the group reaction made Nijimura smile

“You can introduce you” he said to the one who would take his place

“Hi! My name is Kuroko Tetsuya and I will be your new Master, please take good care of me”

With one voice the group replied “YES, MASTER! “


Dream of Shadow (18+) <—-


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