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[Fanfic] Bird of Prey, Chapter 2 (second half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Ushijima x Oikawa
Rating: Explicit


Not long after enrolling in University, Oikawa is trap in an abusive relationship with Ushijima, the former ace and captain of Shiratorizawa control everything Oikawa is doing. Will the former captain of Aoba Johsai be able to the get out from that unhealthy relation without losing his life?


As state in the summary, this fan fiction his about a possessive/abusive relationship between Ushijima and Oikawa. In this story, you will have scene of violence, physical and psychological, this also include rape scene. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this kind of story, I would suggest you to not go any further.


A few day after Iwaizumi phone call, after the practice some senior invited them to take a drink with them. At first the pair decline, stating they were still underage, but their senpai convince them the place they were going didn’t really look at that, as long as they were drinking or eating. Oikawa was the first to finally agree to go with them, Wakatoshi wasn’t really happy about that, he didn’t want to see some other guys to look at his prey, he wanted to go back to their apartment, sit on the couch, watch TV. He wanted to see next to his delicious prey, look at his profile, smell his shampoo. However Tooru seems really eager to go now and Ushijima had no other choice to go to. There was no way he would had let him go alone without him.

They passed some quality time in company of their senpai, Oikawa drank a bit too much and Ushijima had to help him to walk. The pair manage to get back to their apartment without Oikawa throwing up everywhere or falling on the ground. Once inside, Wakatoshi helped him to remove his shoes and dragged him to his room.

“Stay there I’m bringing you a glasses of water” said Wakatoshi to the drunk Oikawa who was almost already sleeping

While he was pouring water in the glasses, Wakatoshi heard a bang coming from Oikawa room. Wondering what just happened, he rush back to the room and witness a scene he didn’t though he would see. Oikawa was laying on the floor, trying to undress himself without much success.
Ushijima smile and thought he would reach his top goal sooner than he thought.

He crouch down next to Oikawa and pass the back of his hand on the rosy cheek of Seijo’s former setter

“The thing I could do to you now” whispered Wakatoshi to himself

Oikawa slightly open his eyes and look at the person who was beside him

“Ushijima?” he slowly said

“Yes , it’s me” replies Wakatoshi with a smile thinking how well everything was going “Here pass your arm around my neck, I’ll help you to go to bed” he said passing his arm around Tooru waist to help him to get up.

Close to the bed, Oikawa lose his balance and both fell on the bed. Ushijima was on top and he was looking at a wasted Tooru laughing like the idiot he was. Wakatoshi saw his chance and get his lips closer to Oikawa lips. He slowly kiss him without using his tongue, his lips were softer than he though. At his surprise, Oikawa kissed him back, Wakatoshi was glad the former Seijo’s setter didn’t had all his head, their tongue tangled and Ushijima start caressing the firms abs of Oikawa. He direct his hand toward the setter nipples, they started to get hard.Wakatoshi leave the soft lips and proceed to kiss his jaw line, his neck, followed the shoulder and bite the hard nipple. Oikawa let out a moan and pass his hand through Wakatoshi brown hair.

Seeing Tooru didn’t seem close to stop him, Ushijima continue his way going lower on the setter’s body. He slowly pulled down his pants and underwear Tooru sex was already hard and Wakatoshi stop to thanks the all the liquor Oikawa had drunk. He took the hard cock in his hand and stroke it, the setter let out another moan. The effect of the alcohol was making him more sensitive and his body was responding to every Wakatoshi touch.

Hearing Oikawa moan, feeling his body shivering about his hand, Wakatoshi knew what he wanted. He wanted more and wanted to put his dick in Tooru butthole, however Ushijima knew he couldn’t just put it like that without hurting him, without tearing his skin apart. He knew he had to prepare him to make his butthole softer.

He start by inserting a finger, the feeling inside was weird and warm, he then put another finger and finally a last one. Each time a fingers was entering him, Oikawa was moaning and arching his back. Wakatoshi smile, Oikawa will soon be his. The claws of the eagle was slowly closing on his prey .

After making sure Tooru butthole was ready, Wakatoshi pulled out a little bag from his back pocket, he had it on him just in case. The tear up the side of the condom bag and unroll it on his dick. He was looking forward this moment for a while, he wanted to have sex with his delicious prey, he wanted to eat him and that what was happening now.

He slowly push his cock inside Oikawa body, he had to work harder to completely push it inside. But once it was all in, he really enjoyed the feeling to be inside someone else’s body, it was so warm. He started to thrust in Tooru. Each time he was moving Oikawa was arching a bit more his body, however didn’t shown any sign that he was aware of what was happening. Each time Ushijima was thrusting in him with more vigor, Oikawa was moaning a bit louder.

It didn’t took time before Oikawa came, following by Wakatoshi. The wing spiker pulled out his cock, removed the condom, made a knot and throw it in the garbage bin next to the bed. He covered Tooru with the bed sheet and head to his own room.

The next day, Wakatoshi as awaken by someone banging on his room door, he get out of the bed, drag his feet to the door and open it. It was Oikawa and he didn’t seems happy.


“Nothing…” answered Ushijima

“Are you sure?” asked Oikawa

“Yes…yes what would you think otherwise” asked back Ushijima

“Why? WHY! The fact that my hips are fucking sore, it was hurting like else this morning I could barely walk to the bathroom. Ant this…can you explain why…why there is a condom full of cum in the garbage bin of my room” almost shout Oikawa

Wakatoshi looked at the condom that was holding Oikawa, he knew he had made a mistake he couldn’t fix. He needed make his move soon, if not the prey will flee, run away out of his reach.

Oikawa was looking at him, staring at him with anger in the eyes


“Rape?” repeated Ushijima “I’ll show you what rape is” he said pinning Oikawa on the floor and grabbing his wrist to stop him to hit his face.

Wakatoshi leaned forward and forced the kiss, he forced his tongue in Tooru mouth, the latter bite his lower lips. Ushijima felt his lips bleeding but it didn’t stop him to do what he was about to do.

“You.are.mine, Oikawa get that in.your.mind” he slowly said putting his hand around Oikawa’s neck

Oikawa was struggling to get free, he was suffocating looking for air. He then felt Ushijima loosen up his grip and then start to rip off the few cloth that was wearing the setter.

He flip him over and make him knee while he was holding his head on the floor. Knowing what was coming, Oikawa began to move more vigorously, trying to get free

“Stop moving…you will only make thing worst for you” state Ushijima before pushing his bare dick in Oikawa butthole

This time the skin around the hole tear apart, he could feel the blood mixing up with the sweat. Oikawa scream when Ushijima began to thrust. He was doing faster than the night before and wanted to make sure Tooru understand that he have no way out except to listen to him, to listen to what he say, to obey to him.

Ushijima came inside Oikawa, when he pull out his cock, the setter butthole was dripping of a mix of blood, sweat and cum.

“You…you sick bastard” painfully said Oikawa “You will have not have it your way”

“Oh you think?” and who will you go see? The police? You have too much pride for that. Iwaizumi? The poor guy is coping, grieving his father’s death. Sawamura? When is the last time you talk to him? You are alone and you have too much pride to seek help” slowly said Ushijima

Horrify, Oikawa was staring at Wakatoshi. He was right, he had no one he could turn too, he was alone.

The tears start to run down his cheek upon realizing the situation in which his was. He didn’t knew what to do

“Come here” calmly said Ushijima taking Oikawa in his arm “If you are listening to me, everything’s gonna be alright” he added kissing him on the forehead.

Oikawa knew he had no way out for now, he was trap, but he didn’t want to be in his arm. He pushed Ushijima away and painfully get on his feet and slowly walk to the bathroom. Wakatoshi watched him walking away. He smile, Tooru was now completely his.

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