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[Fanfic] Bird of Prey, Chapter 2 (first half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Ushijima x Oikawa
Rating: Explicit


Not long after enrolling in University, Oikawa is trap in an abusive relationship with Ushijima, the former ace and captain of Shiratorizawa control everything Oikawa is doing. Will the former captain of Aoba Johsai be able to the get out from that unhealthy relation without losing his life?


As state in the summary, this fan fiction his about a possessive/abusive relationship between Ushijima and Oikawa. In this story, you will have scene of violence, physical and psychological, this also include rape scene. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this kind of story, I would suggest you to not go any further.


Ushijima was quite please, his plan to push Sawamura away from Oikawa worked perfectly. Now he just had to make sure Iwaizumi stay away too. Even if the two of them was best friend, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Hajime’s father was in the hospital and no one knew how much time he had left. Oikawa was passing a lot of time with his friend but Wakatoshi had an idea to make him stay close. He knew Tooru wasn’t living close to the university, he had about an 1hr to do between his home and the institution, while the former captain of Shiratoriwa was living 15 minutes away by public transport. Wakatoshi planned to propose to Oikawa to come share his apartment. He will be closer and they could study together, that what Ushijima will tell him, but it wasn’t the real reason, Wakatoshi just wanted to keep Tooru close to him, watch him and make sure no one get too friendly with his prey.

It might be childish from Ushijima, but if Oikawa had gone to Shiratorizawa instead of Aoba Johsai, he wouldn’t have this obsession over the former captain of Seijo. Wakatoshi wanted to have Tooru as setter, he would have been HIS setter while Ushijima would have been HIS ace, not some random childhood friend without any real talent. More he wanted to have Tooru as his setter, more the former ace of Shiratorizawa wanted to have Oikawa for himself. He wanted to control everything his former rival was doing, who is was seeing and where he was going. Oikawa will be his soon, he knew it, that even if the prey didn’t want it.

Ushijima was following Oikawa like his shadow in the hallway of the university. The only time he wasn’t with him is during their classes, they had none together and Wakatoshi was annoyed by that, knowing Daichi had one with him. If only the ball hit him harder to make him miss more days. But no, Sawamura was already back and the proud eagle as afraid the little crow steal his prey. Wakatoshi needed to think about a way to make sure Sawamura doesn’t get close to Tooru ever again…or make sure Oikawa doesn’t feel the need to talk to him, maybe he could make him even drop the classes, the only classes they had together. This way Wakatoshi would be certain, Sawamura doesn’t try to take Oikawa away from him. But he didn’t had to do that. Daichi walk away from Oikawa life by himself.

He knew Daichi had tried to talk with Oikawa a few time, Sawamura try to make Oikawa understand how dangerous Ushijima was and he only goal was to isolated him from his friend. Daichi told him was Iwaizumi had told him when they was alone in the hospital. Obviously Tooru didn’t believe a word of it, he replied Iwaizumi would have told him. He finally state Daichi was just angry at Ushijima about what happened and decide to blame him while it was probably his fault, he just have to receive the ball better. He then walk away telling him it was no use to call him to tell him bullshit about Wakatoshi.

When Oikawa and him were alone Oikawa didn’t mention once Daichi and when Wakatoshi was asking how the injury was healing, Tooru always replied it seems to be okay, however him and Daichi didn’t talk together anymore even if he had the. Ushijima told him that was probably cause Daichi was bitter since he couldn’t play volleyball anymore and he was better like that, the team didn’t needed someone was weak as Sawamura. Tooru seems to agree with this idea after thinking to the last conversation with him he then ask to not talk about Daichi anymore. Ushijima was delight, Oikawa didn’t had any interested to stay friend with that weak crow.

A few weeks after his successful plan, to keep Sawamura away from Oikawa, Ushijima start to think about how to block Iwaizumi to contact him. Hajime started to have his doubt about Wakatoshi goal and he needed to get rid of him before he tell his best friend everything. He knew Oikawa would think about it twice before staying alone with the former ace of Shiratorizawa if he knew what he was trying to do. He couldn’t let that happen, he need to find something real quick. This guy was a threat and he needed to take care of that. At least that what he thought. One day he after one of his classes he found Oikawa talking over the phone to someone. He didn’t seems happy

“You are imagining think!! It was a stupid accident, he didn’t mean it. He even apologize to Daichi…What!! What do you mean they were false apologies? Seriously, you think too much. Don’t worry about me and worry about you family go back to your dying father and leave me alone!!”

Oikawa quickly cut the conversation he had over the phone, he then saw Wakatoshi approaching

“Is everything okay?” asked the former captain of Shiratorizawa

“Yes…”replied Oikawa letting out a sigh of annoyance “It’s Iwa-chan, he think you purposely sent the ball to Daichi face…that is so stupid you even apologize. I wonder what is wrong with him?”

“He is probably stress about what his happening with his father” answered Wakatoshi “You should leave him alone for a while, during the time he is with his father and family”

“You are probably right, anyway…I doubt he will want to see me again after what I told him” said Tooru looking at his feet

Ushijima couldn’t believe his luck he didn’t even had to do anything, not even go back to threaten Iwaizumi. Oikawa decide by himself it would be better to let his best friend alone. Deep down, Wakatoshi knew it wasn’t the best idea, Hajime would need his best friend, but Oikawa was upset at him and told him words he shouldn’t have. Now Oikawa was alone, Daichi wasn’t talking to him anymore and Iwaizumi was too busy taking care of his father now. The prideful eagle was free to do what he wanted. First he needed to lock is beautiful prey in a cage.

Before proposing to Oikawa to move with him, Wakatoshi wanted to let pass a few day after his fight with his best friend. He was scared Oikawa started to have is doubt about what was happening. However, he mentioned to him a few time how close to the university his apartment was. He even invited Tooru to come visit it which the latter agree. Oikawa like where the apartment was located, it wasn’t too far from the apartment and was close to other facilities like a grocery store and a sport shop

“Woa!!! Ushijima!! That really a good place you have” said Oikawa with enthousiasme.

“Ya it really well located” replied Wakatoshi looking at his prey visiting his nest with big eyes

“I’m really jealous, I would like to have an apartment like that” said Oikawa enjoying the view he had from the window

“Maybe…maybe you can move here…with me” hesitantly said Wakatoshi “I mean there is a spare room in this apartment, you can have it if you want”

“REALLY!!!! YOU MEAN IT!!!” quickly asked Oikawa jumping around

“Yes as long as you give me a hand with the rent” answered Wakatoshi with a smile

Oikawa seems more than happy by the proposition. He asked when he could move in and Ushijima answered he could do it anytimes. He called his parent to tell them the news. At first his parent wasn’t sure about that idea, they never met Wakatoshi after all, but Tooru manage to persuade them by tell them all the good side this co-habitation would have. The week after the former captain of Seijo was moving in his former rival, the guy who use to be the captain of Shiratorizawa.

The first week together felt really nice to Wakatoshi, he could see Tooru walking around half-naked in the morning and before going to sleep. Ushijima was on cloud nine, his plan was a success so far and soon Oikawa would belong to him, only him. The only moment where he actually worried it might not happen is when Iwaizumi called him to announce his father had passed away. Oikawa rush to see his best friend. He only came back late at night

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